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HELLOOOOOOO, LJ! Decided I should quit complaining about missing you and just come back. There are things I should be up and doing today (housecleaning, yuck) or could be doing today (PokemonGO!) but I have that gross tight, itchy, achy, burning feeling in my both my feet and up one of my legs which is reminiscent of the start of the MRSA infection I had a few months ago, so I'm trying to keep off my feet. And I should probably be working on Sunday School stuff, but I don't have to have anything prepared for tomorrow because the Youth are helping make lunch for after service, so that can wait. But seriously, if I'm getting another infection, I will CRY because I'm supposed to go to VaBeach on Tuesday to meet up with friend!Amy and Cliff so we can see Blink-182. And Ronnie has his learner's and I've let him drive on the interstate, but only for like 45 minutes to an hour max - he can't do 5 hours of driving, lol.

Anyone else watching Killjoys on SyFy? It's like, space bounty hunters. I love it. We're into the second season right now, and while there are some storylines I'm kinda meh about, I still like it. It's fun. The soundtrack is great. And I love the interaction between the different characters. Johnny is probably my favorite, though I am really fond of Lucy (the ship). I don't approve of the way the pairings have shaked down this season, but I guess I'll live. spoilers )

Anywho. I have watched so much television this summer it's a little disgusting. The last season of Royal Pains, Containment, Zoo, American Gothic (featuring Jimmy!Steve!), Twelve Monkeys (which has gotten beyond weird, idek what they're doing). Plus, obviously, Netflix: Stranger Things, the new season of Orange is the New Black, whatever that dumb Wet Hot American Summer show is. I'm slowly working my way through my list on netflix streaming, but I also am watching (rewatching) Star Trek DS9 on Hulu (depending on who else is on the netflix/hulu account at the time, I can't always get on the one I want). The kids and I have also been taking advantage of the $5 movies on Tuesdays to see ALL THE MOVIES this summer. I actually think Ice Age: Collision Course has been my favorite. I've seen Star Trek Beyond twice though.

We did see Independence Day Resurgence on Independence Day. I liked it. I don't understand why everyone hated it so much, but I also didn't expect much going in? Like, we loved the first Independence Day because it was FUN, not because it was a cinematic masterpiece. My two main takeaways from the movie: [1] Maybe we need an alien invasion to happen so that we figure out we're all one people. [2] Jake Morrison is an ancestor of Jim Kirk. That need to fly, explore, adventure in space is in the family blood. Jake's cockiness definitley seemed Kirkish to me. Plus, Liam Hemsworth plays Jake, Chris Hemsworth plays George Kirk. Seems legit, right?

There's a rumor that next weekend the drive in is going to show Resurgence and STB, so if I does, we're going. We've only been to the drive in once this season, which is just sad.

I guess I should probably feed my kids dinner. But I am going to try to be around LJ more. And check my friends list! Lol. <3
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I am stuck in one of those moods where everything is dumb even though nothing is actually wrong, and I don't want to talk about it and I don't want to complain (again) to anyone and UGHHHH. Also, I'm stuck in a weird semi-migraine space where everything sounds weird and tastes weird and I can't cook because I cook by taste and BLAHHHH.

I'm sure most of you heard about this, since it made national news, but yesterday morning during the morning news, there was a shooting on live tv and one of our reporters and her cameraman were killed. It was chaos and confusion watching it happen, and then there was all this speculation and partial heard-on-the-scanner reports being thrown around on facebook, and several area schools were put on lockdown and the rest were put on shelter-in-place, and it was quite a day. Adam, the cameraman, graduated from Salem. He was way younger than me - he actually graduated with one of the kids I used to babysit - but his dad was my guidance counselor in high school. Such craziness. And today, obviously, all the crazies are coming out on facebook. I just want to play farmville, not see all these arguments where both sides are extreme and flawed!

Have a happy link to balance this post out: The Coolest Book Themed Sculptures
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♥ rainbows

♥ plugging the charger cord in correctly in the first try

♥ kids doing their chores without having to be reminded a dozen times

♥ well-worn hoodies

♥ the official invitation for the crashrocketship wedding weekend

♥ friends who offer alibis

♥ free tickets (I won concert tix, and when I went to pick them up, the secretary at the radio station - who is quite familiar with me and my mom and my brother because we win a lot, lol - gave me some baseball tix too!)

♥ ugga muggas

♥ the gorgeous skunk that lives in my backyard (who is only on my happy list when the dogs stay far away from him!)

