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Jun. 6th, 2017 05:50 pm
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♥ Ronnie got a 100% on his final English project for Unwind! This is such a huge deal, as I'm sure some of you remember how Ronnie is about school and reading.

♥ I won passes for the Salem Fair AND tickets to see The Importance of Being Earnest today. Yay!

♥ got a free burger from Red Robin today for my birthday!

♥ got to enjoy Red Robin with my Pastor - lunch dates with her are always good for my soul!

♥ Nashville won last night. Tie series! #becauseitsthecup

♥ The sun is shining! There's also a super nice breeze.

Happy List

Jun. 5th, 2017 08:24 am
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It's been ages, but I used to do happy lists on the daily, and they made ME happy, so I'm going to try starting it up again. Baby steps.

♥ There was a group from Christ Lutheran Church this morning, standing on the corner in the rain to pass out free coffee, donuts, and smiles to passing cars/commuters. I don't usually drive that direction, so I don't know if this is a regular thing, but it made me smile. (I don't drink coffee, but I did talk to one of the ladies while I was stopped at the stoplight, and it was a bright spot in my morning!)

♥ There is a groundhog the size of Duchess in my neighbor's yard. I hope the neighborhood cats leave him alone, although I'm sure he could hold his own in a fight.

♥ The weather was gorgeous this weekend.

Wonder Woman was great.

♥ It's rainy this morning, which means Duke, Duchess, and Margrave wanna cuddle. Which I'm a-ok with because I'm planning on going back to bed in a few minutes and trying to sleep off this migraine before it gets too bad. (Even though I really should take them by the vet's today to have their nails trimmed.)

♥ SOLs are done, and the boys passed all of them except Ronnie's English Writing SOL (which he failed by one point and doesn't have to retake until next year). Technically my kids are in school until next Wednesday, but I think this Friday is the last day either of them have to go because they don't have to do exams. Yay Summer!

♥ Leftovers from our big Friends and Family Picnic yesterday mean I don't have to worry about making dinner tonight.

♥ I got a new baby last week! A great nephew, Bryson, born Tuesday. (Although his momma is in the hospital with c-section complications, which is definitely NOT something for the happy list.)

♥ My Aunt Vicky is heading to Nicaragua on Saturday with a group of other nurses for a mission trip of some sort.

♥ Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight!
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So. I moved everything over from LJ, for both my main journal and my [personal profile] tabbys_fics, although I think I'm a little late to the game. But it's done now! Now, to try and figure out how Dreamwidth and rebuild my friends list, I guess?

I'm trying to get back into writing, and I'm not sure about posting to tumblr, so I'm just going to throw my ramblings here and maybe someone will see them. Read more... )
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I am baffled by the idea that "God wants America to be great" and that the incoming administration will lead us there. It's my understand that God doesn't care about America, because God doesn't recognize America. We are all one people; God doesn't care about arbitrary lines that have been drawn on a map. He wants everyone to be great. I get so frustrated with people trying to twist religion to fit their own desires and ideals. Grrr.

Monkey has a wrestling tournament this weekend out of town, so my Friday and Saturday will be spent in a loud, smelly high school gym. But several members of my church family are going to DC together for the Women's March, and Sue is actually carrying a bunch of names with her (written on the back of her poster for those of us who couldn't go). And there is a smaller march here in Roanoke that day that I know cousin!Amy is going to and hopefully she will have some company. (If you can't make it to DC, which I know is difficult for most people, here is a great piece by Upworthy about how you can support the March from home.)

