Aug. 30th, 2017 01:22 pm
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Why is it that TV shows that I/we like always start sucking after the first couple of seasons? Ugh. We love the characters and the world and we want it to go on forever - that's why we have fanfic! - but it never works out. Especially when we start losing important characters! I mean, come on. Criminal Minds without Morgan? Hawaii 5-0 without Chin and Kono?

Chicago PD without Lindsey? Seriously? Sophia Bush is the reason I started watching that show! (Okay, the crossover with Chicago Fire had a little to do with it to.) Jesse Lee Soffer is cute and all, but he's not enough to keep me watching. Plus, since they took away Halstead's boyfriend first and now his girlfriend, if he's not sad next season, I'd throw something at the tv. We won't even mention this whole "taking Natalie out on a date" nonsense from the end of this past season; hopefully that was just to make Will wake up.

Anywho. Early seasons. I'm all about the first few seasons of Supernatural. Haven. Effing Killjoys! Ugh. I love Killjoys! I love the universe it's in, I love Dutch and Johnny and D'avin and their relationship with one another, and Lucy and Pree and Alvis. Even Fancy! But I am so not feeling all this bullshit with Khylen and the green and ughhhh. Give me back a weekly show of our guys being killjoys and going after bad guys! (I feel the same kinda way about SPN and Haven. Monsters/Troubles of the Week are way better than the apocalpyse arcs.)

I've been watching a lot of "junk food" tv this summer. None of it is particularly good, but it's filing the time. The Mist and Still Star-Crossed both had potential but didn't live up to it. I think I like Midnight TX but it won't last long. I do like Somewhere Between, even though I'm not sure how Devon Sawa grew up like that. I like Salvation. Watching the final episodes of Teen Wolf just to see how it ends. And because Stiles AND Derek were in the season preview. I'm a few episodes behind on Night Shift but I love it; same with Wynonna Earp. Did not like this season of Face Off. Oh, I watched Doubt with mom, and I cannot believe it ended the way it did since I don't think it's coming back. I'm sure I'm missing something, but it's probably one of the dozen shows I watch on Food Network, lol.

So if anyone wants to talk about TV, hit me up! Or if you wanna hear me go on about my Chicago PD OT3, I'm good with that too.
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So. I moved everything over from LJ, for both my main journal and my [personal profile] tabbys_fics, although I think I'm a little late to the game. But it's done now! Now, to try and figure out how Dreamwidth and rebuild my friends list, I guess?

I'm trying to get back into writing, and I'm not sure about posting to tumblr, so I'm just going to throw my ramblings here and maybe someone will see them. Read more... )


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