♥ fresh lemonade
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Does anyone have tips for a Florida vacation? We want to do Harry Potter World next summer, so I'm looking for ideas - where to stay, other things to do, etc - from anyone who has been. The last time I went to Disney, we stayed in Kissimee. Someone suggested to me that we stay in St Augustine, but that's further away from everything. I don't mind driving though, obviously, since when we stay in OBX, everything is at least an or two away. I'd like to rent a house for the week, since we're going with family and I'm spoiled and prefer a house to a hotel. I figure we go for a week, that gives us a day for Universal and maybe a day for the Magic Kingdom. I know that my boys would love the make the drive down to Ft Lauderdale to Everglades Holiday Park (big Gator Boys fans in my house). Possibly the space center Cape Canaveral? We visited the fort in St Augustine when I was a kid, so that's a maybe. Opinions/suggestions/thoughts?
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♥ stretching out in a queen size bed with fresh sheets

♥ the way my nieces and nephews say my name and light up when they see me

♥ fresh veggies from the garden

♥ inside jokes

♥ finding the perfect gift for someone you care about

♥ the mountains

♥ a worn pair of blue jeans that fit just right

♥ believing in magic

♥ summer thunderstorms

♥ everyone reading this
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1. Harley got a job! She was hired to teach 8th grade at a semi-local middle school! (Downside is, the middle school is actually in the opposite direction from me, so even though her babydaddy can bring Luna to me during the day, I cannot pick Illy up from school every day because I have other kids, so Harley is going to have to find a sitter.) I'm so excited for her!

2. Some wackadoodle here locally, who apparently is the wife of someone with some influence in local media, penned an opinion piece about how rescue dogs, esp pits, are super dangerous and that families shouldn't adopt rescues. Which understandable started a shitstorm when this was posted online, and there were several really great responses posted to it. But then this woman went a step farther and used facebook to obtain full names and then work or home addresses for a bunch of the people who disagreed with her and mailed them a packet of (mis)information supporting her position with a note thanking them for requesting information! Nutjob!

3. Jared Padalecki is awesome. I heart him.

4. I have a head cold, and I would totally take a migraine over this nonsense any day! At least with that I can breathe and sleep, even if I'm in pain. Ugh. I've been lazing since the wedding (that was a lot of social stress, okay?) and marathoned SyFy's Dominion (which I really liked!) and Dark Matter (which I want to like but I don't think it's happening). And I caught up on all my dvr'd shows except for Under the Dome.

5. Dallas and Chicago swapped Trevor Daley and Patrick Sharp? Pretty conflicted about that trade. But excited to see what my Hurricanes do this coming season! And Dallas too; they're due to go further in playoffs this year, right?
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1. 9 Beautiful Semicolon Tattoos

2. There is an organization/program called Living the Dream Foundation that makes dreams come true for kids with life-threatening conditions, and they're currently on Warped Tour making that happen for different people every day. Yesterday, that kid was Bela. I retweeted several of her pics on twitter, but you can see them all on the LTD Facebook Page or Instagram. Bela had such a great time, and I am so happy/excited on her behalf!

3. The count is now 8 shark incidents in Carolina, and three weeks until we head to OBX!

4. Stephanie & Dustin's wedding is this weekend! I'm excited about it, but at the same time already dreading the social interaction portions of the event, lol.

5. I really did have things to say before I sat down at the computer.
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1. There is SO MUCH going on in the NHL right now that I can't keep up. Wow.

2. I think sometimes I don't pick up on the same things as other people when I watch shows/movies? Like, I just marathoned all three seasons of OITNB and I quit giving a shit about Piper pretty early on, but all I want now is an epic story about Bennett ending up with the baby and maybe Daya's sisters too. There is a whole 'verse in my head about it, full of handwaveyness to detail. (I'm sure there is stuff on tumblr about this, but I'm still not there yet!)

3. I'm not going anywhere fancy or exotic or fun this summer, but if anyone wants a postcard anyway, let me know! (We'll be in VaBeach next week, but we've agreed to not go to the actual beach, lol, and we'll be in Outer Banks this time next month.)

4. October seems super far away. I know it's not, but I am soooo looking forward to WinCon so. And then the Crashrocketship wedding weekend in Vegas in November!! I am so excited about seeing my girls!

5. Summer TV - Royal Pains, Major Crimes, Complications, Teen Wolf, Under the Dome, Baby Daddy, Killjoys - am I missing anything good?
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1. Illiana graduated from preschool yesterday! It was possibly the most fun I've ever had at a graduation/promotion ceremony, lol. There are only six kids in her class, since it's a special needs preschool, and they are all awesome. They got awards for their accomplishments this year - Illiana got an award for meeting all her goals and finding her big girl voice. Then we got to go outside and play with bubbles and sidewalk chalk and the parachute, and then the kids got to play in the baby pool! One of the boys from her class will be with her next year in kindergarten (she goes to a different school for kindergarten). And the teachers cried. Illiana is a goober and took a thank you bow when she got her certificate. She is growing up so fast!