Anyway. Let me tell you what happened yesterday morning, so you can laugh at me. Davey was being grumpy (because he stayed up too late streaming and didn't want to get up for school) and wasn't talking to me because I yelled at him about putting milk and cereal in one of my good glasses (instead of a plastic cup, which is what he should have done if he was planning on taking it with him). So Ronnie and I are in the car already, Davey comes out, puts his bookbag and wrestling bag and blanket in the car, shuts the door. I think we're good, because he was being pouty and because he usually sleeps or at least lays down on the way to school. We get to the stoplight near school and I reach back to wake him up - no Davey. So Ronnie pulls the blanket up, and there is no other kid in the car. He says he told us he was going to get his water bottle and that he left the door open, but either way, I had left him at home. Bad parenting moment, lol. :P

Here, have some links:

This is what is the crock pot right now for tonight's dinner: Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

A rabbit playing JENGA (via Nerdist)

Ronnie is doing a Polar Plunge next month to benefit Virginia Special Olympics. (Polar Plunge is basically he's jumping into the river in the middle of February, but around here, middle of February could mean two feet of snow or it could be 70* outside.) He's collecting donations if anyone wants to contribute!
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This week's questions from [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive - these questions were written by [livejournal.com profile] lillibet.

1) What would/did you name your first child? My first child was named Kelly Marie, after my stepsister Kelly, who passed away when we were 17 and with the middle name Marie because it is a family middle name in both my family and her father's.
2) What do you think makes a good name for a baby? Um. It has to sound good together, like flow when you say it (because you're going to be saying it a lot, and using that middle name for when you mean Serious Business).
3) What do you think makes a bad name for a baby? Eh. Personally, I don't like super unique spellings of common names, names that are super difficult to spell, or people who arbitrarily name their kids one thing but never intend to call them by that name and use a middle name instead.
4) What's a name that you love, but would never give a child? Why? Not sure.
5) Did your parents do a good job naming you? Sure.

ETA: When Harley was pregnant with Illy, and she first told us she was going to use the name Illiana, I wasn't sure about it, but after 7 years, I love it. With such a big family, we sometimes have to go out of the box to come up with names (which doesn't always work, lol, because we have about a dozen variations of Jo, Joe, or Joey in our immediate family, and then we have a Harley, a Hallie, a Haley, and a Hollie, as well as an Illy and a Lily, and a Jayden, two Jordyns, a Jordan, and a Jaylyn. It's definitely easy to write the wrong name or call the wrong person sometimes!)
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So, Librarians on TNT. It's not one of my can't-miss shows, but is kinda funny and kinda dumb and kinda light hearted, so I like it. It generally needs more Stone and Ezekiel, and I'm not just saying that because I started watching mainly for Christian Kane. I loved the Librarians movies anyway, but Flynn (Noah Wyle's character) in the show is... More or less something? More obnoxious? Less likeable? More insane in an unfun, unkooky way? Idk. I've seen a few people compare the Librarians to the Leverage team, which I generally don't agree with (no one will ever be as awesome as Eliot, Hardison, and Parker), but I can relate to the idea that the three who aren't necessarily front runners are more fun to follow. Anywho. Apparently Librarians already lost some of its audience because Noah Wyle spoke out against Trump? (The logic is baffling that all these assholes that elected a celebrity are insistent that actors/musicians/artists have no right to speak about politics.) The other night, spoilers )

I'm hoping that getting my thoughts on out LJ will help get some of them OUT of my mind, so maybe it'll be quieter in there and I can sleep better, haha. I'm trying to fight my instincts to play catch up before I journal about current events, so we'll see how this goes. I feel like I've cut myself off from people, and I'm working on making steps to reconnect the best way I know how.
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Two asking-for-money things:

1. Davey is raising money for chorale (goes toward their spring trip) - you can browse and order online through this link. One of the items is a $25 gift card to Gamewear.com for $26.50, found here.

2. We (me, the boys, our youth group) are walking in the CROP Hunger Walk on Sunday October 9. 25% of the money we raise goes to our local RAM House (which provides hot lunches every day for people, and also offers things like help getting IDs, interview and uniform clothes, transportation to/from job interviews and the first couple weeks of work, etc.) and the rest goes to Church World Services which helps fight hunger (and provide clean drinking water) worldwide. Any support is greatly appreciated. FCOB Aliens Team Page

Thanks, guys! <3
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Saturday's QotD: The answer is buckets. What was the question? Obviously the question was "What unit of measurement do you use for fangirl tears?"

