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Driving to the lake was a bad idea, blargh. I have never felt so totally carsick when I was driving.

After I picked the boys up, I told them I had a headache and Davey asked if I had "pegleg." I had no idea what he was talking about and he goes "you know, that thing you get when you get bit by a rat." Apparently he meant "the plague" because that's what I said last time I was really sick. When I told him no, I didn't have the plague, he said "well then did your brain get loose & shake around in your head?" Where does he get this nonsense??

I was also behind a truck today that had a license plate that said N8Z HO. Seriously. I wanted to take a pic but my camera phone doesn't take very good pictures.

I am so ready for summer time! I wanna be able to hang at the lake and chill on the boat and just relax and enjoy the outdoors. And every time this damn song comes on, it makes me want it more: Roll With It - Easton Corbin. You can kick back baby and dance in your socks / On the windshield to some radio rock

My daddy made me a valentine. Out of a beer box.

hearts )

Yes, my daddy is an alcoholic, why do you ask?

Speaking of Valentines Day: (from Soldiers' Angels) for a soldier wondering if America remembers, there’s nothing like being able to put a face to the name of a supportive American back home. Now thanks to FREE photo e-cards from PhotoCardsDirect.com, you can ensure the motto ‘May No Soldier Go Unloved’ becomes a reality this Valentine’s Day! And for every 10 cards created, Soldiers’ Angels will receive $1 toward care packages for deployed military personnel!

Visit http://www.photocardsdirect.com/soldiersangels to send a greeting to a hero!

The free Valentine’s Day e-cards can be sent to anyone with an email address. If you don’t have the email address of a service member, send your card to Valentines2011@soldiersangels.org and we will pass the Valentine to a hero who needs a boost.

If half your heart is in Iraq or Afghanistan this Valentine’s Day, you can bridge that gap and make it whole for a moment with an e-card. With just a couple of mouse clicks, every patriotic American can let the troops know how much they are loved and appreciated, that they are not forgotten.

Visit http://www.photocardsdirect.com/soldiersangels to send a greeting to a hero!

Join us in helping ensure our deployed heroes know how much America loves and appreciates them all!
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Random thoughts from my visit to Norfolk:

+ Boys are stupid and smelly and we hate them.

+ When your wife says "you can't drink beer when you're on hydrocodone because you'll die", she doesn't mean a drug interaction. She means she's gonna kill you.

+ If I make a five-hour-drive-each-way trip to hang out with your pregnant wife so we can bitch about how you don't understand why she's upset that you've gone out with your buddies every night this week instead of coming home to her, you're not invited to dinner with us. Love you, mean it, but no.

+ Telling us yall are going out to get 21-year-old-blushing-virgin-of-your-current-"crew" laid is not an acceptable answer. You don't know that's a forgone conclusion that he's gonna get laid unless you're the one doing the laying, and if that's the case, take pictures I don't think just one of you is going to be experiencing something new.

+ The baby's name is not going to be "Phillipe Marcone", even if your buddies did promise $300 and a case of monster a month.

+ I so miss hanging out with Amy and Cliff, if you can't tell. They're so delightfully snarky to one another and everyone else.

+ I feel bad that Amy still hasn't made any actual "friends" in Norfolk. :( I feel even worse that she's 5 hours away from home and virtually friendless and pregnant. I mean, we txt all the time and she has a few other friends here that she's in regular contact with, but it's not the same thing, and she's already worried about all these things going wrong with the pregnancy and what she's gonna do after the baby is born and I'm really not sure what to say.

+ I am totally kidnapping their dog, Jedi, once we get the basement done at our house.

In other news, I'm thinking of getting my hair cut. It's currently long enough that it's all the way down my back, but I'm thinking of chopping it off to shoulder length. I was going to wait until the summer (and donate it to Locks of Love), but I kinda wanna do it now to make sure that it's not contributing to my headaches.

