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I love Castle, and Alexis is one of my favorites on the show. Interview with Molly Quinn

This super adorable picture came up on my facebook this morning: a combat medic holds two puppies he found at an observation post in Afghanistan. Puppy Carry )

Fic Rec: Neurotic and Sociopathic in Space by DeliriousEphemera (on fictionpress)
Summary: So your hot math teacher has a spaceship hidden in his basement. Oh, and he's a wanted criminal and you ended getting kidnapped by aliens. A little freaking out might be in order. Unless you're Jakob. Then it's the best thing that ever happened to you.
There are a lot of typos and SPAG type errors in this, but I like the snark? Also, it's completed, so that's a plus.

Handwriting Meme - Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] incapricious

Write the following, then take a picture! [And post it. Otherwise the picture is kind of hard for others to see.]

1. your username
2. your favorite band
3. draw a heart [or four]
4. your favorite person
5. how are you feeling?
6. tag five people [or draw a kitty face]
7. draw a star [[info]kaalee added this one]

click )
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Pointless Post is Pointless. Except for the Pointed Teeth.

rambling + pics under cut )
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Driving to the lake was a bad idea, blargh. I have never felt so totally carsick when I was driving.

After I picked the boys up, I told them I had a headache and Davey asked if I had "pegleg." I had no idea what he was talking about and he goes "you know, that thing you get when you get bit by a rat." Apparently he meant "the plague" because that's what I said last time I was really sick. When I told him no, I didn't have the plague, he said "well then did your brain get loose & shake around in your head?" Where does he get this nonsense??

I was also behind a truck today that had a license plate that said N8Z HO. Seriously. I wanted to take a pic but my camera phone doesn't take very good pictures.

I am so ready for summer time! I wanna be able to hang at the lake and chill on the boat and just relax and enjoy the outdoors. And every time this damn song comes on, it makes me want it more: Roll With It - Easton Corbin. You can kick back baby and dance in your socks / On the windshield to some radio rock

My daddy made me a valentine. Out of a beer box.

hearts )

Yes, my daddy is an alcoholic, why do you ask?

Speaking of Valentines Day: (from Soldiers' Angels) for a soldier wondering if America remembers, there’s nothing like being able to put a face to the name of a supportive American back home. Now thanks to FREE photo e-cards from PhotoCardsDirect.com, you can ensure the motto ‘May No Soldier Go Unloved’ becomes a reality this Valentine’s Day! And for every 10 cards created, Soldiers’ Angels will receive $1 toward care packages for deployed military personnel!

Visit http://www.photocardsdirect.com/soldiersangels to send a greeting to a hero!

The free Valentine’s Day e-cards can be sent to anyone with an email address. If you don’t have the email address of a service member, send your card to Valentines2011@soldiersangels.org and we will pass the Valentine to a hero who needs a boost.

If half your heart is in Iraq or Afghanistan this Valentine’s Day, you can bridge that gap and make it whole for a moment with an e-card. With just a couple of mouse clicks, every patriotic American can let the troops know how much they are loved and appreciated, that they are not forgotten.

Visit http://www.photocardsdirect.com/soldiersangels to send a greeting to a hero!

Join us in helping ensure our deployed heroes know how much America loves and appreciates them all!
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So, had a killer headache again today. *sigh* (one of the things that my sis-in-law mentioned - she's a nurse at my drs office, btw - is keeping a "headache journal" to get an idea of how often the headaches happen, and I realized that a LOT of my journal entries and tweets from the past few months say I have a headache)

I'm gonna try to get in to see the dr on Wednesday; they think it may be related to the concussion. (I'm gonna hold the car accident over Harley's head forever, yall. "I was crazy but less fucked up before you ran me underneath a Suburban!") And triggered by stress.

This morning when I called in to work, I also emailed my current supervisor and basically said that she could send my personal items home with Katherine or Heather and that I'd turn in my badge when I was feeling better. She called and left me a message to please call her so we could work something out because she didn't want to lose me as an agent. And then she opened an FMLA case for me. Um, really? I mean, I'm not going to complain, because that gives me a 15 day window at least, which means I'll keep my health insurance at least until the end of February and I need to get Ronnie some glasses, but still. I'm just kinda befuddled. But I'll take the rest of this week off and have Dr Annis fill out the paperwork that they're sending me and we'll see what happens. How is this my life, that I can't even manage to get fired from my stupid job?

I was gonna tell yall something funny about Davey but I can't remember what it was now.

I told [livejournal.com profile] swear_jar that I was gonna try to have an email waiting for her when she got home from work, but I didn't manage it, so I'm gonna try to do that now.

