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I really REALLY miss my laptop.

Watching S1 of Jericho (b/c Mom & Tim were both asleep in the living room when I came in so I couldn't get on the desktop. Well, I could've, but it wouldn't have been very polite.) and having thinky thoughts on it. Other than I loved this show, lol.

I think that, knowing what I learned from later episodes, I'm looking at it from a different perspective. I am still a Jake/Heather shipper (dude, Sprague Grayden is so fucking adorable! I wanna do a minipicspam of just her, or maybe her & the girls that play Emily & Bonnie, but lack of computer makes that hard) but I can totally see the Jake/Emily, and not just since they were first loves and whatnot.

Everytime I see Bonnie, it makes sad, knowing what happens later on. And I think April is a major bitch. I'm pretty sure I felt that the first time around though.

I also think Skylar & Dale are cute together.

We're apparently still going to Peaks of Otter tomorrow, even though it's gonna be cold & wet. Fun times. I should really really get to sleep but it's an insomnia kind of night.
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I almost got into a fight at Christmas dinner b/c Jo is a bitch and decided she wanted to talk shit about Tinsley. And yeah, Jo is pretty much my sister, but Tinsley is Tinsley and way more important to me. Drew is sick and just broke up with his longtime girlfriend (who came by the house all sad and stuff b/c she has no family to spend Christmas day with), Bree had pink eye, and then there was the whole issue of Holden leaving in the morning. He had made up a song about him and his daddy taking a road trip and kept singing it, and kept asking why me and Pam and Shannon were crying, and finally started avoiding the kitchen because each time he'd come through one of us would scoop him up and hug him. :(

But now, I'm kicked back in my new, fuzzy pjs, eating a plate of leftovers and watching Mama Mia with Harley, so I'd say that's a win. Here's a couple more drabbles: )
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JERICHO!! OMG! Yeah, I won't talk about it here, but seriously? Oh. My. God. *loves*

Also? I don't have the dvds for s1 of Jericho. In case anyone needs an idea of what to get me for my birthday in two months.

[livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 LOVES ME! (dude! three and half weeks! *so excited*)

She wrote me a Chris Faller/Patrick Stump drabble b/c the world needs more Chris/Patrick.

AND! She posted another installment of The Epic Love Story of Brendon Urie and Frank Iero!!

The Epic Love Story Part VIII
Adult, 4800 words
includes phone sex, Christmas presents, and an appearance by skeezy!Gabe

Go read! I'll maybe have fic for yall in the next couple of days.
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JERICHO! OMG! cut for spoilers ) Only two episodes left, omg, and I'm so excited! My Tuesday night class is supposed to last until 10, but the instructor said we'd probably be out around 9, so Yay for that.

Class went okay. Last night I had my med term class, which was really boring btwn the first-night kinda stuff and the fact we spent over an hour going over prefixes & suffixes and stuff that I already knew and the instructor talked to us all like we were four. And we had to repeat after her. And even after she said class participation was 10% of our final grade, only like three of us were participating. Then today, two of the girls from that class were complaining about how mean the instructor was and how hard they think the class is gonna be. *rolls eyes* They were also complaining b/c apparently they thought learning medical coding was going to be easy and apparently it's not. Big shock, huh? My class tonight, we were told we have a paper to write that's like 20% of our grade and it's gotta be 3-4 pages long. Including a title page and a reference page. In 14 point font. Should I be worried that's too easy?

As I txtd some of you this morning, when I was whining last week about being stuck at home, yall should've reminded me how much I hate my fucking job, omg. Today went okay; I'm not allowed to lift/carry more than 30 pounds and apparently Jon and Audelio were both told they had to watch me b/c they wouldn't let me pick up anything. Including the nice little two pound salt cellars. I'm gonna get spoiled. But I was missed. And we got caught up today.

