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I said this on Twitter, but I'll put it here too. There is the possibility of some damaging storms coming our way this afternoon (and my favorite meteorologist is on vacation in another state but is still taking the time to make sure we're updated, and since he's the ONLY one who warned of the derecho a couple weeks ago, I'm taking him serious) and I'd rather be prepared than not.

So, rec me some of your favorite long fics so I can download a few, just in case we do lose power again? Three days without power and a week without internet last time means that this is totally an important part of my storm-preparedness plan!

Or if you wanna leave me prompts like you did a couple posts back, that'll work too.

(And anyone who is in the path of these storms, stay safe! They're coming from the Great Lakes / Chicago area again, and reports are already coming in from some of those areas with 70mph winds, siding being torn from houses, and all sorts of damage. Yikes! Here's hoping my mountains slow those storms down enough that I'm worrying for nothing!)
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Okay, yall, I need help. Dierks Bentley has a song called Sideways, and he redid it specially for NASCAR this season, and I desperately want a copy of the NASCAR version of sideways for my very own, to put on a mix cd or whatever. But I am computarded (and also keep forgetting to pay for my lj and icons, so can't use the actual computarded icon) and don't know how to rip it. Can someone help me?

Seriously, if someone can get me a copy of this song? I will owe you SO BIG.
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Does anyone have the House of Night books in a shareable e-book type format? At least the first one? I could go to the library but I have Illy all day the next three days and she's sick and it's rainy. I don't wanna buy the book until I know I'm going to at least like it, but my future sister in law wants someone to read the series so she has someone to squee to who will understand what she's talking about. Thanks, you guys!
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Okay, so I have three fics in progress (one for [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 about Baby Belle, since I never sent it to her last week and is technically just a snippet); one for [livejournal.com profile] swear_jar, which I'm going to pretend is her birthday present so as to explain the delay in finishing it; and one for [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjunkie) and a post I wanted to make about my weekend. And I have a shiny new laptop!! I also have a headache, but no one will be surprised to hear that.

Instead of all those things, though, right now I'm going to talk about helping your fellow LJ-ers and also throw out a couple fic recs!

I am selfish enough to put a link to my own stuff first, so if you haven't had a chance to check out my Relay for Life post, please do so. :)

[livejournal.com profile] apiphile has a post here where she is offering words for donations made to [livejournal.com profile] soda_and_capes or [livejournal.com profile] myselftheliar. For details and/or information about what they need donations for, check that post.

[livejournal.com profile] danacias brought this Groupon deal to my attention, and the offer runs through midnight EST tonight, so I'm going to steal part of the post she made about this.

If you're reading this, there is a good chance you know - or know of - [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane. More specifically, you may know that she teaches at a public school in New York, and that she encourages her students to participate in the book club she runs. Approximately 25 kids are currently signed up, but very few of them can afford to buy the books they collectively decide to read, and the public libraries usually only carry a few copies of a given book, so most of the books the students read are purchased by [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane or by flisters who are able to pitch in for books.

If you've got $10 available for the book club, the current NYC Super Groupon from Barnes & Noble would actually give the class $20 worth of books. So if their next book is $9.99 each, they could buy two books with one Groupon. So, you know, if you can spare $10 for a Groupon for her class, it would be wildly appreciated. By me, by her, by the kids in the book club. If not, no worries. Really.

Again, here is the link for the current Super Groupon from Barnes & Noble. Basically, you buy the groupon and forward the email confirmation or just the coupon code to [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane. (of course, if you want to use this groupon for yourself, it's a good deal any way you go)

Background: [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane teaches high school students (9th - 12th grade) but uses 6th grade textbooks because so few of her students enter her class able to read at proper grade level. She commits a lot of time and effort into creating lesson plans that will motivate her students to do part of their assigned homework, so the fact that she has kids reading harder material in their free time because of her encouragement is kind of amazing.

Now, fic recs:

A Steady Diet of Sodapop and Ritalin by [livejournal.com profile] jmc_bks
GK Brad/Ray AU, ~4400 words
Summary: Brad likes elevator music and musical theater; Ray decides he must be schooled in real music.
I adore this whole AU that J has created, and I am so glad that she is writing fic and sharing it. I love her Brad and Ray - and the mention of Gabe Saporta - and I know she is staying a little under the radar, so I'm hoping that some of you will go read this and leave her some encouraging comments. I promise you'll like it.