Also, did yall see this super cute pic earlier today?

awwww! )
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I just wanna say there are two things that I will eventually master: finishing fics I start, and not writing things when I say I'm not going to write them.

It's not quite Monday, but it is my bedtime, and it'll probably be midnight by the time I get this post finished. April 12 is the 23rd birthday of a very special boy. I love his stupid little face, and I hope he has a fantastic one, especially if it involves: a) drunken shenanigans, b) his GMB bandmate Spencer, c) new music for us, or d) all of the above.

Also, even though I still have three dozen drabbles that have never been typed up, the first five people to comment with a Brendon-centric prompt will get a drabble.

Warning: probably not dial-up safe, mostly older pics b/c I was cheating by finding pics anyway, possibly some repeats, not in any particular order, pics stolen from various places around the intrawebs. Also, from the pics I have here, it looks like I'm a Brendon/Jon shipper. Idk where that came from.

a ridiculous number of pics )
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How about a Happy List? (I don't have time for much lately, but I figure I can at least post a happy list. Hopefully that'll lead to posting more.)

Rain! There's actually a song that I'd upload to share for the five of you that listen to country music if I had my hard drive hooked up, but it's a ridiculously catchy song by Luke Bryan (who actually has a lot of ridiculously catchy songs) called Rain Is A Good Thing, and it's like rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little bit frisky. But that's not why rain is on my happy list. There are some massive brush fires going on right now and some of my favorite people have been out there fighting the fires, so I'm hoping the rain helps with that.

[livejournal.com profile] eckerlilas's babies. That pic of bb!Logan on facebook seriously made my day.

email chains. thank yall for making the few breaks I'm able to sneak at work that much better.

Davey doing the stupid little Guilty Pleasure dance

New DeanandSam tonight!

got to spend the afternoon with Ronnie, Davey, and Holdon yesterday

unbirthday tea parties, even when I can't attend

[livejournal.com profile] melmo_lovesyou is ridiculous. and has glitter on her toe.

vanilla pudding

work!friends... pics of my workspace )
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I'm really bad at concert posts, but we'll try. :) I took Davey to see The Used in Charlotte last night. For anyone who doesn't know, Davey is my 8yo. He's completely ridiculous and full of himself and awesome (both my kids are awesome in their own ways, but Ronnie doesn't like music, which is why he didn't go - he and I are going to take a day and go to the aquarium in Baltimore in a few weeks, which is much more his thing) and has been asking me for about a year now to take him to see The Used. So, I took half a day off work, pulled him out of school early, and made the three hour drive to Charlotte.

We got to the venue about ten minutes or so before doors, and it was super cold and windy outside.

Davey freezing waiting in line for the doors to open )

There were these two teenies behind us in spaghetti strap tank tops whining about being cold. Um, put some clothes on? Idiots.

We made friends with the couple in front of us, though, they were pretty cool. Inside, there were three different tiers of standing room, so after a stop at the merch tables we staked out a spot by the railing in the center of the second tier.

Drive A was, as always, energetic and loud and fun and adorable. I quite adore them, as the use of "adorable" may imply, but really. I LOVE THE BABY BAND! There was a group of teenies behind us talking shit about them at one point, but then Davey turned around and glared at them (while singing along, of course) and they moved off somewhere. My kid is fierce, yall. *g*

a few pics of Drive A )

I really like the colors in some of those pics, lol. Maybe Davey will win another photography prize with his concert pictures this year at the Salem Fair.

Davey waiting between sets )

Davey did take a handful of pictures of Atreyu as well, but he wasn't quite as impressed with them. Maybe b/c I don't listen to them much? Idk.

pics of Atreyu )

Then we abandoned our spot and the guys next to us that kept spilling their beer, and went to the merch table to get Jason to sign Davey's Drive A poster. Jason was the only one out there at that time, although Taylor came out a little later and Bruno was around at the end of the show, but we never ventured back over.

Davey waiting impatiently for The Used )

The Used is so fucking awesome, yall. I <3 them. They actually didn't come right out and start with Blood on My Hands like I was expecting. Dan and Quinn and Jepha came out and were just fucking off playing random shit for several minutes before Bert came out. Bert made sure to tell us more than once it was his birthday. ("It's my fucking birthday; we'll play whatever the fuck song I want!" and "Fuck you, bitch, it's my fucking birthday!") The crowd did sing Happy Birthday to Bert, obviously, and Bert said something along the lines of thinking he was going to be another one who died at the age of 27 but fuck that he made it to 28. Which, obviously, all of us are glad for.