Here, have a song. Don't You Wanna Stay - Jason Aldean w/ Kelly Clarkson. This is my current favorite song. And yes, one day I'll musicshare something other than country, lol. When does Vices and Virtues come out again? ;)
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I heard Darius Rucker's newest single on the radio this afternoon and my first thought was "I need to share that with [livejournal.com profile] wendy!" So I am. Darius Rucker - This The full lyrics are HERE, but the most important part is Thank God for all I missed / Cause it led me here to This.

And then I remembered that at one point I wanted to musicshare the latest Sugarland Song, so have that one too. Sugarland - Little Miss Lyrics HERE, but this song is so me, idek.

So while I'm at it, have my current favorite song as well. Kenny Chesney - Somewhere With You. Lyrics My favorite part of this song is You laid me down, whispered in my ear, I hate my life, hold on to me / Ah, if you ever decide to leave, then I'll go, I'll go, I'll go. Idk, I can't explain it. But I was listening to an interview with KC the other day, and he was like I think we all have that one person in our life that is not with us, but they’re not really gone either. You could be with someone else, you could have moved on with your life, but that person is still there. Saying goodbye to someone isn’t necessarily letting go of them. And that’s the whole idea behind “Somewhere With You.” When I heard that song, it made me think of my person that’s left but is still in there.

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow, yall. I'm sure you're surprised. I would much rather stay home and watch ridiculous SyFy movies (as is my weekend tradition) and write fic (dammit, [livejournal.com profile] swear_jar!) and hang out with my kids. *sigh*

As long as they haven't moved my desk yet, though, I plan on fucking off on the internet via my phone most of the day tomorrow, so feel free to email me or leave me fun comments or whatnot.

And go leave me an answer to this poll!!
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In happier news, have some music! Mix CD

This is one of the CDs I found in the stack I took with me on my road trip to Norfolk. I'm not even sure what all the songs are on here. The CD says "10-21" but it doesn't have a year - I'm think it was 2008 though.

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So, we're gonna ignore how crappy today was, and tomorrow I'm gonna post an actual happy list (with links! that's why I'm not doing it tonight!), so for tonight, how about a musicshare and a meme?

Musicshare: I Wanna Buy You a Ring by Huffamoose

I used to love the album this song was on, but my copy of it was stolen during the whole ex-husband-fucks-someone-on-a-drug-deal fiasco, and I've not been able to find a copy since then. But I love this song.

Meme: Tagged by [livejournal.com profile] ashlein: If you’ve been tagged, you must write your answers in your own lj and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.Tag eleven people. Don’t refuse to do that. Don’t tag who tagged you.

questions & ramblish answers under the cut )

So, tagging. I'm so bad at this part, lol. [livejournal.com profile] mimiheart, [livejournal.com profile] wordsindreams, [livejournal.com profile] midnight_birth, [livejournal.com profile] pushingyouaway, [livejournal.com profile] gelsey, [livejournal.com profile] novalinedy, [livejournal.com profile] mya_in_ab, [livejournal.com profile] nolajax, [livejournal.com profile] pink_chicklet, [livejournal.com profile] acidquill, [livejournal.com profile] lilian_cho. Don't feel obligated, but I'd love for you to do it. (And if you've already done it/been tagged elsewhere, let me know!) <3
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So, when the weather starts turning warmer, I tend to listen to a lot more country music. (uhoh, another six pack summer coming, sing to me, babe, I'll be your dashboard drummer) This is the current soundtrack to my summer. :) (ftr, most of these songs are on Davey's current mix cd, along with a couple songs off Hot Mess, Billionaire, a Drive A song, and a few from the Phineas & Ferb soundtrack. My kid, yall, idek.)

So, for the handful of you who actually like country music, or are adventurous enough to give it a shot, you can download the entire zip file here or you can download the individual tracks under the cut.

country musics )
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So, James and I are supposed to go look at a house when he gets back from South Carolina on Wednesday, right? And tonight I come home from work and mom's like "so, I found a four bedroom over off cleveland by the college; do you wanna go look at it?" WTF? MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND!

anyways. who wants some music?

