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One week from now, we'll be sitting in the ridiculously hot civic center being bored by graduation speeches. Also, I'm totally gonna cry. I can't believe my teenagers are graduating!! (Well, Hallie is technically already graduated since she was homeschooled, and Chrissy graduates on Friday b/c she's at a different school, but Harley and Johnathan and Jamie graduate next week.) That wasn't the point of this entry though.

I'm not really identifying with a particular fandom these days, which is kinda weird. I mean, I still belong to fandom as a whole, and I've got my fingers in various fandom pies, lol, but I don't have a primary fandom right now.

I'm in the slow process of moving all my fics over to a fic journal. Rereading some of them makes me want to delete everything I ever wrote, haha, but some of them surprise me that I actually LIKE them. Apparently I'm not as bad as I thought?

I have a mostly written fics on my laptop for Being Human (the US version), Shameless (also the US version), and Jesse/Andrew (yes, the kitten!fic). I also have fic that I'm not writing for a fandom I'm not in, lol. Looking at the tabs that I have open on firefox right now, there's a bbb, an old SPN fic, several GK fics, one of my own GK fics, a couple fast&furious fics, and a couple original fics. Oh, and instructions on making a diaper cake. Amy's baby shower is Saturday.

Also, this time last year, I had just returned from Texas and [livejournal.com profile] asimplechord had made me start watching GK, so I had to get links for the rest of GK. Technically that makes this my anniversary of GK-do, I guess? So my plans for this evening involve rewatching GK and pretending that the Real World doesn't exist right now.

Love yall!
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Hi, my lovelies! I miss you all! We upped my antidepressant again this week, and this may be doing the trick of making me stable (more stable) but the idea of catching up is a daunting task, lol. So, things!

1. I took the boys to see Legend of the Guardians yesterday (which we all thoroughly enjoyed!) and there was a preview for a Yogi Bear movie coming out. Justin Timberlake is BooBoo, and the music for the trailer was Travie's We'll Be Alright. Is it bad that I'd go see that movie based on those two facts alone?

2. Also saw a better trailer for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and I must say I'm pretty damned excited about that one.

3. Castle is quite possibly the only show I'm actually invested in this season. Stupid television.

4. Baby sister got her early acceptance letter & scholarship award info from Ferrum college this week, which is super exciting. I'm so proud of her!

5. I think I'm starting to feel like writing again! If thinking of Johnny Weir/Adam Lambert fic with Johnny & Kris trying to bond by tailgating (dammit, [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane!) is any indication, at least. Want to leave me some prompts? Here are the limitations: no bandom. no GenKill. HP fandom is good except for NextGen, SPN is good if we stick to early series or preseries characterizations (I'll write Sam/Jess all day long, lol, but no underage Wincest). CM is probably do-able. Smaller fandoms like Shelter, Jaida's first two books (I haven't read DragonSoul yet), Dresden, etc, are good too.

So, prompt me?
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I think I may have hit my head on my shoe?

No, srsly, I was in the backseat & had my bag in the floorboard & my feet on top of it & I wasn't wearing my seatbelt b/c I had just gotten in the car & was putting on my shoes, and I think that's what caused this gigantic bruise on my head.

I missed my flight at the airport & they put me on a later one, but the original flight ended up going to Charlotte and then turning around b/c of thunderstorms. Then they ended up rushing to reboard them about 20 minutes after they deboarded and put the 5 of us who were supposed to be on the second flight to Charlotte on the same plane. And of course we had to run from one end of the terminal to the other to make our connecting flight.

But I am safely at [livejournal.com profile] wendy's house now, and I got hugs from her and [livejournal.com profile] phaballa and got to love on Max and Val a bit, and turned my phone on when I landed to find I already have a wealth of birthday wishes via txt/email/facebook. Now I have water and tylenol and am going to bed.

I was thinking earlier that I really need to learn how to Apparate, but I was also thinking that I kinda wished we could communicate with our minds, and idk if I was thinking of a mix of "psychically" and "telepathically", but I was thinking of texting [livejournal.com profile] eckerlilas that sometimes I wished we could all communicate psychopathically. Idek, I think maybe I was partly dreaming, even though I was trying my hardest to stay awake on the plane b/c of the head injury.

