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So, today, instead of a concert and friend!Amy time, I got a migraine and spent a couple hundred dollars at the vet. Being an adult SUCKS.

In happier news, Chris Evans exists. I'm sure everyone has seen the video of him doing pushups and giggling like a loon with the dog. What a goober. It warms my heart.

Margrave is laying underneath my laptop trying to grab the strings on my shorts. Crazy cat.

I have an appoinment with a dermatologist on Thurday (finally) so fingers crossed that I can get some answers about my eczema. I seriously wanna just peel my skin off and start over. Someone needs to get on that. Also, a reboot button for the brain. I'm a little irritated about having yet another infection, because it seems like every time I get in a routine and am exercising regularly (which is great and beneficial for my moods and also just in general), something happens. Before it was just migraines, which meant skipping a few days but also meant I was still able to do some things (walks during the beginning/ending of migraines were doable if no one talked to me), but when my feet are too swollen to be able to put my tennis shoes on or when it hurts to stand, I can't exactly go walking. Blahhhhhh.
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