Here's what I've been meaning to post - the mix of my favorite songs that came out in 2009. This was HARD b/c I listen to a lot of random shit and trying to find songs that actually came out this year was difficult.

but here's the link to download the zip file

and you can find individual song downloads (b/c some are country and I know some of yall would rather skip those) and the track listing under the cut )

And the mix of my current happy songs! I really don't want to talk about it, and chances are if you email/txt/comment to me something about RL, I'm going to ignore you. Better to just talk me about Luna falling for a certain red-haired dragon keeper, or actor!Brendon and restaraunteer!Spencer, or hs Dan and Quinn. Point is, I needed songs to keep me more cheery. And my ipod choices are very limited.

Happy Days Zip File

Track Listing )
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YAY FOR VTO! It was seriously ridiculously slow today at work. I took TWO CALLS in the FOUR HOURS I was there this morning. Booooo!!!! I would much much rather be slammed busy than slow. Especially since we can't have books on the floor. I can have my notebook though, lol. And I had my phone under my desk b/c I'm a rulebreaker like that, haha.

I was talking to Sara about music, and I need to make her two CDs, one of The Used and one of Cobra Starship. So, dear flist, I need your help. Which songs should I include? What are YOUR favorites of TU and Cobra? Tell me tell me! I would do a poll but I'm going to be productive this afternoon and clean out the back room upstairs.

Also, I'm on a WWS kick. Fell asleep listening to Comfortable Denial, woke up to Another Cold and Rainy Day (which was sooooo fitting this morning), and listened to them all morning. (okay, so maybe I was also being a rule breaker and wearing my ipod earbuds under my headset. um, oops?) But I really really really love them and I'm so sad they aren't a band anymore. And I told [livejournal.com profile] snarkyrainbow that I'd upload the albums for her, but I figured I would share with everyone so as not to be selfish. :)

World Without Sundays

The B-Sides
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Apparently it's [livejournal.com profile] fiddleyoumust's birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3

My kid is so sweet sometimes, yall. They were doing a thing at the school where they were collecting the leftover/extra halloween candy to include in treat bags for the troops, and Mom said she split up the community candy to send to school with the boys, and Davey dumped his ENTIRE HALLOWEEN STASH into his bag to donate. I mean, he hadn't touched it at all since Halloween so obviously he wasn't eating it, but still. So sweet.

I'm back home, obviously. And sooooo tired today. I'm not sure why. When I got to work this morning, I was told I would get pulled off the phone and trained for off-phone work and that I'd be doing off-phone work all week (YAY!) but I didn't actually get pulled for training until after 2, and then my macros wouldn't work so I couldn't do the off phone work anyway. (but we are super super slow this week b/c most of our calls are being routed to one of the other centers, so I have time between calls which means I'm texting people under my desk all sneaky-like and have my porn writing notebook open beside me.) But I did get to spend the last hour of the day counting food for the food drive competition at work. My team is currently in second place, and we didn't cheat by buying the big packs of ramen noodles or AN ENTIRE BOX OF KOOLAID PACKETS, wtf. And we have until Friday, so that's a plus.

Um, quick recap of the rest of my weekend: Saturday was spent at [livejournal.com profile] eckerlilas's house with [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000, [livejournal.com profile] snarkyrainbow, [livejournal.com profile] shutyourface, [livejournal.com profile] vic_ramsey, and [livejournal.com profile] kylieq. We watched the Ten Commandments Musical with Adam Lambert. I have to say, my life will never be the same. Sunday was a lazy kinda day. Got up and had pancakes with [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 and her hubby and [livejournal.com profile] snarkyrainbow before [livejournal.com profile] snarkyrainbow had to leave to drive home, then me and [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 watched a ridiculously horrible movie on SyFy that was pretty epically awful and neverending, then watched Supernatural. And went for lunch. Then I had to go home. :( I did succeed in avoiding to have a conversation with ANYONE at the airports and on my flights, so I totally count that as a win.