For those of you who didn't email, here was my day:

So, today has been a day from hell. Work was shit, and I'm hoping some time away will make me either realize that I do like my job and want to keep it, or that I need to find something else. Took the boys to drop them off at Pam's and while we were bringing their stuff in from the car, Pam accidentally locked us out of the apartment. Then my car wouldn't start. So Harley was going to drive me to the airport and we were in an accident. I'm not even sure what happened, but one minute I was putting my shoes on in the backseat and the next our car was under the ass end of a Suburban. Everyone is okay, Harley & Johnathan are a little cut up from the glass & bruised from the seatbelts and airbags. Illy's carseat & base didn't even move, and three different EMTs checked her out b/c me & Harley & Johnathan were freaking out about her. I have a huge bump on my head & knocked a tooth out & am so not okay emotionally right now, but I'll be alright. I did miss my flight - just barely b/c they were rain delayed and I got here as they were closing the door and leaving. So I was on a later flight & that story continues at the top of this post.

Oh, but on the flight from Charlotte to DFW, there was this little boy that sat beside me. He was adorable and like 7 or 8 and played pokemon cards and tic tac toe with me for part of the flight.
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Baby!! She's so *tiny*, yall!! And preciously adorable! But srsly, TINY. I almost couldn't find her in the swaddle of blankets! But she and Harley are both doing well. I was going to post pics, but it figures that our router is being crappy & so I have no actual internet at home. I'll try again in the morning, but I have to go take the carseat to the hospital before work so I don't know if I'll have time.

I had such a craptastic day at work, omg. I was so close to walking out. As it was, I had to walk off the call floor and go outside to have a mini-meltdown. So over this shit, and so so so fucking tired of people. Who has room for me on their couch?
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Little Miss Illiana is on her way! She's not here yet, but probably sometime this morning. Will keep everyone posted.

My crazycakes sister has had her cell with her & hs been txtng the whole time.

I am gonna be no good whatsoever at work. I'm going in early to take care of something for TJ but I think I'm gonna leave early. I haven't slept, I can't think this morning, and there's a NEW BABY! Yes, I know said baby is gonna live in the same house as me, BUT STILL!!!
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How strange is it that I was going to tweet something this afternoon about how I needed new KANE music in my life (but got distracted) and now I HAVE NEW KANE MUSIC?? Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] exsequar, for the heads up!

I had a crappy day, but it was made infinitely better by the fact I have fabulous friends. :)

I think I need to make a mommy filter. Or, more accurately, an auntie filter, I guess, b/c I was gonna make a post about how breastfeeding is currently a topic of debate in our household and I don't think all of you want to be on that type of filter. Relatedly, I've been having nightmares about Harley lately. Which is understandable, because she's the baby and she's having a baby. Add to that the fact my mom is super paranoid and it's rubbing off on me, but it IS true that Harley's daddy had three other biological kids and they all died at the age of 17 in a motor vehicle accident. Also, babies still freak me out, especially baby girls, so I foresee a LOT of nightmares in my immediate future. (Quick explanation - my first child was a little girl, and when she was 8 weeks old, we moved into a trailer that had a faulty furnace and the first night we stayed there, we all go carbon monoxide poisoning and she died)

I was going to post this last night with pictures of my kids, but obviously I failed at that. Will post pics of the boys tonight. :)
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For someone who doesn't like music, Ronnie sure knows every word to like every Skynyrd song.

Is it selfish of me that I just donated $40 to a Haitian relief fund (with matching corporate sponsorship!) because it earns me a casual pass for the entire month of February?

Guns'n'Hoses hockey game tonight. Best part was watching the guys (and girls!) do the Chicken Dance on the ice between periods. But just with ticket and tshirt sales, they raised $17500 for MDA, and goodness only knows how much they made in the fill the boot raffles. Guns won, yet again.

Um, what else.

I am totally getting used to being told how awesome I am at work. But I also have so much more respect for Robbie now, lol.