The Curious Case Of The Firecrotch: This Is Why We Don't Write Our Memoirs While Drunk, Ben. by [livejournal.com profile] stratospherique and [livejournal.com profile] apiphile
A Fail Noir Adventure
Rated Not Appropriate For All Audiences for swearing, drunken pillow fucking, scandalous histories, and detailed erotic encounters of the homosexual persuasion.
Approximately 22,000 words in length
okay, so I may have had a reaction of a high pitched squee and hand clapping when I saw this. I haven't even started reading yet, but I am so excited to see new fic from these two - I love it when they write together. (not to say I don't love their individual writing as well) I plan on spending my evening curled up with my shiny new laptop reading this.

Okay, I'm going to try to take something else for my headache because I have to start some laundry and stuff before I go pick the boys up from karate. <3
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I know that several of you are participating in a Relay for Life event this year. If you are not, but are interested, I encourage you to go to this link and find an event in your area. If you're not interested in participating in an actual event but would like to make a donation, I'm here to ask for your help.

(or even if you are participating; if you have a donor page set up, please link me to it so that I can donate to your fundraising total!)

There are currently 137 days left until my Relay event, which is taking place on Friday June 17 and Saturday June 18. We have several fundraisers lined up for my team, but we each have personal fundraising goals as well.


One of things that we will have at our relay event and on our parade float is a donor banner. Since this year's Relay for Life event theme is Toon Out Cancer, our team is based around Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins (our team name is Cousins for a Cure), this banner will probably be a cloud shape (or more than one, depending on the number of names we need to put on it. We have relay donation cards that are cupcakes, sunshines, and foot prints (like the sneakers or balloons you can buy at certain stores to support jdrf or children's miracle network) that we're going to sell for $1 and put on the donor banner, along with the names/logos of our business sponsors (American Freestyle Karate is donating a pass for on month of classes, the car dealership is donating an oil change, etc, for us to raffle off at the event). So, I know that donations are voluntary and that money paid for exchange of goods or services aren't actually a donation, but we're gonna pretend like they are.

I'm going to leave this post up on my LJ until Relay. If you make an online donation to my fundraising campaign (you can mail me a check donation if you'd rather), leave me a comment or send me an email and you will get the following:

$1.00 donation - name on our donor banner
$5.00 donation - name on our donor banner, thank you postcard from our team, 500 word ficlet* or 20-30 picture picspam**
$10.00 donation - name on our donor banner, thank you postcard from our team, 1000 word fic* or 30-50 picture picspam**
$20.00 donation - name on our donor banner, thank you postcard from our team, 1000 word fic* or 30-50 picture picspam**, music mix***
> $20.00 donation - whatever you want We'll work out something. ;)

* fics/ficlets are based on your prompt, but obviously need to be in a fandom that I am familiar with and can write in
** picspams are based on a theme of your choosing
*** music mix can be sent to you on an actual cd or uploaded in a zip file, or both, whatever your preference

There is a possibility that the kids will be making beaded bracelets and keychains (pink/purple/white beads with the words "love" and "hope" on them), and if so then I'll add them to the thank you cards when we send them out.

Thank yall! <3
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I don't know if I can make it through the day without strangling someone at work tomorrow. Can we fast forward through it? (haha, I told Tempestt today that my feelings wouldn't be hurt if she went into labor and I had to take her to the hospital.)

Two things! (for now - there may be more; if so I'll come back)

1. One of my favoritest people in the entire wide world, [livejournal.com profile] wendy, posted a music mix yesterday that is awesome and creative and everyone should go check it out and tell her thanks! Finding Rainbows: The Music Mix

2. (the following content totally stolen from [livejournal.com profile] strangecreature, who is better with words than me) Alright, duckies. Have you bought a fancy coffee yet this week? Or maybe a normal-coffee-with-donut, if you're Canadian? Do you have a pocketful of loose change rattling around somewhere? We spend money in five dollar increments without even thinking about it these days.

I would like to ask you to make five dollars (or more) do something worthwhile today.

Our lovely friend Mikey ([livejournal.com profile] intothenightx) is trying to raise enough money in a hurry to buy plane tickets for herself and her sister so that they can get to Florida and be with their grandfather, who is in hospice care and being removed from support next Monday. This is not something that they can afford without help right now.