I didn't get pictures of The Used because I spent the entire set with Davey either on my back or on my shoulders. But to give you a bit of perspective of where we were, here's a picture of the stage before they came on )

Bert said that the night before he had been trying to convince Bruno to smoke pot with him and Bruno kept telling him no, so Bert finally tackeled that motherfucker and blew pot smoke into his mouth til he was fucked up. Then Bert said he really just wanted an excuse to put his lips on Bruno because Drive A is really fucking adorable. <3333333

At one point, Bert asked if anyone's pussy was getting wet and he immediately turned around and pointed at Jepha and was all "I know your's is", which obviously made my mind go straight to dirty. And I missed part of what he said to Dan after that b/c there was something about Dan's pussy being all dry and dusty. Idek about our boys, yall. <3

Davey was ridiculous. I really kinda wish someone had been with us to get a picture of him. He was on my back or on my shoulders just rocking out and singing along and attracting all kinds of attention, lol. I love my kid, yall. Fyi, Davey's favorite TU song is All That I Got (probably b/c it was the first one he actually heard/learned; you know how that one always stick with you?) and he was SO EXCITED that they played it.

Oh, and Dan knocked over his kit at the end of the show? He had almost knocked part of it over when they came back for their encore because he leaned over it to give Bert a hug, but at the end of everything, I think maybe he was trying to climb over it or something but ended up tripping over it and knocking like half of it over, so then he just kinda shoved the rest of it over? idek, yall.

Afterwards, we waited around for m&g. )

Davey and Jepha had a conversation about Perry the Platypus, and I didn't get to hear what he talked to Dan and Quinn about, but he made buddies with Bert and got Bert birthday hugs and that totally made Davey's night. He got them to sign his new Blood on my Hands tshirt and also his shoes. I got them to sign a onesie and Jepha kinda laughed when I set in on the table so I explained that my little sister found out she was pregnant just before we saw them in Baltimore back in the fall so technically the baby's first concert was The Used and Jepha was like "that's awesome! a little weird to think about, but awesome!" And Quinn signed it and was like "is this for your baby girl?" and so I repeated my story and he was like "awww!" and took the onesie back to write "the USED" on it and draw little lines that he said were a cloud. :)

pics of the shoes & the onesie )

And then I drove three hours home in heavy winds and blowing snow. boooooo!! But Davey had a great time, which is really what counts most, and it was definitely worth it. ♥
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They still count as presents if you buy them for yourself, right?

under a cut just to make you click! )
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So, we were talking about Brendon earlier and [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane said It's like... one of those paintings you need to stare at to see the hidden picture? All the ELEMENTS of Brendon individually are completely absurd and unsexy. Too short, too silly, too ridiculous, too loud, too goofy... But somehow when it's all combined and climbing into his bed? Totally sexy. And really, that's quite possibly the best description I've ever heard, lol. (ETA: the "his bed" is obviously in reference to Spencer, for the record)

In honor of the frat!boy fic that was being written on The Email Chain today, here's today's Countdown to Brendon's Birthday pic:

cheap beer? )

And counting down to birthdays of older, dirtier boys in bands:

image cropped to include just these two )

MOST IMPORTANTLY! TODAY IS [livejournal.com profile] ashlein's BIRTHDAY! It's already the 17th in her part of the world, and everyone should go wish her a happy birthday sometime within the next 24 hours.
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Per special request from [livejournal.com profile] phelixstar, and because The Used is currently my favorite (although Brendon Urie will ALWAYS be my favorite. ALWAYS.), I'm apparently gonna spam yall with pictures of Dan as well, even though his birthday is like 140 days off. To make it fair(er), I'm gonna try to post pics of Dan + Bert for the next couple weeks b/c Bert's birthday is actually next Thursday (which is the day I'm supposed to see them play in Charlotte, yay!).

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So, [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane mentioned needing something to countdown to that could include pictures of Brendon. Since Brendon is too busy with his college courses to work on the album right now we don't have even a tentative date for a new PatD album, I suggested we count down to Brendon's birthday. So, have a picture of my favoritest little bandboy. He'll be 23 in 55 days. Betcha I can post a picture a day until then and drive yall crazy.

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Headache. :( Went to bed early last night (like super super early) because of a headache but it never went away.