2. Ronnie & Davey both have their Math 8 SOL today. I don't think I'm as worried about it as I am about Ronnie's other SOLs. I hate SOLs anyway, but Ronnie has NEVER passed a social studies SOL, and this year is no different. He failed by two questions, so he gets to retake that one next week, but he also still has his English SOL (the multiple choice portion - he already passed the writing portion because that is done in March) and his Science SOL to do as well, and Ronnie is the WORST at tests. Plus, even though there are two weeks left of school for us, the kids are done. Everyone else is already finished or getting out, and the eighth graders have already had their promotion ceremony, and the eighth grade band students have already been inducted into the high school band or whatever.

3. My meds aren't working. As always. I'm at that point where I know things are wrong but I don't want to actually do anything about them, so I really feel like I can't complain about anything. But ughhhhh. Bipolar is dumb and migraines are dumb and eczema is dumb. I don't have suicidal feelings, which is a step up from last fall, so that's better than the alternative, I guess. But I am just blah and nothing makes me happy and I have no interest in anything and I want to sleep and/or stay in bed all the time, and I am SO ANXIOUS about nothing, all the freaking time. Panic attacks for no reason. Super weird dreams. I know I need to get my meds adjusted and I also need a new psych to talk to because there is so much that I need to talk about, but trying to find a new psych to take care of all this is overwhelming and I don't even know where I would start, even if I felt like I could. One of the new fun affects of the migraines is that my hearing is all wonky. It's like blurry hearing instead of (or in addition to) blurry vision. Voices, and especially music, sounds weird and distorted to me, which is really obnoxious, because I love music. And the eczema. Ughhhhh. It wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't on my hands, but that severely impacts my life, okay? My hands itch and hurt and everytime I think it's starting to clear up, it comes back with a vengeance, and I hate everything.

4. The first Stanley Cup Final Playoff Game is on my birthday next week! I rarely make it past the first period when I try and watch the game, even though I want to! I really just don't like the Ducks and will be sad if they make it to the finals. I'm going for Blackhawks/Rangers, and then Blackhawks, but I have no problem with Tampa Bay either.

5. Last Friday, I went to my first Salem Red Sox game of the season. That's insane. I should have been to at least a dozen games by now, but I'm just not feeling it. (I also have tickets for this weekend's Blue Ridge Music Festival - and I paid like $372 for two VIP tickets for the weekend for me and Haleybear - but I really just don't feel like going so RT and Kristina are going to take her, one each day. Depression is dumb!)

6. 5 Things That Happen When The Hulk Comes ot Commencement

7. For those of you with kids (here in the US) - here are a couple links for you:
Carmike Cinemas Summer Kid Series - weekly family movies; $4 for admission, popcorn, and drink
Regal Summer Movie Express - two weekly family movies, $1 admission
Kids Skate Free - Nation wide skating program that allows kids to skate for free two times per week at a local skate center; check listings for a center near you and for age restrictions (my skate center is 10 and under, but some are 12 or 16 and under)
Bowl Summer Games - register for a pass that entitles you to 3 games of bowling per day all summer long, free for kids 15 and younger, family passes also available for purchase

8. Animals with Their Adorable MiniMe Counterparts

9. The boys and I will be in VaBeach and then DC for a couple days in early July. We are having a family vacation at OBX the first week in August. And the boys and I have season passes to Kings Dominion. So if anyone lives out this way or visits out this way and wants to meet up, let me know!

10. lunabug is starting to fuss and gremlin just stole my bowl of scrambled eggs (she already ate all hers) - kids are fun
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I know everyone is on Tumblr now, but I still haven't figured out how to actually communicate there, so I'm asking my question here. I need opinions/suggestions/advice! I'm on the committee for this fall's Red Ribbon Week for both the high school and the middle school. I'm looking to bring some new ideas to the table. Currently, or for the past dozen years or so, Red Ribbon Week includes decorating the school (inside & out) with the traditional red ribbons, having a crashed car displayed in front of the school, having all the kids sign a pledge to say no to drugs and alcohol, and a themed day for each day of the week (where the kids are given a dress up theme for each day and then are also given candy each day at lunch with a cheesy slogan - like there is a "mixed up" day where kids wear mismatched or crazy clothes and the slogan is "don't get mixed up in drugs" OR we give them suckers and the slogan is "don't be a sucker; say no to drugs" ETC).

