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Birthdate:Jun 3
Location:Virginia, United States of America

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About Me ♦ My LJ ♣ Friending Policies ♥ Fandoms ♠ Important Links
I'm from a small town in Southwestern Virginia. I work full time, take night classes, and spend most of my time with my kids. And I don't sleep much.
I post a random mixture of real life rambling, fanfic, and fandom type discussions, be it general questions or episode reviews or news. Most of the fandom stuff is unlocked; more of the RL stuff is locked due to the increasing number of people in my day-to-day life who know I have a lj.
My flist makes me happy, every single day. I always try to ask first or at least comment when I friend someone new. If for whatever reason you decide you want to friend me, go ahead. I will more than likely friend you back, unless your lj is empty and I have no idea who you are or where you came from. Every day is defriending amnesty day on my LJ.
Bandom is the fandom that ate my brain, seriously. The last year or so, Wentzdom has played a huge part in everything I do. Harry Potter will always be my first and favoritest fandom. Other fandoms I claim ties to are Supernatural, Criminal Minds, CWRPS, Shelter, Latter Days, the Chronicles of Narnia, Queer as Folk, the Dresden Files, Jericho, popslash, and there may be some smaller things I dabble in.
tabby_and_iris -- the fic journal I share with asimplechord
deandtabby -- the fic journal I share with wearethestars
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