Yall know that one of my concerns with school is not being able to spend enough time with my kids, right? Well, I got a call from one of the rec coaches tonight & apparently they're splitting the teams up this year by age instead of grade, which means Ronnie's in coach's pitch baseball and Davey's still in t-ball. Different teams. But they have practices and games the same nights! Which is gonna be a clusterfuck, omg. At least Sebastian (Ronnie's best friend) is on the same team, so hopefully I can work something out with his dad. And my brothers said they'd help out. But still. Difficulties!
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Dear Cake Reno Girls: You are delicious. I love you! <3

I'm stuck at home. I strained my lower back yesterday at work and had to leave work to go to the occupational health people and the doctor put on me on light duty for a week. But when I called in this morning (b/c I couldn't bend over enough to get my socks and shoes on, and everyone else had already left), my supervisor's supervisor Vicky told me not to come back until after I see the doctor clears me b/c, for one thing, there's not really much I can do at work on light duty, and for another "I know you and you'll try to do more than you're supposed to". Which is true, but still. That means I'm stuck at home for at least a week. I can't drive. I can barely walk. I can sit for short periods of time but most of my day has been spent laying here watching Disney b/c I can't reach the remote to change the tv.

I already have a handful of drabble-type things to post, and I also have my slashfest story to finish and possibly something to write b/c someone has a birthday in a couple weeks. But I've got more than enough time on my hands to occupy, and if I don't at least pretend to write, I'm gonna end up od'ing on reading fic and watching vids and such, so if you wanna leave me some prompts, that'd be great. Give me a fandom, a character or pairing, a prompt word or three, song lyrics, a situation, whatever. Just make sure it's something I can write, yeah? Yall know my fandoms.

I'm watching Jericho right now even though I missed last week's episode, but I kinda wanna yell at the TV. GRRR. OMFG!! cut for spoilers )
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Drabbles! First off, much love to [livejournal.com profile] ltlredhairdgirl, [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000, and [livejournal.com profile] anasuede for looking these over (among many other things -- my love for these girls knows no bounds). Now. I think most of these came from the other day when I was feeling shitty and asked in a txt message for prompt words. And they are mostly double drabbles or drabblets or ficlets or something.

200 words of SPN for [livejournal.com profile] alli_everyday

Dean would just have to deal. )

200 words of Brian/Justin and Gus for [livejournal.com profile] ltlredhairdgirl

Justin's a little too big to fit in your backpack, Gus. )

225 words of post-DH HP for [livejournal.com profile] gelsey

gathering at the Weasleys' became a Sunday tradition for more people than George could count. )

150 words of random SPN

I can't believe you were selfish enough to do this. )

Jericho drabbles. Written for ME. Set after the season finale, and they kinda run into each other. I so wanna write more of these, feel free to encourage me.

200 words of Jake

Jake resisted the urge to look up at the helicopters. )

200 words of Stanley

Fucking Jake and his fucking plans that never work out! )

255 words of Jonah

The night Chris had died, Jonah had lost more than just one child. )

200 words of Heather

Heather trusted Jake completely. )

What do you think? Feel free to leave me prompts, I just can't promise they'll get done in a timely fashion. And there is bandslash coming. I'm just warning yall.
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Talk about tonight's shows, written as I was watching.

ohh, and a song, which is kinda related but I won't discuss it outside of the cut.

I'll Wait For You by Joe Nichols [LYRICS]

cut for spoilers )

Cut for Spoilers )
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Oh, Jake, how I love you when you're all scruffy in your hoodie.

cut for spoilers for tonight's jericho )

Also? Every time someone on my Flist makes a post about Dancing With The Stars they abbreviate it DWTS and even though I know what they're talking about, I always first think of Death Walks the Streets. I'm easily confused, obviously.

And I actually worked on my slashfest today! It's all in bits and pieces, but it's basically done. Which I think means I deserve to read fic. I'm a horrible friend and haven't read [livejournal.com profile] phaballa's Hooker AU yet, so I think that'd be a good place to start after I finish my emails.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] alli_everyday!!! I got it, thank you!! *loves* And I have something to send you, so I'll try to get that sent out like Saturday.
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I've been sick since Tuesday afternoon. It sucks.

The whole of the Roanoke Valley has been a sea of maroon and orange for the past several days, but tomorrow (Friday) has been delcared to be an "Orange and Maroon Effect" day to honor & show support for VT. I went out to get applesauce and milk this morning and had to go to three different stores in order to find Harley something Hokie-ish to wear. Don't ask me how she's my sister and somehow manages to not own anything Hokie. She's been wearing one of my VT hoodies all week. My boys have sweat suits, track suits, and tank tops/short sets that are official VT-gear, but no tshirts (go figure) so I was kinda hoping to find them one but no luck.