So Mikey's offering ficlets, arts, music mixes, etc, for sale. (Including MSPaint doodles... And believe me, these will make you lol! *g*) In my tiny little opinion, something like this shouldn't be so much about what you're getting, but the enormity of what you're able to make happen for a fellow LJer here. (note from Tabby: I think that [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjunkie is offering to make hats and scarfs for donations, and I actually have one of them, and it is awesome, so that's totally worth it...)

Please go forth, check out what she's offering, and make five dollars (or more) actually count today.
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Hey! I actually have a tumblr already, what is that nonsense? lol. Also, I know all yall said that it's pretty idiot-proof, but I'm sure I'll find a way to confuse myself on it.

Today's entry is all about good causes!! First, one of my beloved friends is a teacher in NYC and has set up her donorschoose.org page.

My donorschoose.org project is up! I'm asking for money to buy books for my students again. (They're paperback books, so they don't last more than a year in a backpack.) Our budget was cut halfway through last year and it's going to be cut again before school starts in September, so there's no way I can ask the administration for books. But I know these books work because last year, using them, every single student passed the state history test. So if you happen to have a couple of extra dollars lying around and you'd like to donate to an excellent cause and great kids, my project is here!

Anything you can give toward this project would help.

Then, a project that's dear to my heart. (special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wordsalone for looking over this for me) (also, if you wanna share this outside of LJ, I ask that you link it to my tumblr instead of LJ, or to blogspot)

"The people I've met on this journey have given me a home; not a place or shelter necessarily, but where peace dwells inside of me" ~JW

So, I've been meaning to make this post for a while. I figure it's close to overdue, especially since the Meet Me Halfway Finale was last night and the final part of the walk is taking place right now. Meet Me Halfway is a project that Jimmy Wayne began to raise awareness of the fact that too many youth — especially those that are aging out of the foster care system — are facing circumstances similar to those he faced when he was young.

Let me back up a minute and tell you a bit about Jimmy Wayne. He's a country music artist, and I've been a fan ever since I first heard his song Stay Gone in like... 2003? That's probably right, b/c that's about the time I was splitting up with the boys' daddy. I'm not going to turn this into a song related post, even though I could go on for a long while about my favorites of his songs. But I do have his music to share if anyone is interested. I saw Jimmy Wayne in concert last summer, and I knew of his history at the time, but hearing him talk about it made it that much more real. (And okay, maybe I cried a little at the concert, but really, between hearing him talk about it and the lyrics to some of his songs, it was a valid reaction.) Jimmy Wayne survived a turbulent, abusive childhood. His father abandoned the family. His mother went to prison, and Jimmy and his sister were shuttled to a series of foster homes. His stepfather tried to murder him. He was a homeless teen, living by his wits on the street, until he met the Costners, the couple that gave him a home and a family. They had first hired him to mow their lawn, and then offered him a place to stay, with the agreement that he would go back to high school. After high school, he worked in a textile mill and as a prison guard as he was working his way toward an associate degree in Criminal Justice before he ended up in Nashville. He spends a lot of time talking with and supporting foster children and homeless youth. Someday, he'd like to build an orphanage for kids who are too old to be adopted.

Earlier this year, Jimmy began a campaign called Meet Me Halfway. He would walk from Nashville, TN to Phoenix, AZ. The walk would be halfway across the country, he would find supporters who would "meet him halfway" by volunteering and helping to spread the word, and he would interview with media outlets to generate publicity and awareness of the issue. "Because I was helped when I needed it, I want to try and help now," Wayne said. "I'm not asking people to come out and walk with me, but I am asking them to meet me halfway by getting involved - donate money, adopt a kid, learn more about the foster child/foster parent program in your local community. There's so much one person can do, and so many ways they can make a difference. It just takes one person to help someone to a better life."

There are 463,000 American youth in foster care. Foster children don't have the option of staying with their families when they become adults. They don't have the emotional and financial support that most kids do. Most of them don't have the skills necessary to transition from foster care to independent living. More than 20% of young adults aging out of the system experience homelessness. As many as 3 in 10 of the nation's homeless adults have a history in foster care.

Obviously, a lot of people don't have the resources to be foster parents, but there are other ways you can help: financial donations, volunteering time or resources, getting involved in local community programs that help with foster care.