I know there are kids that are already smoking or doing questionable things in middle school, and I don't know what's worse - the kids I know smoke up in the bathroom and still take our candy or the ones who tell us they can't take the candy because they don't want to sign the pledge. This past year, the kids were given smarties one day and there were kids that crushed up the smarties and snorted them.

I would love to have some ideas about something different we could do, especially something that might actually make an impression and stick with the kids. The budget for this isn't very big (and it's actually a lot bigger for the middle school than the high school). One of the other moms wants to get a speaker in for the kids and do some sort of assembly, which is an idea, but apparently whoever she has talked to about this says it would cost too much even if the schools split the cost. (I would think that there should be someone we could get to come speak for free, but what would I know.) And I personally think that a big part of this is just making kids aware that there are adults that are looking out for them, if that makes sense? I know this isn't elementary school, so like an essay contest or something wouldn't work. But maybe a daily trivia question or something.

So, what I need from yall. Whether you're a parent, a teacher (or someone who works with middle school/high school kids in some capacity), a teen or former teen, lol - give me some ideas on how to shake up this year's Red Ribbon Week?
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1. Chaperoned a field trip to Carowinds this past weekend and it was possibly the easiest field trip I was ever part of. It was the middle school choir trip, so there were only 45 kids. Eight of them were "mine," including Davey and his friend BJ. The other six in my group were eighth grade girls who hung out together all day and didn't get into trouble and I only had to check in with them a couple times. One of the other chaperones made a snide remark at the beginning of the day about me being an overpacker, but joke was on her because there wasn't a single thing in my bag that wasn't needed by the end of the day. (My chaperone bag included sunscreen, baby wipes, hair ties, feminine products, bandaids, etc) It was stupidly hot on Saturday, and apparently some of the other chaperones didn't tell their kids they could get free water. (We had wristbands for free drinks, but they said "free coca cola products" BUT WATER WAS TOTALLY AN OPTION! I told all my group to stick to water, or at least alternate soda/water, but I think they all stuck to water and powerade.) Three of the kids from our trip got separated from the group but they were all found. I did see two girls pass out, three people puking from the ride/heat combination, and FOUR sets of kids that had lost their parents. Funtimes!

2. Princess Luna is here! I can't remember if I announced that here or not. Luna Grace was born on April 28 and she is adorable and precious and spoiled already! Harley graduated from Ferrum on May 9th. Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that she can find a job!

3. We had a whole Thing a few weeks back because Ronnie was upset that I never tell him I hate him. Kids are so weird. I tend to tell Davey a lot "I hate you; you're the worst kid I've ever had" and Ronnie felt left out that I never say that to him.

4. My kids have 16 1/2 more school days. Ughhhhh. I'm so ready for summer, kinda. Our summer is SO FULL.

5. I am a smart cookie and just realized last week that the reason Apple computers are called Macs because Macintosh is a type of apple!
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I keep thinking about making a post and then I never do. And I'll make a Real Post soon, but in the meantime, can you help me out?

My friend Katie's PhD experimental psychology program (Social Issues and Relations Lab at East Tennessee State University) needs people to please take this survey (it's for her dissertation!) Thanks! (Please share, as well. Thank you!)

Life Experiences Related to Mental Health Study - We are looking for people to participate in a survey that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. This study explores life experiences related to mental health. Anyone located in the United States, 18 years of age or older, and English-speaking is welcome to participate. In appreciation of you time commitment, you will be able to sign-up to participate in a raffle to win several prizes. If you are interested in participating please click the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SIRLKK
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I tried to make a post/entry without setting it up as a numbered list, but I couldn't do it. Apparenlty this has become a Thing.

1. Winter is no joke. I would miss summer, except the heat/humidity made my migraines HORRID. The cold and ice and too much time indoors and too much time with the kids is pretty crappy too though. Ughhhhh. And we have more ice on the way. I'm so over all the bitching on social media about every little freaking thing regarding the cold and snow and ice, though.

2. My mom talked to Jake from State Farm the other day at work.

3. Hockey-related: I cannot even deal with how adorable this video is, omg. (it's the one with Shawzy and JToews and the girl scout cookies!)

4. Hockey-related: bb!Staal is married?? (yeah, I know, doesn't actually matter and is old news, but still! It's new news to me and I apparently have Feelings about Staals.)

5. Hockey-related: My Hokie Hockey boys are in the playoffs next weekend!

6. Hokie-related: The Hokie Bird is doing some silly thing where he's trying to make/break a record of the most hugs given by a school mascot in one minute. It was supposed to happen this week but was postponed due to weather. There will be video shared at some point, lol. (There is a video of the practice run, but I figured I'd wait until the real thing. But if you want a Hokie video, you can take a peek at this one from the traditional first-snow-of-the-season cadets-vs-civilians snowball fight on the drillfield!)