Harley has to go in for one of those three hour glucose tests on Tuesday b/c her numbers were high when she went for the one hour test, and she has a special "suggested" diet for the weekend and it's pretty sucky. But we did get to go to Panera to see her babydaddy at work.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! *mwah*
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I love Heather. :P I just pretty much made an LJ post in a comment on her lj, so I'm just gonna copy and paste it here. With some other stuffs.

Today we went to The Homeplace for Harley's birthday dinner, like I mentioned in my earlier post.

family pics, extra teenagers, and PWTs )

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Also? Today is my baby sister's 16th birthday. Go wish her a happy one!
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Today is [livejournal.com profile] fangs_up1's birthday. He's 16. And he's a loser, but he's our loser and we love him. I guess I should actually wish him a happy birthday, huh? *looks for phone*

Anyway. Johnathan didn't go with us last night b/c he scheduled his driver's ed driving for yesterday afternoon. So it was just me and [livejournal.com profile] casualyobsessed. I let her drive for the first 100 miles or so. She does pretty good, seeing as how she's only been driving since March, plus a minivan is hard to get used to sometimes. Yes, I drive a minivan, and I LOVE her; she's a fantastic vehicle! Anyway, it was good we switched when we did, b/c I had to drive across Afton Mountain in the rain, which is never a fun experience. We left kinda early b/c we didn't want to get stuck in end-of-day traffic in Richmond, so it was about four when we got there. We walked around downtown for a while, around the capital building and stuff. (seriously, I haven't been to Richmond in probably ten or twelve years, and I don't know that I've ever been to the capital building.) We made a new friend: )

The venue was an old theater and was actually kinda neat inside. But it wasn't Tremont, which is the place we always go in Charlotte. And apparently everyone we talked to was actually from Richmond, which is also something we're not used to. (Tremont is always a mix of people who have driven from various places. Usually we're not the only ones from VA, and there are always a few people that have come up from SC, plus people from various places in NC) [livejournal.com profile] casualyobsessed made friends with a few people in the crowd. I have no idea where she got her social genes, but it sure as hell wasn't from me. She could make friends with a fence post, I swear.

The opening band was Days Difference. They weren't spectacularly memorable but they weren't bad, and they were cute. [livejournal.com profile] casualyobsessed met them after to talk and get pictures and whatnot (the drummer signed the back of her shirt with his name + "drummer was here"), but I wasn't planning on posting those pictures. Still, cute. I'm also not a big Cartel fan so I don't have anything to say about them.

I do love We The Kings, though. I blame [livejournal.com profile] reallythateasy. The first time I saw them was last year on tour w/ Cobra and The Cab and Metro Station, and for a long time I remember saying that I didn't dislike them, but that their music didn't do anything for me. But then [livejournal.com profile] reallythateasy kept talking about the boys, and I started following Travis's blog, and I kinda fell in love with them. But they were my main reason for wanting to go to the show last night. (I'm still sad that I missed them play earlier this year with The Cab at the roller skating rink in Harrisonburg.) Whatever, I adore them.

more rambling + a few pics )
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Friday Friday Friday!!! YAYES! I have a freaking headache from hell though. Boo!

Today's Happy List:

cheesy sci-fi-channel horror films

pizza stix from Dodge's

otter!Brendon!!! *hearts* Yall know [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000, right? She posted fic today that is a must read.
There and Back
In which Brendon, a sea otter, has the Best Day Ever. Until it's not.
Seriously, one of the cutest things EVER.

the first Harry Potter movie is on Disney right now

the woman in charge of my daycare assistance case at social services is helping me job-hunt

the smell of woodsmoke, the crunch of leaves underfoot, curling up in a hoodie. Fall = love

Zombies Ate My Neighbors by Single File -- I sing this song all the time, I'm really hooked on it. She stole my heart. I'll be taking hers with a lawn dart now. But look at the bright side, it's not like she had one there to start...

my little sister. Yall, she is totally crazycakes, I swear. Awhile back, she wrote fic for a creative writing project at school. With faerie!Brendon and pirates and it was really rather cute. yall should read it and tell her what you think

my cat is a bigger momma's boy than my boys are sometimes

my bright and shiny flist!
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I need picspam of Frank Iero and Brian Schechter and their tattoos. Seriously, need. Blame it on [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000. Anyone wanna help a girl out?

