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I'm avoiding everything these days. People are hard. (I'm just in a mood, hopefully it will go away!)

Let's see if I remember how to rec a fic, because I read one last night that I really liked.

Would You Still Love Me If The Clocks Could Go Backwards? by em2mb
Marvel/MCU Fandom (The Avengers, Agent Carter)
67261 words
Basically, there's a time travel portal in the basement of the Starks' Malibu house, and Peggy and Daniel end up falling through it to 2012.

Related to MCU fic - has it been long enough that people have quit complaining about the existence of Laura Barton and will write good fic including her? I don't like the way she was introduced becuase it felt forced, but I will take ALL THE FIC about Clint being domestic. I want the epic story of the two of them meeting/falling in love. I want Clint rushing home from an op to be there for the birth of one of the kids. I want Cooper getting in a fight at school because someone doesn't believe his dad knows the Avengers. Clint and Laura fighting because she doesn't interupt his mission to tell him when Lila breaks her wrist at school. Pregnant!Laura being hormonal and jealous of Nat, which in hindsight they all agree is ridiculous. Clint at a PTA meeting and realizing that maybe Laura was right and her job is just as hard as him sometimes. Clint and Nat picking up trinkets from all over the world to bring back to the kids. Nat reminding Clint of his anniversary when he forgets, and babysitting so he and Laura can go out. Building a treehouse in the backyard. Gimme gimme!
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