7. NASCAR-related: THE DAYTONA 500 IS ONLY DAYS AWAY! I am sooooo ready for race season to start!

8. Video: How Small Are We?/You Are NOT the Center of the Universe

9. Link: 7 Ways to Show Love to Someone With Anxiety/Depression

10. Link: Love is Respect

11. Link: Disney Quotes to Inspire You

12. Link: Times Harry Potter Was the Cleverest Book Series Ever

Okay then. I'm going to try (AGAIN) to sleep. Love yall! <3
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1. Illiana keeps telling me she wants to go to Hogwarts, which I think I've determined means she wants to watch Harry Potter. (The second movie is her favorite.)

2. There is a bird in my house! AGAIN! Seriously, this happens about once a month, always when the feeder is empty, and I have NO CLUE how the birds get in! Scared the beejeesus out of me, and D&D were flipping out trying to catch it. I tried to get it to go back outside but it hid in the puzzle box on top of my china cabinet, so I figured I'd just leave the door open and hope she went out after we all ignored her. But then she started flying back and forth and Duchess CAUGHT her and tried to eat her! I scared them and the bird flew behind the TV and I couldn't find her. D&D keep sniffing around the TV/entertainment center/toy shelves, but I didn't see anything, then Duchess ran back to Ronnie's room and was sniffing under the door, and there is a bird in there! I don't know if it's the same one (I don't know how she would have gotten in, the crack at the bottom of the door is super small) but I hope so. I'm going to leave the door closed and let Ronnie get her when he comes home from school. Weirdo birds!

3. Nerdy Valentines

4. There's a movie in select theaters this weekend called Old Fashioned and one of the stars is a girl I went to high school with (she was a couple grades ahead of me) - an excellent alternative to recommend to anyone who wants to see a movie this weekend!

5. Because I know yall have missed seeing me and my kids: FAMILY PICTURE! )
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1. I don't know why it's easier for me to post if I make a numbered list, but there you have it. (Even if none of it is really important!)

2. I'm so over funerals. Quit dying, people! Relatedly, I'm the WORST at comforting people.

3. I am NOT over BABIES! SO MANY BABIES! Ahhhhhh! Seems like twice a week since the beginning of the year, someone I know has a new one.

4. 7 NASCAR Hotties We Want to Be Our Valentine - have I mentioned lately how adorable I think Bubba Wallace is?

5. 25 Science-Backed Ways to Change Your Life By Taking Better Care of Yourself

6. There is a song on country radio right now - LadyA, maybe? - that is called Girl Crush, and while I like the sound/feel of the song, I actually HATE it because it's not about a crush, it's about being jealous of this other girl and actually comes off kinda creepy to me.

7. Fic Rec: Misunderstanding on a Fundamental Level by kittykatthetacodemon - The Losers, Cougar/Jensen, 25K

8. Mama McCall (Teen Wolf) is on Chicago Fire as Chief Boden's wife. Next week, Papa McCall is going to be on Chicago Fire as the person replacing Boden in the firehouse. Weirdness!

9. Robots Need Love Too

10. Jim Butcher to Release New Steampunk Series
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1. Today is my mom's birthday. YAY! I made my dad pay for pizza for dinner (actually, I don't even if he knows he paid for it or not, I just used his debit card. He's technically out-of-range for a few days but I left him a message, and he said I could use his card if I needed to - birthday dinner for his ex-wife is a need, right?) and Davey baked Grandma a cake. This weekend EVERYONE is coming over and we're doing dinner. This year we're doing fried chicken and baked ham and a ton of fixins. All I'm doing is making green beans and rolls and maybe some carrots.

2. Ronnie starts HIGH SCHOOL next year. Ugh, I feel so old! Us parents had a PTSA meeting the other night to discuss high school and registration and all that jazz. And to meet the prinicpal/vice principal/guidance counselors/current PTSA board from the high school. I'm sure yall saw the pic on twitter/instagram/facebook, but the registration guide is pretty awesome - it's LEGO themed; one of the hs art kids designed it. Ronnie already has an idea of what he'd like to do in high school, so that's helpful, because there are SO MANY CHOICES. And he and Davey are such different kids, they'll be on completely different paths.