Bonus question: If you could design the inside of an elevator, what would it be like? I don't do elevators.

So the Sinful Desire Archive is being migrated over to AO3. I only had three stories posted there but I ended up having to post five on AO3 because they went together. So, y'know, if you have an interest in Sam/Dean fic from ten years ago, have at it.
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Today's QotD took a turn for the serious: Think about a time when you told a lie - how did you feel? How did the person you lied to feel? (the rest of the questions are all fun and innocent. what's up with this one?) I'm too old to try and remember a specific lie and the motivations behind it.

Yesterday's question was Happy First Day of Fall! What's your favorite thing about this season? Hoodies. Bonfires, leaves crunching under my feet when I take walks, hot apple cider. The lessening of humidity and death to all the mosquitoes.

This week's [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive:

The name of...
1. Your favorite book?
Um. For a long time, I would say it was Survivor by Tabitha King, because something about it really resonated with me and the place I was at in my life when I read it. But I have a fondness for The Hobbit and have worn out multiple copies over the years. I remember our third grade teacher reading it to us - every day after lunch we'd get to sit quietly and hear part of the adventure - and it's always been a story and a world close to my heart, so I'm going to go with that.
2. Your favorite movie? Stand By Me - been my favorite since I was a teenager and my best friend and I could recite every single line. Other favorites, as in I have to watch them every time they're on - Twister, Jurassic Park, Independence Day, the original Willy Wonka movie.
3. Your least favorite adaptation of a book to a movie? For the most part, I try to judge books and movies separately? Even if the movie is based on a book, it's not going to be the same story or experience or whatever. I can think of a lot of cases where I prefer the book to the movie adaptation, but I can't name a least favorite. I can name a least favorite adaptation of a book to a television series, though, because The Dresden Files series that SyFy tried to do definitely did not live up to the world created in the books, although I did like their Bob.
4. Your least favorite adaptation ever of anything to a movie? I'm assuming this means like movies that were based on comic books and/or video games or something? Because I would have no idea. Maybe the Super Mario Brothers movie from the early 90s?
5. Your first ever novel/comic book/movie character crush? Um. Do you know how old I am? Because this question is asking me to think way too far back. Lol.
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I've been getting a weekly email with a list of daily questions to ask your kids, and I've been asking them in my two group chats (one is the youth group and one is my general teenagers), so I figured I'd put them here too.

Today's Question of the Day: If you could only eat one thing for an entire week, what would you choose? Obviously the answer is potatoes. I mean, there are so many different ways to prepare them, and they're my favorite, so that's an easy question.

The other questions this week:

If you had to give today a color, what color would it be and why? BLACK! Because black is the color that reminds me of death and also the color of the poor dead bunny I found in the sun room at Chris's this afternoon!

What do you think it smells like in outer space? My answer was NOTHING because I don't think smell would carry in space, and most of the teenagers said the same thing, but Jayden cheated and googled it and got this: When astronauts return from space walks and remove their helmets, they are welcomed back with a peculiar smell. An odor that is distinct and weird: something, astronauts have described it, like "seared steak." And also: "hot metal." And also: "welding fumes." But reading that, they're describing the smell of the spaceship after the return to it, so idek.
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I'm feeling a lot better mentally this week than last week, which is super great. The new meds (which were for the eczema and resultant infections) are working for their intended purpose but messing with my other meds and with me in general. But I'd rather suck it up and do the full course of them (I go back next week for bloodwork and whatnot, but the full course is 12 weeks of them, and it's been - like three?) and then deal with sorting out the other meds, since they weren't working anyway.

So. How about some things that make me happy, then I'll go play catch up on my friends list.

- there is hockey on my tv
- I can walk 5k in about 50 minutes
- I hatched a sandshrew this afternoon and upgraded a mankey to a primeape
- I have great friends/family/church family
- we had a birthday dinner here last night for Harley and it was super fun
- Kid President
- Star Trek 50th Anniversary!