I have a crapload of school papers to review and sign, and I swear the kids got half a dozen birthday party invites in the mail while I was gone. Kids are so damn expensive!

I had something else to say, but apparently it was either a lie or else unimportant, because I forgot it.

Here, have some music: Drive A - Loss of Desire
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Over in this post, the ever-fabulous [livejournal.com profile] wendy issued a Monday challenge to her flist to post a song. It can be anything at all, for any reason. It only takes a minute, so spread some happy!

How about two songs?

Empty With You, b/c I saw The Used last night and will see them twice next week and I LOVE THEM!


Hot Mess b/c it's ridiculously catchy and Cobra is always happy making.
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So, do yall remember the meme challenge thingy I mentioned in this post a few days back?

The original challenge was to take the first five songs to come up on random in your itunes/whatever player you use for music files and take the first line of the second verse of each song and create a ficlet incorporating those lines. Awesome challenge, right? So I'm gonna alter it a little bit, if anyone is interested in playing along with me. If you leave me a comment, I'll give you the first line of the second verse of the first five songs to come up in MY itunes shuffle, and you use them to create a ficlet. Any fandom/pairing/whatthefuckever. Anyone wanna play? (for the record, I generally pick the first line after the chorus of the song to be the first line of the second verse, but sometimes it's just an arbitrary line b/c I'm not sure.)

Anyway, here's what I wrote based on that.

Apparently the majority of what I write anymore is Brendon and Spencer )

I have another one, a Jess one (kinda Jess/Sam, but mainly Jess) but it's not typed up. And I'm not sure where my notebook is? Maybe in the van. It's not within arm's reach of the bed, so whatever. I'll get it tomorrow.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 wrote five drabbles in the girl!Bren 'verse, so go read those.
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I was super super grumpy today, and now I'm tired, but it's almost Thursday, which is totally what I've been looking forward to since, like, MAY!! I get a [livejournal.com profile] ltlredhairdgirl for the day!! Also, some bands you maybe have heard of. One of them has a Patrick something or other? And the other has that Brendon kid?

I have to say, I wasn't really feeling excited about Hot Mess, but I actually love it. Oh, Gabe. ♥

I'm going to bed. Here, have a song! Never Better by World Without Sundays.
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Last night, I had an urge to go reread 8 X 10, so I obviously did, and I was reminded of how awesome [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 and I are. Of course, I give her credit for all the good parts, lol, but I really actually like that fic. (And if you haven't read it, it's bandom, Tom/Jon/Cassie, and it is pretty fantastic, so go read it. Help me talk [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 into writing more porn for me the internet.)

When I was working on my bigbang fic, I asked [livejournal.com profile] wearethestars for music, because she's awesome about making playlists to write to and she also kinda read my mind or something b/c she not only picked perfect songs but she helped me figure out parts I wasn't so sure about. Anyway, I wanted to share that playlist with yall and also a fic that goes with my bigbang.

Basement Romantic Mix, made my [livejournal.com profile] wearethestars

Tracklisting )

Someday holding hands in the end
Bandom || MCR AU || Mikey/Alicia
Teen (for language) || ~1200 words
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.
Summary: Mikey wasn’t expecting a girl to be driving a pickup and stopping to help him with his car troubles.

Goes along with Basement Romantic, title comes from Hellogoodbye's Oh, It Is Love, unbetad, ridiculous

Mikey hated cars. )
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Today's task from [livejournal.com profile] fab_feb_friends: Everyone's got a soundtrack of their life - songs that bring to mind a special moment or person. Today's activity is to make a F-List playlist! Share your love, in song.

flist playlist under the cut )