School was closed again today, due to icy road conditions, snow drifts, and high winds. Probably a good thing, b/c the road to my work was patches of ice (there was as stretch that's just a solid sheet of ice, supersuper scary going across it & trying not to hit the gas or the brake, and the winds are blowing the van the whole time) and since I work right by the airport, the snow was blowing off the airport fields causing white-out conditions. When we left work, both directions of Thirlane had traffic backed up and the road in front of the airport was closed. A couple carlengths behind me on the interstate, someone tried to merge over into the exit lane and I guess a wind caught him just right (or just wrong) and he went tail-first into a ditch. Ugh, cold and ice and wind, I'm so over it! (also, there was seriously a solid sheet of ice around my van. We had to break it to get the doors open.)

I need to run to the bank and make a deposit but I'm really not trying to go back out here in this shit.

Here, have a picture of Davey and his bedhead, first thing this morning!

monkeyface )
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Happy Sunday!!!

The sun in shining and melting the snow, but that really just means that the roads are gonna be a mess in the morning after everything refreezes tonight. Hmmm.

+ Pete Wentz & Travis McCoy's BBFness makes me awwwwwww!

+ [livejournal.com profile] 14valentines

+ Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] a_is_for_amy!

+ Dragon Soul comes out June 8!

+ Favourite Sam Winchester Mannerisms Picspam by [livejournal.com profile] bellanut

+ [livejournal.com profile] exsequar's Empires concert recap, with pics and vids

+ Empires Tom/Sean fic! you told me just to breathe but you stole my breath by [livejournal.com profile] vlieger

+ Rewatching OZ, starting from Season 1. (I blame [livejournal.com profile] strangecreature, although OZ has been mentioned in multiple places around my flist the last few weeks.)

+ [livejournal.com profile] thebunnyknows wrote me a TU ficlet - I'll share a link when she posts it since she went to bed on me last night.

+ FIVE DAYS! Not only do I get The Used on Friday (and the Drive A babies, lol), but I get to see [livejournal.com profile] thebunnyknows and [livejournal.com profile] valerie_z and [livejournal.com profile] sinsense! YAY!!

+ Oh, Discos. WTF? *hearts*

Sometimes dead people grab a few things at the grocery store. )
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+ My friend Latosha's baby Addision (the one that was 13 weeks premature and super super tiny) now weighs 2 pounds 6.8 ounces. She's doing so well and I'm so happyexcited for them!

+ Brendon and Spencer and Zack and Shane. Yall know what I'm talking about. *draws hearts*

+ 11 inches of snow. YUCK. Better this weekend than next, I guess. But apparently we're supposed to get more snow on Tuesday? Ugh.

+ I heard it's International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day?

+ I keep thinking it's Sunday, but it's NOT.

+ Here, have a picture of the baby!

pic of Addy under the cut )
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I am so not getting anything done. But the internet is so much more interesting than State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs!! I'm just gonna pass on those questions on to Robbie anyway, since I'm not officially trained for that. Which is his fault anyway.

Like Ketchup For Chocolate (link via [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge)

this post on [livejournal.com profile] wendy's LJ about a woman named Leslie Capin who entered her chihuahua into the All American Pet Brands' Cutest Dog Competition, won, and is donating the entire one million dollar prize to two animal shelters.

This Band of Brothers Post by [livejournal.com profile] exsequar

Bob Bryar Videos

this hotass picture of Paul Bettany that [livejournal.com profile] wordsindreams stole from [livejournal.com profile] andreas_ri

this original fic written by [livejournal.com profile] apiphile prompted by this picture from sexisnottheenemy

When Robot Armageddon comes, will you be by my side?, which is the only [livejournal.com profile] popoffacork fic I've read (yes, whatever, I do show favoritism) and which is adorable. Mikey is pretty sure his electronics are turning on him. Bob is the only one that can help. Naturally.

What I'm rereading (b/c when someone asks me to find them a fic, and I have to search my tags, I am easily distracted!):

Number one on my list of things to do by [livejournal.com profile] swear_jar (Jepha would just kind of like a gangbang is all.)

Enough Ain't the Test by [livejournal.com profile] foxinmyhands

Odds of Roughly a Billion to One by [livejournal.com profile] apiphile and [livejournal.com profile] swear_jar

Low standards are the key to happiness by [livejournal.com profile] 7iris

A Fever You Can't Sweat Out by [livejournal.com profile] 7iris

Lol, notice a theme here? I would include [livejournal.com profile] sinsense's Held and Holding, but I reread that one frequently, so whatever. :)

One last thing!

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So, here's the post that I was TRYING to share on Thursday evening. :)

So, if you don't follow me on Twitter and you're interested to know (as I'm sure you all are), I PASSED MY LICENSING EXAM! Yay me!