Live long and prosper! <3
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This week has been shit. I think it might be side effects or interactions from the new meds? The first week or so was fine, but since then has been horrid. Being crazy is dumb.

I was going to do today's [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive, but none of the questions relate to me. Hair and fashion is definitely not up my alley.

I do hope to be back to reading and posting soon though!
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I am going to be so damned grumpy at church in the morning, I can already feel it. My poor youth group. I did too much today, which is pretty dumb since I didn't actually DO much. A lot of sitting around, a lot of talking and laughing, a lot of food. But it was mostly all outside, there was the people aspect, and I had three sodas and not nearly enough water today. (But it was all worth it! It was a great day!)

Question for you guys. Do you think it's better to have a wide group of friends or a smaller circle of close friends? My sister-in-law thinks it's a bad thing that my nephew has a lot of "friends" but he's not close with any of them - like he has never had any friend come over to hang out or gone to hang out with a friend (other than his girlfriend-of-the-month). Personally, I think a big part of that is related to the conflict between him and his stepmom so he doesn't WANT anyone coming over, but even then I know he doesn't have any specific friends. He's friendly - it's a small town, most of the kids have known each other forever and are friendly. But none of our kids have groups of friends. Haley has her bff Desaray and her boyfriend Josh (but Desaray goes to a different school). Ronnie has Sebastian (who lives five hours away). The two of them also have Caleb, Matthew, and Megan, who they hang with sometimes. Davey has his bff Jordan, and they have Anthony and Courtlandt and BJ. And of course Ronnie, Davey, Joe, and Haley are close, they always have been, and their cousins Jayden and Alyssa are part of that too. And I think they're fine like that but since Kristina brought it up, I figured I would too. (Sidenote: I met my best friend Shannon when we were in the 7th Grade. We had other friends in our circle, but we spent weekends (and sometimes weeks) at each other's houses through middle and high school, and her family is STILL my family - they're my kids aunts and uncles and cousins and Gammy. The only other person I still talk to regularly from school is our friend Jay, who married Shannon's sister Pam. So.)

Uh. There was something else I was gonna put here but I don't remember it. Oh well. Hope all of you are having a good weekend! <3
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Met my pastor for lunch this morning and we sat there for THREE HOURS. Oops? Some of it was productive but it was mostly just talking. And I have two more meetings this week about church stuff. Which is great, and they're the only things on my calendar this week until the birthday parties this weekend, but I'm more of an ideas person or a put-me-to-work person. The actual implementation needs to be done by someone else, haha.

That being said, I'm open to any and all suggestions for fundraising! In addition to our regular fundraising (for youth activities and for sending kids to camp each summer), we're trying to save up to send all the kids to International Youth Conference in the summer of 2018. Dava is estimating about $1200 per kid, but I'm thinking she's underestimating. Either way, it's a lot of money - we currently have 9 kids in our youth group (regularly - we have others that come in and out) and I think 7 in the hispanic ministry (they're a separate ministry but use our church, and while we do Wednesday night bible study together, our youth groups are actually separate, but they will go to IYC with us) so that's a lot of money. I don't think a bake sale and some Wendy's bucks are gonna cut it, haha.

Also, school starts in two weeks, and I'm already broke. Just thinking about all the start-of-year expenses is making me break out in hives. But I shouldn't complain because I only have a few more years of this!
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Maybe next week I'll remember to do [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive when it's still Friday. Oh well!

1. What’s your favorite way to stay cool in late summer? Stay inside with the A/C going, or with a box fan propped in a window. Or hang out on the riverbank, that one is usually a good one, except this summer I can't swim and am being prissy about getting dirty because of the eczema, so we have not had near enough river/creek time.

2. Are you ready for autumn yet? Yes. Cooler/less humid weather means less migraines. Plus I love autumn - hoodies, the smell of fall, bonfires, hitting the pumpkin patch.