I did (finally) post a recipe for Thursday's task: Peanut Butter Silk Pie

Also, I have a happy list for today up over at [livejournal.com profile] lists_of_happy.
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I think I told yall that our hours got cut at work. Most everyone got cut down to six hours a day. The supervisors, team leads, and me & Lisa got cut back to seven hours a day. When they announced this, I made sure that they knew I thought it was fucktarded that they had us coming in an hour later instead of leaving an hour early, that if we came in and worked until 3:30, then we'd have the option to stay over work a full 8 if needed. Well, guess what happened today? We got fucking slammed. Hahaha. They tried to talk me into staying, but I laughed at them. Fucktards. (When I left at 4:30, there were still two batches of work to be picked, one of the QC lines was full, there was an order I was working on that was eight skids worth of boxes & still had two skids that needed to be shipped, and there was only one person picking. FUCKTARDS! I think it's hilarious.)

I have to clean house and work on homework and go car shopping this weekend, so I may not be around. I'm sure yall will miss me. *g*

I tend to save up things I want to say, making a list in my head of things to post, and then I forget them. So I'm dumping them on you tonight.

Links and other things:

♥ Tinsley Anne dropped her cell phone in the fryer at work. Yeah, idek. I love her.

I'm loving [livejournal.com profile] fab_feb_friends, even if I'm busy and haven't been able to participate as much as I'd like. Yesterday's post was Sweet Treat Thursday, and there are some awesomely yummy recipes in the comments that I can't wait to try out.

[livejournal.com profile] ccfinlay has a post HERE with information about how to download a free copy of his new book, The Patriot Witch. You can also see his website for info. Finlay will be attending New York's Comic Con this weekend; if anyone is going, stop by and say hi.

♥ Travis Clark

♥ talking about boy!piles and snuggling (warms me up better than porn!)

♥ PStump: I know the internet was only invented so you can talk about how much you hate things in a disconnected attempt at scene points, but lighten up.


♥ prison swirlies

AND BIRTHDAYS!!!! Today is Jamie's birthday (not [livejournal.com profile] marauder_lover, even though her sweet 16 is very very soon!, but my brother's wife's sister.) and it's also [livejournal.com profile] wearethestars's girlfriend's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVES!! *throws confetti & shares cake*

Oh! And a music meme taken from [livejournal.com profile] _emeraldgreen:

And a music meme, because I can never resist.
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Lonestar - Everything's Changed

My Chemical Romance - The End (it totally counts b/c it's in the E's of my iTunes)

Rogue Wave - Everyday (this is a remake of the classic. it's from the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack)

Buckcherry - Everything

JAKE - Evidence
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I love chex mix, but I always sort out the pieces of it and eat them separately. Is that weird?

Went out with the RMG crew on Friday night; had a fucking blast. Audelio actually joined us, which was awesome. And Jon's boyfriend finally came out with us, too. He's such a sweetheart. They've been together for going on nine years and they are so cute together. Even if Jon is a pervy old man. Got all my Christmas shopping done, which is totally a plus. Now I just have to wrap the Santa presents. (Davey wrapped everything else for me; he's a bit of a disaster when it comes to wrapping but he's only six and it's the thought that counts, right?)

GUESS WHAT? [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 wrote me a ficlet! <3 untitled, Shane & Brendon & Patrick I totally heart her. Plus, she encourages me shamelessly. I'm gonna post ficlets either later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how motivated I get. *lazy*

I do have a couple songs I wanna share, despite the fact that they're country and I know that's enough to put most of you off. Still, they would totally make awesome inspiration for fic.

Last Call by Lee Ann Womack

I don't need to check that message / I know what it says / "Baby, I still love you," / Don't mean nothing when there's whiskey on your breath / That's the only love I get / So if you're calling...

I bet you're in a bar / Listening to a cheatin' song / Glass of Johnny Walker Red / With no one to take you home / They're probably closing down / Saying "No more alcohol" / I bet you're in bar / 'Cause I'm always your last call

Full lyrics HERE

Anything Goes by Randy Houser

If you'd a left a single thread for me to hold on to / I'd have one good reason not to do the things I do
But anything goes, when everything's gone / You ain't around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong /
So bring it on / anything goes, when everything's gone

Full lyrics HERE

Now, I'm gonna go talk to [livejournal.com profile] reallythateasy and contemplate fictional worlds, lol. <3
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Friday Friday Friday!!! YAYES! I have a freaking headache from hell though. Boo!