3. One of the other area high schools had a lockdown today. The automated message the parents got was that the school was on lockdown, there had been several fights and the police were called, one of the students assaulted a police officer and mace was used, several bystanding students were affected by the mace but there were no serious injuries. My cousin/nephew/whatever Jayden keeps his phone with him all day so we knew about it before the news alert came up, and knew he was okay/not involved, but ugh. Our middle school is having a lockdown drill tomorrow - they warn the parents so that parents won't come to the school during the drill time, like if kids need to be picked up early or brought in late, they need to adjust their time accordingly - and I'm interested to see how many parents got the notice about the drill and don't send their kids to school or else they didn't get the notice and will complain about not being notified. Apparently the lock down drills are traumatizing for their kids. (Also, if your kid is in the eighth grade and has been in the same school system that entire time, and you aren't getting ANY notifications about school stuff? There is a problem. Regarding this drill, it was mentioned in the weekly email we get from the assistant principal, the principal sent out a separate email about it, we got an automated call, and it's on the fb and twitter pages. Come on, now!)

4. My aunt is a SPED teacher, and right now she works with visually impaired kids. Right now she is running a tshirt fundraiser to raise money for Virginia Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired annual conference. It's one of those fundraisers where they have to sell a certain number of shirts in order to get anything. I really like the shirt design - it's red and has a pic of a set of hands and the world globe and reads "Put the world at your fingertips... learn braille." There is about a week left on the fundraiser time, and they haven't sold nearly enough shirts. If you'd like to purchase one, or know someone who might be interested, please go take a look or share the link or whatever. Thanks a bunch! Put The World At Your Fingertips

5. Some of you know [livejournal.com profile] bloodygoodgirl - and if you don't, just know that she's awesome. Anywho, she got the chance to have one of my photos exhibited at the Smithsonian in their 2015 Artist at Work exhibit. She's hoping to get a little financial help to offset the cost of printing and framing. I know we're all broke these days, but if you can spare a few bucks to help out a fellow fandomer, check out her tumblr or her gofundme page.

6. My sister-in-law asked if we could go see the 50 Shades movie for girls' night. Uh, NO. I cannot believe she even asked me that. UGHHHHH.

7. For any of you mommies or anyone with experience with little ones - I need recommendations for the best... uh, way to wear your baby, I guess? Lol. I had a snugli when the boys were babies, but now there are like fifty million options for slings and backpacks and frontpacks and the list goes on and on. Since my summer is going to be full of kids, I figure it would be easiest for me to be able to just keep Princess Luna close. (Lol, I'm already having nightmares about walking to the park with the double stroller and a baby strapped to my chest - there's a reason I had my kids when I was young, I'm too old for this nonsense now!)

8. I'm supposed to go to VaBeach next week to spend a few days with friend!Amy and the boys. The weather forecast seems to be a little unfriendly, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I think friend!Amy and I will both cry if snow keeps us apart; we've been counting down the days!

9. Speaking of VaBeach, since friend!Amy is back there now for the foreseeable future (who knows, though, with the Navy), if anyone is in the VaBeach/Norfolk/Chesapeake/Hampton area, shoot me a message and we'll meet up sometime. Also, we're doing a family vacation to OBX the first week in August, so if anyone is around that area this summer at that time, let me know.

10. Fandomish things that are making me happy right now: Justin Faulk, the Hurricanes' current streak of remembering how to play hockey, The Musketeers, Agent Carter, Hawaii 5-0, WINCON!, Parenthood (which is making me more sad than happy, especially since this week is the FINAL EPISODE EVER!, but still filling me with emotions, so it counts!), TWD comes back next weekend, three weeks til DAYTONA!, revisiting my love of all things Harry Potter.

What's going on with yall?
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1. My Hurricanes won last night! But they're still at the VERY BOTTOM of the standings, so.

2. 98 days until the home opener for my Salem Red Sox! I miss baseball. And only 43 days until the Daytona 500. I miss NASCAR too, lol. With the change in the race schedule, I may be able to make Bristol this year, but that's right around the time Princess Luna is due, so we'll have to see how that goes. It might be a last minute decision. We are definitely doing Martinsville though, as a big group for tailgating before/after the race, so that'll be fun.

3. I did register for WinCon! Who else is going?

4. TV. Shameless comes back this weekend, and I know [livejournal.com profile] junebug_waltz isn't caught up, so who is caught up and will be willing to listen to me talk about Mickey/Ian? And Jimmy-Steve? Also willing to discuss Kingdom, Chicago Fire, and Agent Carter. :) Oh, and Ultimate Survival Alaska!

5. Current meds are helping SO MUCH with my headaches. Really, if my problems could have been alleviated years ago if someone would have just listened to me and checked my iron levels... idek. But the upside is less headache days, though that could be partly due to the change in weather (I have more migraines in the summer when the humidity and pressure is up). I am SO TIRED all the time, though, and the bipolar part of the meds isn't helping. I'm not as bad as I could be, but I'm still depressed and still having the occasional bout of dumb insomnia and manicness, but one problem at a time, I guess.