3. What do you have left to do before summer ends? So much stuff, lol. My to-do list is never ending, and for three summers I've been planning on sorting through the boxes (and boxes upon boxes) of pictures in the basement and they're still untouched. I don't know that there is anything that I really HAVE to get done before summer is over though, it's all kinda ongoing.

4. Has it been a good summer for you? Mostly. It was weird to have Ronnie gone for five weeks while he was at camp, and Davey was gone for two (but they were only gone for about four days overlapping, and it was when I couldn't walk because of the infection in my foot), but I guess that's preparation for when they both leave me in a few short years. *sigh* And with them being gone, plus us being consistently broke, plus the eczema and the migraines, I feel like we didn't do much of anything? Especially since my brother ran over his foot with the lawnmower the last week of school so we didn't even do evenings at the swimming hole here in town. But overall it was good.

5. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I have, actually, but mainly because I saw something on clearance that would be a great gift for one of the little ones, and I've already special ordered a few other things.
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I'm avoiding everything these days. People are hard. (I'm just in a mood, hopefully it will go away!)

Let's see if I remember how to rec a fic, because I read one last night that I really liked.

Would You Still Love Me If The Clocks Could Go Backwards? by em2mb
Marvel/MCU Fandom (The Avengers, Agent Carter)
67261 words
Basically, there's a time travel portal in the basement of the Starks' Malibu house, and Peggy and Daniel end up falling through it to 2012.

Related to MCU fic - has it been long enough that people have quit complaining about the existence of Laura Barton and will write good fic including her? I don't like the way she was introduced becuase it felt forced, but I will take ALL THE FIC about Clint being domestic. I want the epic story of the two of them meeting/falling in love. I want Clint rushing home from an op to be there for the birth of one of the kids. I want Cooper getting in a fight at school because someone doesn't believe his dad knows the Avengers. Clint and Laura fighting because she doesn't interupt his mission to tell him when Lila breaks her wrist at school. Pregnant!Laura being hormonal and jealous of Nat, which in hindsight they all agree is ridiculous. Clint at a PTA meeting and realizing that maybe Laura was right and her job is just as hard as him sometimes. Clint and Nat picking up trinkets from all over the world to bring back to the kids. Nat reminding Clint of his anniversary when he forgets, and babysitting so he and Laura can go out. Building a treehouse in the backyard. Gimme gimme!
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So, today, instead of a concert and friend!Amy time, I got a migraine and spent a couple hundred dollars at the vet. Being an adult SUCKS.

In happier news, Chris Evans exists. I'm sure everyone has seen the video of him doing pushups and giggling like a loon with the dog. What a goober. It warms my heart.

Margrave is laying underneath my laptop trying to grab the strings on my shorts. Crazy cat.

I have an appoinment with a dermatologist on Thurday (finally) so fingers crossed that I can get some answers about my eczema. I seriously wanna just peel my skin off and start over. Someone needs to get on that. Also, a reboot button for the brain. I'm a little irritated about having yet another infection, because it seems like every time I get in a routine and am exercising regularly (which is great and beneficial for my moods and also just in general), something happens. Before it was just migraines, which meant skipping a few days but also meant I was still able to do some things (walks during the beginning/ending of migraines were doable if no one talked to me), but when my feet are too swollen to be able to put my tennis shoes on or when it hurts to stand, I can't exactly go walking. Blahhhhhh.
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I know it's Saturday, but how about a [livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive anyway?

1. Do you like ketchup or tomatoes or both? I'm a ketchup snob and only really like Heinz Ketchup, but will accept other brands if I have to. I don't like raw red tomato, but I do like them cooked (salsa, pasta sauce, stewed tomatoes, etc). I like fried green tomatoes, and I like raw yellow tomatoes on sandwiches (just BLTs or mayo-and-tomato).

2. Do you like grape jelly/jam or purple grapes or both? Grape Jelly (strawberry jam, peach preserves - I'm a little particular), not so much purple grapes (prefer green ones!)

