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So. I moved everything over from LJ, for both my main journal and my [personal profile] tabbys_fics, although I think I'm a little late to the game. But it's done now! Now, to try and figure out how Dreamwidth and rebuild my friends list, I guess?

I'm trying to get back into writing, and I'm not sure about posting to tumblr, so I'm just going to throw my ramblings here and maybe someone will see them.

Fandom: Chicago PD

Erin Lindsay/Jay Halstead/Mouse, 250 words

"He's just worried about you, you know. Especially since he's not going back with you."

Mouse isn't looking at her, watching his own hand tracing patterns against the sheet between them. "I need him here, where I know you've got his back and he's got yours. Knowing I get to come home to the two of you... well, I don't think I'd be able to go back without that."

"Of course." Erin covers his hand with hers, waits until he stops and looks at her. "Of course. We'll be here, and you had better plan on checking in pretty regularly because Jay's not the only one who will worry."

Mouse gives her a small smile and turns his gaze back to their hands.

"Hey, I thought I said no serious talk tonight." Jay's voice is loud, much louder than their whispered conversation, and it breaks whatever mood has fallen over them in his absence.

"My bedroom, my rules," Erin says flippantly. "Did you bring food? We're starved."

It takes a bit of maneuvering but it works, the three of them settled on the bed picnic style with takeout distributed between them. Serious talk put away for the night, they instead steal food from one another's plates, trade gossip from the station, occasionally turn to the Blackhawks game playing on the background, and try not to think about the fact that two days from now, Mouse will be heading back to a war zone on the other side of the world.

Fandom: Generation Kill

GK-meets-Kong AU, 200 words

Brad was going to be so pissed.

Ray couldn't remember right off where he was or what had happened, but from his limited vantage point of twisted metal and the pain, something was wrecked. Wasn't his fault, obviously, because he was a bona fide professional when it came to any sort of machinery, but regardless. Brad. Pissed. He hated it when someone destroyed their hard work.

It was a bit strange that while the world beyond his metal cage wasn't silent, the familiar sound of Brad was missing. It took Ray a few moments to remember - the last minute bullshit mission from command, the scientists, the storm, the jungle. The huge fucking monkey swatting them out of the sky. Good times.

Brad was with the head scientists and some dicksuck pilot from Delta company who was the nephew of someone important enough to pull strings. Hopefully Pilot Delta wasn't a total fuckup. Ray would hate to have to go psycho on some retired admiral because Brad got killed in a helicopter crash. At least the LT was there to watch Brad's back.

Ray could hear gunfire and screams, so he wasn't alone either, just stuck in a downed copter.

More GK-meets-Kong AU, 200 words

Ray thinks he might be tripping. Possibly stuck in a mass hallucination. Maybe, just maybe, it's a government controlled experiment to see how they react to this crazy as shit situation, but more likely they're being sent in to clean up someone else's fuckup without being given all the information. That actually sounds typical.

He's trudging through ankle deep mud, trying not to think about what kind of creatures they might encounter next, and running off at the mouth with his theories. No one tells him to shut up. Well, Poke tries, but his threats just don't have the same effect as Brad's, so it doesn't count.

He wonders how he's going to explain to command that Trombley got eaten by a giant spider. He wonders if his ribs are actually broken or just bruised, because he can still breathe but he can also feel them shift with every step he takes. He wonders if Hasser knows he's got blood trickling out from under the bandage that's wrapped around his upper arm. He wonders if Brad and the LT are looking for them too, from where ever they landed.

He wonders if those berries are edible, because damn, he's hungry.

Fandom: Harry Potter

Harry & Draco, words

"Honestly, Potter, even you should know that it's rude to throw rocks in someone's house."

Harry palmed the stone he was about to skip and turned around. He thought he should probably be angry to be confronted by Malfoy, of all people, but he was mostly just disappointed that he was no longer alone. "What?"

"The giant squid is all out of sorts because someone is throwing rocks in her house. I was elected to come tell you to stop. Everyone else is either too afraid to tell you no, or they just don't care if you get eaten."

"How do you know what the squid is feeling?"

"Our dormitories look out into the lake. Her moods are fairly easy to read after all these years. She's a Slytherin, you know. I'm just looking out for a friend."

"Oh, so are we friends now, Malfoy?"

"I meant the giant squid."

Fandom: The Night Shift

Drew/Rick, 100 words

Rick felt Drew's fingers twitch against his skin, like he was still hesitant to tighten his hold, and sighed. He wasn't sure how to make Drew understand that his concern wasn't helpful. He had lost part of his leg, and it had messed with his balance and messed with his head, but he couldn't let it mess up this, mess up them any more than it already had.

"Quit treating me like I'm fragile. I'm not going to break." Rick pulled back so he could make sure Drew was looking at him. "You aren't going to break me. I swear."

Drew/Rick, Unprofessional, 250 words

Drew glanced at the chart that was handed to him and took a moment to compose himself before stepping into the curtained area where his next patient waited. "What are you doing here?"

Judging by the grin he got in return, the irritation and warning in his voice was either missed or ignored. "I've got some hellacious carpet burn. My guys thought I should see a doctor. Couldn't exactly tell them I plan on seeing one later tonight..."

Drew scowled down at his chart, scribbling in a note. "I'll get you a prescription for a cream, you'll be fine."

"What, just like that? You're not even going to get me worked up? Don't even want to see it? Usually you take any excuse to get me out of my pants."

Drew stepped toward the exam table. "Rick. I am working."

"I know. It's hot." Rick reached out and snagged a finger in the pocket of Drew's scrub top, pulling him closer. "And I think kissing it better would be more productive than a prescription."

"I hate you."

"You really don't."

Drew's attention was drawn from Rick's lips, curved up in a smile, to his bright eyes and back. He leaned in, resolve faltering.

"Dr Alister, you're needed in exam two." The curtain twitched and Drew jumped back, fumbling with the chart and clearing his throat.

"Well, Mr Lincoln, I'll have one of the nurses get that prescription and you should be good to go. Enjoy the rest of your night."

Drew/Rick, pizza, 200 words

"Hey, Drew, pizza in the break room." Kenny kept walking as he talked; they were busy tonight. "Thank your boy for us."

Drew waved in acknowledgement, focusing on his patient, one of a dozen or so brought in from a pile up on the highway. He hadn't had a break since he showed up for shift six hours ago, and it wasn't looking like he'd get one any time soon.

When he finally made his way to the break room, he had mostly forgotten about the comment until he saw the scattered empty boxes. He was stacking them up, hoping for a stray piece someone had missed, when he saw a box off to the side with a note on top of it.

Dr Drew Alister ONLY

Drew smiled and grabbed the box, pleased to note there was still an entire pie inside. It was cold and greasy, but it had his favorite toppings and it was the first food he'd had all night, so it was fantastic in his book. Remembering the rest of Kenny's comment, he pulled out his phone. Rick should be asleep now, but he'd get the thanks, love you text before Drew made it home.


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