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So, Librarians on TNT. It's not one of my can't-miss shows, but is kinda funny and kinda dumb and kinda light hearted, so I like it. It generally needs more Stone and Ezekiel, and I'm not just saying that because I started watching mainly for Christian Kane. I loved the Librarians movies anyway, but Flynn (Noah Wyle's character) in the show is... More or less something? More obnoxious? Less likeable? More insane in an unfun, unkooky way? Idk. I've seen a few people compare the Librarians to the Leverage team, which I generally don't agree with (no one will ever be as awesome as Eliot, Hardison, and Parker), but I can relate to the idea that the three who aren't necessarily front runners are more fun to follow. Anywho. Apparently Librarians already lost some of its audience because Noah Wyle spoke out against Trump? (The logic is baffling that all these assholes that elected a celebrity are insistent that actors/musicians/artists have no right to speak about politics.) The other night, they were on a case involving vampires, and at the end of the episode, Cassandra (Librarian) shared a kiss with Estrella (vampire), which of course prompted a bunch of jerkfaces complaining about how this family-friendly show is now ruined. So we can have a relationship spanning all three seasons of Flynn and Baird, which feels forced and really unnecessary. And no one had a problem with last week when Ezekiel was so in love with someone from a reality show that her magic love-inducing control spell whatever had no affect on him. And earlier in this latest episode, after Cassie found out she really only had a short time left to live, she asked Jenkins out. I thought that came out of nowhere, but since I'm not avid about the show, maybe I missed something, so okay. But everyone was totally cool with Cassie/Jenkins, despite there being no serious set up for it and the fact that Jenkins is like thousands of years old and also still in love in someone else (Morgana, maybe, I'm not clear on the memories of those episodes). Ugh. I hate being reminded that people are overwhelmingly assholes. (related to Cassie/Estrella, from the first scene they had together, I knew where that was going - idk if it was Cassie being attracted to the idea of immortality and Estrella having been immortal enough to know that she shouldn't waste time going after a mortal if she is attracted to them or if it was just that they're both smart, special women who recognized something between them, but it was set up in the episode.)

I'm hoping that getting my thoughts on out LJ will help get some of them OUT of my mind, so maybe it'll be quieter in there and I can sleep better, haha. I'm trying to fight my instincts to play catch up before I journal about current events, so we'll see how this goes. I feel like I've cut myself off from people, and I'm working on making steps to reconnect the best way I know how.
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