We're watching HP & OotP. YAY!

I told yall Jamie had her baby Friday night/Saturday morning, right? Well, my friend Chris's psycho girlfriend had a baby this morning (we're not sure if it's Chris' baby or not; waiting on paternity test results), and the head of our warehouse, his wife works in the office at work and she went to the dr for a checkup today (she's due Saturday) and the dr called Toby to go pick her up and take her to the hospital, so babies babies everywhere! Yay! Also, a very special someone on my flist is expecting. How awesome is that?!

Did I tell yall Davey tried to lie the tooth fairy? Remember how Ronnie lost his tooth and had to write a note to the tooth fairy? Well, Davey decided he was going to write a note saying he lost his tooth on the playground at school & stuck it under his pillow expecting to get money! WTF? Dude, my kid is NUTS!

Our receiving supervisor fell off the dock yesterday. He was apparently leaning out to grab a package from the DHL guy and lost his balance and fell. That's a fairly decent drop. He's okay, he broke one of his fingers & is sore & a little scraped up, but okay. Poor Jasmina, who I love to death but who never shuts up and is really easy to get wound up and is rather high strung, is the one who saw him fall. She was very freaked out; I was worried about her all afternoon yesterday.

We're finally almost caught up. I got off with only working 8.5 hours today! Yay me!

I don't get much online time anymore. After Christmas, after we get our new router, I will be. But in the meantime, lemme know if I miss anything important. And feel free to txt me whenever.

I should be working on finishing my fluffandfold fic, but I'm probably going to go write some more vampire!Gabe b/c [livejournal.com profile] ciceronian_00 is EVIL. *snuggles flist*

OH YEAH! I told yall I'd link it when my sister posted her Christmas caroling fic, so here it is!

Also, in case anyone missed it, The Life of the (Slumber) Party is the latest in the Epic Love Story 'verse over at [livejournal.com profile] tabby_and_iris. Nobody would write me bandom sleepover fic, so I had to do it myself.
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So, Harley has decided that she wants to be a visual fanartist in addition to writing fanfic. And she's asking me all sorts of questions I can't answer. So, all of you that make icons on a regular basis, and especially yall that make fanvids, are there web tutorials on these things and could you tell me what program(s) are the best to use to create things? Any help/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated b/c I'm clueless. Thank you muchly!!
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Harley's going to a sleepover tonight with some of her friends and is taking my S1 SPN discs with her. She was showing Jamie and Kristin pics of our boys the other day and they agreed to watch the show. Knowing Harley, she's gonna show them the pilot and Scarecrow b/c that's her fav. S1 ep. Also? Her AIM icon flashes between a pic of Dean & Sam and a pic of Jensen & Jared. Goober.

I'm going to post my [livejournal.com profile] slashfest prompts. I'm assuming all yall have done so already? Or have ones in mind. Clock's ticking... And yall are pimping this around your various fandoms, right?

OMG, [livejournal.com profile] alli_everyday just txtd me and I made a embarassing fangirly squeal b/c I never get txts from her on the weekends b/c she normally doesn't have service. I'm such a loser. I ♥ her madly, though.

I'm going to spend the afternoon at a bday party and running interference for family drama. And it's not even my real family!

I finished writing the doofus fic (I think there are all of 3 of you that know what that is) last night, but I couldn't be on the computer b/c I had rachel, and I don't know what time all our festivities will be over tonight (after the bday party, my actual family is doing our easter thing, b/c my brother's kids won't be here next weekend) but I should be online later. And I after I read what [livejournal.com profile] ltlredhairdgrl has emailed me (yall did all read her wee!Dean plays firefighter fic, right?) I'll type up the doofus fic. And another fic that I can't talk about.

I also have pics that I was gonna share weeks ago and never did. And more pics from today. So I'll post those later. You might even get lucky (or unlucky) and find me in one or two of the pics I post.

Wish me luck at the bday party! *blows kisses*


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