I am so out of the loop as far as what's going on in fandom and LJ, I don't think I'll ever get caught up. I know for a fact I'll never get caught up on replying to comments and reading my flist, so I don't even know that I'm gonna try.

I did watch Jericho and Jordan and LOST last night. I was too tired (and kinda still am) to write up an actual reaction, but I cried in Jericho and Jordan, and I only halfway watched LOST but I was very happy that it didn't happen.

And new SPN tonight!!! YAY!

I hope all yall are doing better than me. Happy Thursday!! (every Thursday now, I wanna declare "Happy Rex Manning Day" on my LJ, and I think it's all [livejournal.com profile] notthequiettype's fault...)
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My reactions to tonight's shows:

Jericho )

Crossing Jordan )
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So. Jericho. Cut for spoilers, of course.

i forgot the name of the episode )
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I'm writing. No, actually, I'm a liar. I'm not writing, but I probably should, especially since the first song to come up on my shuffled playlist for the second time today is Before He Cheats. *looks pointedly at [livejournal.com profile] wendy*

Watched LOST. [livejournal.com profile] trystan830 sums it up best with her post. Ooops, indeed.

Now, for the real story of the night: CUT FOR JERICHO SPOILERS )
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Happy February 13th!! I'm totally cheating and making this the last valentine's post. If there is anyone that I missed writing a note to, I'm very sorry. But I love yall very much; my flist gives me a reason to smile everyday. Also, I need to say a special thank you to [livejournal.com profile] lilian_cho for tagging my entries and making my LJ a little less disorganized.

Today's song is my all time favorite love song. I swear, when I watch Pure Country (which is one of my favorite movies, go figure), I still tear up at the end when he sings this. So here ya go: Unconditional by George Strait

to terrible_lie_ )

to thatpushover )

to tjournal )

to toscas_kiss )

to trystan830 )

to ttfs )

to wendy )

to whosjeebus )

to wook77 )

to xo_jodi_xo )

to yaycoffee )

to yeungmaisu )

to yodels )

Today's drabblet is from Jericho. Which starts back tomorrow night with a recap episode, if you haven't been watching.She didn't really have anything to be nervous about -- unless she counted walking down the aisle with Jake Green. )

Today's recipe is CAFE MOCHA TART )
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Oh god, I think I'm gonna die laughing. My friend Crystal from work just called and left me a voicemail: "Hey Tabby, it's Momma. I know I'm not supposed to call you but listen to this." Then she moves the phone away and there's this strange noise that's a mix between a click and a chirp. "There really is a squirell call! I'll see you on Monday." Dude, she is SO on crack! I love her so much.

Random funny child story from today. My mom was in the kitchen making dinner and Davey goes in there and he pulls out a small saucepan and hands it to her. She was like "what's this for?" and he said "for the corn" like it was a silly question. Only my mom hadn't said anything about making corn and had just been thinking about having some with dinner. So she was like "what, are you psychic?" and davey's like "I think you mean genius." Dude, he's FIVE! He's such a goofball! We spend half our time laughing at him.

I laid around the house and did nothing today. Well, that's not exactly true, b/c I did do some laundry and some writing and I did get to txt-talk with Alli, which was awesome (even though she was shopping and not buying things for me *g*) b/c I don't usually get to talk to her on the weekends. And I got a call from Mike, which I ignored, and a call from a number I didn't recognize so I didn't pick up but it ended up being Matt. Matt is... well, he and I were really good friends in high school. Really close friends. I don't know how he got my number and I'm really not sure I want to call him back.

I know, yall care, right? :P I have comments to reply to and I really need to read my flist, but I'm gonna skip all that and do some writing tonight. But I am on Y!M if anyone wants to say hi.

On to today's valentines:


I Can Love You Like That by John Michael Montgomery

to nu_breed )

to nymphadora17 )

to paddies )

to paw_tracks )

to pecos )

to phaballa )

to pixel_0 )

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to puterpatty )

to ravenpan )

Today's drabbley thingy is from Jericho. Dale/Skylar

Skylar knew the other side of the bed was empty before she opened her eyes. )

Recipe of the day: FLUFFY STRAWBERRY PIE )


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