6. Some of you saw this on twitter, but one of the guys I went to high school with and who I still actually consider a friend committed suicide a few nights ago. Mike Myers was one of the few people I kept in touch with since school, partly because we worked together for a few years at RMG and partly because we have mutual friends. He was the manager at Pizza Hut in Salem for years and would always give me an employee discount on my orders. I've been told he was upset over ongoing relationship problems with the girl he's been seeing on/off for the past couple years, but whatever was going on, I hate that this happened. He has no family, and his friends are trying to raise money for his funeral expenses. I know times are tough for everyone right now, but if you can spare a few dollars, I would appreciate it: http://www.gofundme.com/jwxdnk

7. Still on a bit of an HP kick. In the last couple weeks, we've watched the first 6 movies. We'll probably watch Deathly Hallows this weekend. It took me forever to get through HBP, because I kept falling asleep, and I remembered that story has always been my least favorite of the series.

8. I made freezer meals last week, and I even made a few specially plain for my brother and sis-in-law since their kids are so picky. Davey said it wasn't fair to Kristina that she can't have good food just because the kids don't like things, lol. But those kids, if they see anything like onions or peppers or tomatoes, they won't eat it. Boo for that. Illiana "helped" me make the chicken enchiladas, by which I mean she took a tortilla, added a couple spoons of enchilada filling mixture, put some shredded cheese on top, and declared it a chicken taco and ate it. She also "helped" with the dishes the other day by taking the clean dishes from the drainer and throwing them back in the sink. :P

I don't have anything else, I think? I wanted to make a list of ten things but can't quite manage it! ♥
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1. Sadly, I did not get a Chris Evans for Christmas. :( I did, however, get a new pyrex, a tablet, some great socks from [livejournal.com profile] sonicbookmark, an awesome Grumpy the Dwarf mug from Harley, and Skin Game, which I haven't read yet even though it's been out for months. We declared this The Year No One Gets Good Presents Because We're All Poor, so the boys were kinda sad they didn't get a lot. They got phones at the beginning of the month, so I didn't do much for Santa gifts - t-shirts, calendars, a box of cereal (yes, I totally wrapped each of them a box of cereal and put it under the tree!), and Pokémon cards for Ronnie and duct tape for Davey.

2. We didn't draw names this year, which both my sister-in-laws complained about because they always have very specific gifts they ask for for themselves and the kids, but I actually like giving presents because I think someone will like them, not because they asked for them. And the gifts I did get my nieces/ nephews were well received! My nephew Cameron, I got him a Venus fly trap and a pitcher plant, and he was SO EXCITED about it. It was great.

3. We have all had the plague. It sucks. I feel like I've been sick for weeks with this yucky virus. I actually felt better for a few days and then it started all over. I'm feeling mostly better now except for this dumb persistent cough and rib/chest pain and tiredness. But I missed caroling with church last weekend because I was feverish and didn't want to chance carrying germs into the nursing homes, and I didn't get Baby K time when friend!Amy and Cliff were in town because I didn't want to get the boys sick. :(

4. Friend!Amy is now 292 miles away from me. And the move has been super rough for all of them. I think we might go down there this weekend.

5. We are going bowling for NYE! Me, the boys, RT & Kris, their kids, and each of the Core Four invited a friend. We have two lanes rented for the night and hopefully we'll have a good time!

6. We went to see The Hobbit and Ronnie and I loved it and want to see it again. Davey was asking me questions throughout the whole thing, like he hadn't seen the first two Hobbits or all the LotR movies. Multiple times. My mom has plans to take the Core Four to see Into the Woods.

7. Anyone watching The Librarians?

8. Quidditch. When Oliver Wood is explaining the game to Harry, he says if Harry catches the snitch, then Gryffindor wins. But that's not necessarily true, right? Because the snitch is worth 150 points, but each goal is worth ten points, so the team that catches the snitch doesn't automatically win.

9. Also HP related, let's talk about House Points. (Ten points from Gryffindor for destroying my soul!) In the first year, at the end of the year Slytherin has 472 points. That just seems like a curiously small number. I mean, each House has an entire school year to earn (and lose) points. I just think the point totals should be higher.

10. The other day, Invisible Dad was on TV, and Davey goes, "Some dads don't need a machine to make themselves disappear!" My kid, in addition to being a smart ass, is sometimes just plain smart. (I so wanted to put that on fb, because my kid IS smart, but I didn't want to deal with the ex-family getting offended by the truth.)