Today's Happy List:

cheesy sci-fi-channel horror films

pizza stix from Dodge's

otter!Brendon!!! *hearts* Yall know [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000, right? She posted fic today that is a must read.
There and Back
In which Brendon, a sea otter, has the Best Day Ever. Until it's not.
Seriously, one of the cutest things EVER.

the first Harry Potter movie is on Disney right now

the woman in charge of my daycare assistance case at social services is helping me job-hunt

the smell of woodsmoke, the crunch of leaves underfoot, curling up in a hoodie. Fall = love

Zombies Ate My Neighbors by Single File -- I sing this song all the time, I'm really hooked on it. She stole my heart. I'll be taking hers with a lawn dart now. But look at the bright side, it's not like she had one there to start...

my little sister. Yall, she is totally crazycakes, I swear. Awhile back, she wrote fic for a creative writing project at school. With faerie!Brendon and pirates and it was really rather cute. yall should read it and tell her what you think

my cat is a bigger momma's boy than my boys are sometimes

my bright and shiny flist!
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okay, so I'm posting 8 today b/c it's the 8th. I won't promise that I'm going to post happymaking things everyday for the month, but that is my goal, since I'm tired of being whiny and complainty (Jon calls me Spongebob Complainypants at work). Of course, you may end up with like 31 pictures of Frank Iero on Halloween (b/c Halloween is his BIRTHDAY and b/c he's alternately adorkable and omgfuckinghot, so he would totally be an acceptable happy-making item), but we shall see. We all need some happy in our lives, yes?

Panic at the Disco on Last Call last night (sponsored by Corona, lol)

Can't Cry Hard Enough by [livejournal.com profile] gelsey
Angelina Johnson/George Weasley, past Angelina/Fred
Summary: Fred is dead. He has left behind two people that love him very much. How will George and Angelina cope now that he's gone?

my brother took us out for dinner tonight

other people making happy-lists in their LJs

Whisper of War by Madrone (not to be confused with Whisper War; I love the Cabbabies, but this is definitely not them)


gas for $3.09/gal

How Did I Get Here? by [livejournal.com profile] rufus
Bandom genfic, where Spencer Smith and Bob Bryar swap bodies. Totally awesome characterizations of both bands. I LOVE THIS FIC! It puts me in a warm, fuzzy mood. I definitely think you should read it.
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First Love by The Wading Girl

I really really like this song. Of course, I'm biased and love TWG, but still. Take a listen.

I'm also in love with the new album from The Hush Sound.
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OMG, [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!! There is morning-after-porn over on the [livejournal.com profile] tabby_and_iris LJ, more Cassie/Jon/Spencer, which you all know has been missing from your life. Morning Coffee. Holy shit, yall, seriously.

I have a headache from hell, which really bites b/c I actually had computer time tonight after SPN. Btw, Davey says not a spoiler but I'll cut anyways to be nice ) My kid is crazycakes.

I made a music mix for yall! There's not really a theme, it's just... songs. Songs that I like, I guess. It's hard to explain, and it's a strange mix, but oh well. There were two more songs that I really really wanted to include but I have no idea how to change them from protected aac whatevers to something shareable, so maybe later? In the meantime, here's the tracklisting:

I'm so random )

download here

I figured while it was loading, I'd print out the latest installment of arsenic's D&P 'verse to keep me company at work tomorrow and check my email, and then I noticed Iris had posted fic, so I was very excited. Now? I still have a headache, but I want to track her down and make her write me more fic. I'm a very happy girl at the moment.

My head, though, is not so happy. I'm going to bed. Love yall! G'night! *blows kisses*

Oh, wait. Do any of you know where I can find slashfic based on a British TV show called 'the IT crowd'? Thx.


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