3. Do you like cider or apples or both? Both! (yum, hot apple cider - so glad it's almost that time of year!)

4. Do you like cream or milk or both? Nope

5. Do you like zucchini bread or zucchini or both? Both!
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HELLOOOOOOO, LJ! Decided I should quit complaining about missing you and just come back. There are things I should be up and doing today (housecleaning, yuck) or could be doing today (PokemonGO!) but I have that gross tight, itchy, achy, burning feeling in my both my feet and up one of my legs which is reminiscent of the start of the MRSA infection I had a few months ago, so I'm trying to keep off my feet. And I should probably be working on Sunday School stuff, but I don't have to have anything prepared for tomorrow because the Youth are helping make lunch for after service, so that can wait. But seriously, if I'm getting another infection, I will CRY because I'm supposed to go to VaBeach on Tuesday to meet up with friend!Amy and Cliff so we can see Blink-182. And Ronnie has his learner's and I've let him drive on the interstate, but only for like 45 minutes to an hour max - he can't do 5 hours of driving, lol.

Anyone else watching Killjoys on SyFy? It's like, space bounty hunters. I love it. We're into the second season right now, and while there are some storylines I'm kinda meh about, I still like it. It's fun. The soundtrack is great. And I love the interaction between the different characters. Johnny is probably my favorite, though I am really fond of Lucy (the ship). I don't approve of the way the pairings have shaked down this season, but I guess I'll live. spoilers )

Anywho. I have watched so much television this summer it's a little disgusting. The last season of Royal Pains, Containment, Zoo, American Gothic (featuring Jimmy!Steve!), Twelve Monkeys (which has gotten beyond weird, idek what they're doing). Plus, obviously, Netflix: Stranger Things, the new season of Orange is the New Black, whatever that dumb Wet Hot American Summer show is. I'm slowly working my way through my list on netflix streaming, but I also am watching (rewatching) Star Trek DS9 on Hulu (depending on who else is on the netflix/hulu account at the time, I can't always get on the one I want). The kids and I have also been taking advantage of the $5 movies on Tuesdays to see ALL THE MOVIES this summer. I actually think Ice Age: Collision Course has been my favorite. I've seen Star Trek Beyond twice though.

We did see Independence Day Resurgence on Independence Day. I liked it. I don't understand why everyone hated it so much, but I also didn't expect much going in? Like, we loved the first Independence Day because it was FUN, not because it was a cinematic masterpiece. My two main takeaways from the movie: [1] Maybe we need an alien invasion to happen so that we figure out we're all one people. [2] Jake Morrison is an ancestor of Jim Kirk. That need to fly, explore, adventure in space is in the family blood. Jake's cockiness definitley seemed Kirkish to me. Plus, Liam Hemsworth plays Jake, Chris Hemsworth plays George Kirk. Seems legit, right?

There's a rumor that next weekend the drive in is going to show Resurgence and STB, so if I does, we're going. We've only been to the drive in once this season, which is just sad.

I guess I should probably feed my kids dinner. But I am going to try to be around LJ more. And check my friends list! Lol. <3
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I am stuck in one of those moods where everything is dumb even though nothing is actually wrong, and I don't want to talk about it and I don't want to complain (again) to anyone and UGHHHH. Also, I'm stuck in a weird semi-migraine space where everything sounds weird and tastes weird and I can't cook because I cook by taste and BLAHHHH.

I'm sure most of you heard about this, since it made national news, but yesterday morning during the morning news, there was a shooting on live tv and one of our reporters and her cameraman were killed. It was chaos and confusion watching it happen, and then there was all this speculation and partial heard-on-the-scanner reports being thrown around on facebook, and several area schools were put on lockdown and the rest were put on shelter-in-place, and it was quite a day. Adam, the cameraman, graduated from Salem. He was way younger than me - he actually graduated with one of the kids I used to babysit - but his dad was my guidance counselor in high school. Such craziness. And today, obviously, all the crazies are coming out on facebook. I just want to play farmville, not see all these arguments where both sides are extreme and flawed!

Have a happy link to balance this post out: The Coolest Book Themed Sculptures


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