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season! Tell me anything new and/or exciting that I've missed! ♥
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Went to Raleigh for the Canes/Pens game for Ronnie's birthday (which isn't actually until next Friday). My Canes lost, but it was a good game and Ronnie enjoyed the day, so those are both wins. Also wins:

1. Elias Lindholm is adorable.
2. JFaulk scored.
3. Ronnie kept forgetting he was cheering for the Penguins (the Pens are his team, but usually he watches games with me and cheers for the Hurricanes) and would start cheering for Gerbe, because that's his favorite.
4. Paul Martin. Yes, he was The Enemy tonight, but he's my favorite Pen.
5. Favorite!Staal is still out, and Chris Terry was sent back down to Charlotte, but Michal Jordan was playing, and he's my favorite Checker.

On the drive down to Raleigh, Ronnie was like "wanna hear a great pick up line? Did you fall from Heaven? Because it looks like you landed on your face!" Sometimes I worry about that kid.

On the way back, he was like "just imagine this - a cartoon penguin with a samurai sword, going up against an actual hurricane, and the penguin goes up and slashes the hurricane and it just splits in half and falls apart!"
I found this post on Tumblr and decided I might give it a try.

December FanFic Challenge )

I will try to remember to post these here if I do them (we all know I'm not going to post them on Tumblr, and I may just end up emailing them to [livejournal.com profile] asimplechord and [livejournal.com profile] junebug_waltz and [livejournal.com profile] earlofcardigans). If you have suggestions for pairings/characters/fandoms for a certain day, let me know. Or if you wanna talk about one of them with me, hit me up! :)
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Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE. I love food, and I love having everyone over to the house. It seems like that's the one holiday that we don't have to share with everyone else - Christmas and Easter and whatever, we're all running around and visiting different people and having to hit multiple houses on multiple days and it's chaotic. Thanksgiving is just here. There are 18 1/3 of us this year. I am going to need to hide in my room all day on Friday to make up for it, lol, but I'm excited.

Davey spent the evening making pies. (As part of his service project for this year, he was making pies for the Rescue Mission, so we just made two of everything so we can have one and we can take one to the rescue mission for their dinner.) We have apple, cherry, pumpkin, and lemon meringue. I may make a batch of cupcakes too. I haven't decided, but I had asked Larkin yesterday what kind of pie she likes and she said "no pie, cake!" Tomorrow morning I'm going to go bake a few pies with friend!Amy (which means, I'm going to hold the baby and play with Z and talk to Amy while she does all the work!) for her family and for her to take to the rescue mission. We're going to take the pies down and also pick up our Drumstick Dash shirts when the kids get out of school. Then I'm taking my boys and a couple of their friends to see the new Penguins of Madagascar movie. And coming home to make a turkey! We're doing one tomorrow night and then one on Thursday, so we can make sure we have enough and also have leftovers. (I was so mad I had to cook on the day after Thanksgiving last year, lol, because we had no leftovers.) I'm also making brussel sprout slaw, and I'm making mashed potatoes for Operation Turkey Drop (one of our local churches collects dishes and delivers Thanksgiving meals to the fire and rescue stations). Yum, food! :P

Story time! Two stories for yall today. Story the first: the friend my dad is currently staying with lives up on the mountain on one side of the valley, and their neighbor has a pet deer. He's a little button buck, and he thinks he's a dog. He sleeps inside on a dog bed, and will try and sit in your lap while you're watching tv. If you're petting one of the dogs, you had better pet him too. His human mom had a special vest made for him that's blaze orange so that (hopefully) no one will shoot him if he's out in the yard or driveway or whatever. He's so cute!

Story the second: one day a couple weeks ago, Illy was sitting at the dining room table and she was talking to someone in the kitchen but no one was in there. My mom asked her who was there, and Illy said it was "Mommom's mom and a girl." And my mom asked if it was a baby girl or a big girl, and Illy said it was a baby, so my mom asked if it was Aunt Tabby's baby girl. Illy turned around and gave my mom the meanest look and was like "Illiana is Aunt Tabby's baby." Which I thought was hilarious. And then she said it was baby Kelly, which is what we all assumed anyway. But Illy is so funny. She's my best friend! She tells her mom at least once a week that she's not going to school because she wants to spend the day with Aunt Tabby, and on days I don't see her, she texts me a string of gibberish from her momma's phone. I cannot believe she is almost five!

And in case you want a better story than one of mine, lol, here's a fic rec for something I enjoyed yesterday: baby, we're the new romantics by hawksjolras -- When PK meets Carey Price, it’s because he is crushing his dreams. “Get off my bar,” he’s saying, totally unreasonably, just because PK is currently climbing up onto his bar. (In which PK a) likes to kiss his favorite bartender and b) won't get off the bar.)


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