I'm feeling decidedly flu-like at the moment. I really wanna crawl into bed and sleep straight through til Monday. But I've gotta take Davey to gymnastics first. And I have to work tomorrow. Blech.

Let's see if this works, since technology still hates me at the moment. But [livejournal.com profile] wendy said today is picspam day, and what she says goes, lol. And I'm totally a Dean girl. Have been for four seasons, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna change. Also, Jensen Ackles is still on my wish list, and Christmas is right around the corner, so keep that in mind. Also on my wish list: passports for me and the kids in case we ever need to run away to Canada. [livejournal.com profile] citikitti, you totally have room for us, yes?

Anyway, a few of my favorite Dean pics from Season 1:

Dean Winchester )

And there were more but since the computers weren't cooperating, I gave up. More Dean on Thursday? My favorite pics from Season 2?
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I love Heather. :P I just pretty much made an LJ post in a comment on her lj, so I'm just gonna copy and paste it here. With some other stuffs.

Today we went to The Homeplace for Harley's birthday dinner, like I mentioned in my earlier post.

family pics, extra teenagers, and PWTs )

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Have a mentioned lately that I love Pete Wentz?

this pic )
from this blog entry just totally made my night. *massive hearts*

I am mostly caught up on LJ. I have at least a dozen fics open in tabs to read, and I have a huge LJ post worked out. But right now I need to finish betaing. I am online if you wanna holler at me. <3
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So, I've been tormenting [livejournal.com profile] shutyourface (and [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 and [livejournal.com profile] reallythateasy) with fic about werewolf!Empires, and [livejournal.com profile] shutyourface said she really didn't know who they are/what they looked like. So, a short but informative picspam is called for!

I just did a RyanJ picspam last week or so, which you can find here.

Also, if you don't have Empires' album, I might disown you. I mean, it's on their website FOR FREE and it is AWESOME. Go here to download.

And if you're interested in the fan-created cover album, which I also quite enjoy, check out They Just Howl.

Now, for pics of the band: )

I stole some more pictures from [livejournal.com profile] exsequar. You should check out her post here for more pics and other awesomeness about Empires.

And there is also a fantastic post with pictures here.
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Today is [livejournal.com profile] fangs_up1's birthday. He's 16. And he's a loser, but he's our loser and we love him. I guess I should actually wish him a happy birthday, huh? *looks for phone*

Anyway. Johnathan didn't go with us last night b/c he scheduled his driver's ed driving for yesterday afternoon. So it was just me and [livejournal.com profile] casualyobsessed. I let her drive for the first 100 miles or so. She does pretty good, seeing as how she's only been driving since March, plus a minivan is hard to get used to sometimes. Yes, I drive a minivan, and I LOVE her; she's a fantastic vehicle! Anyway, it was good we switched when we did, b/c I had to drive across Afton Mountain in the rain, which is never a fun experience. We left kinda early b/c we didn't want to get stuck in end-of-day traffic in Richmond, so it was about four when we got there. We walked around downtown for a while, around the capital building and stuff. (seriously, I haven't been to Richmond in probably ten or twelve years, and I don't know that I've ever been to the capital building.) We made a new friend: )

The venue was an old theater and was actually kinda neat inside. But it wasn't Tremont, which is the place we always go in Charlotte. And apparently everyone we talked to was actually from Richmond, which is also something we're not used to. (Tremont is always a mix of people who have driven from various places. Usually we're not the only ones from VA, and there are always a few people that have come up from SC, plus people from various places in NC) [livejournal.com profile] casualyobsessed made friends with a few people in the crowd. I have no idea where she got her social genes, but it sure as hell wasn't from me. She could make friends with a fence post, I swear.

The opening band was Days Difference. They weren't spectacularly memorable but they weren't bad, and they were cute. [livejournal.com profile] casualyobsessed met them after to talk and get pictures and whatnot (the drummer signed the back of her shirt with his name + "drummer was here"), but I wasn't planning on posting those pictures. Still, cute. I'm also not a big Cartel fan so I don't have anything to say about them.

I do love We The Kings, though. I blame [livejournal.com profile] reallythateasy. The first time I saw them was last year on tour w/ Cobra and The Cab and Metro Station, and for a long time I remember saying that I didn't dislike them, but that their music didn't do anything for me. But then [livejournal.com profile] reallythateasy kept talking about the boys, and I started following Travis's blog, and I kinda fell in love with them. But they were my main reason for wanting to go to the show last night. (I'm still sad that I missed them play earlier this year with The Cab at the roller skating rink in Harrisonburg.) Whatever, I adore them.

more rambling + a few pics )


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