There is a list of national and state organizations that help with foster children on the Meet Me Halfway Website.

You can also Make a Financial Donation to Meet Me Halfway.

Or you can join an MMH Street Team and help spread the word about the project and the issue.

One person, one contribution, can make a difference in a child's life. If you want to find more information about the Meet Me Halfway organization, you can visit the website at http://projectmmh.org/.
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Dear LJ:

The LCD screen on my laptop is cracked. B/c it is only a couple months old & the cd drive never worked, the people at HP are going to replace it. However, I need to get my files off the hard drive before I send it back to them. Apparently there is some way that I can hook it up to one of our desktops & do that? Idek, I'm technologically challenged. There's not much on there that I HAVE to have, but there are pics of Illiana and of our zoo trip and of Harley's baby shower and Atlantic City.

Can anyone help me out?
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So, I am quite often ready to brag about the awesomeness of [livejournal.com profile] apiphile (and my subsequent awesomeness for having her as a friend!) but this is definitely something to be excited about.

Help: Twelve Tales of Recovery

So again, particularly in light of their work in Kyrgyzstan at the moment, I thought it would be a good use of our time to raise some money for Medicine Sans Frontiere/Doctors Without Borders.

I need 12 stories, which can be anything from 1,200 words to 12,000 words long, on the theme of "healing"; the healing in question can be psychological or physical, ideological, etc, but must involve a recognisible sentient being (ie. "healing the environment" is not acceptable as it is not relevant). There must not be graphic pornography in your story.

You may submit more than one story, although only one story will be published. There is no guarantee that your story will be one of the ones published; criteria for inclusion in addition to compliance with the entry requirements includes whether or not I've got enough submissions of suitable length to make the book worth people buying.

The material you submit must be original work; no fanworks, and no sending original work whose printing rights you have already given to someone else.

In order to have this book ready for sale in December [for Christmas] I will need the final draft of your story by the first week of October.

You are encouraged to disseminate this information as far as possible across the interwebs.

Profits from the sales of the book will be donated directly to MSF from the monthly author remittances delivered by Lulu.com.
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Okay, so I'm planning on spending a lot of time away from the internet this summer - camping and the creek and whatever. And I am heading to both the used book store and the library this weekend, so I need book recs. I already have a list of books I want to read, but if there is something you think should be on my MUST READ list, please tell me in comments? Any type/genre/whatever, just book recs. Thanks! <3
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Hey guys! I know that I’ve been really absent from LJ lately, and I have so much to catch up on when it comes to all of you. I’m sorry. I’m trying though, really!

I know that everyone is doing fundraiser stuff this time of year, but I am too, and I know that there is no better way to spread the word and get donations than the internet. Don’t feel like you have to donate, but if you can spare a few dollars and would like to, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am a captain for a March of Dimes team for a walk that is taking place on April 25th, and a walker for a Relay for Life team for a walk that is taking place on June 18th. For the March of Dimes event, both boys are also signed up to participate as walkers, so I’m actually just going to link to their donation pages. For the Relay for Life event, I’ll link you to my personal page.

I know the economy is tough right now, but as someone pointed out to me, babies don’t stop being born early just because we can’t afford them. The same with cancer; people don’t stop getting sick just because they can’t afford healthcare. Both these organizations do a lot to promote research and wellbeing. The money raised by the March for Babies goes to helping women have healthy, full-term pregnancies and funding research to find answers to the problems that face all babies. The money raised by Relay for Life goes to the American Cancer Society for help finding cures, helping people get well, and helping people stay well.

Again, don’t feel like you need to donate. I know that we all have other obligations and causes we personally support. However, if you are interested, here are the links:

Ronnie’s March of Dimes page:

Davey’s March of Dimes page:

My Relay for Life page:

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Didn't go to work today b/c Ronnie is sick; he seems to have picked up some stomach bug over the weekend. (Davey was actually sick on Saturday, but James told me he was fine. I think James may have glossed over the situation a little bit. Also, Ronnie is always way more whiny than Davey, so there is that.)

I'm gonna go test drive a Sable tomorrow. I know it's essentially a Ford with a different logo, and I keep saying I don't want a Ford, but I can get a pretty awesome deal on it and the guy is trustworthy. So, we shall see. I am going to miss my van SO MUCH though.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm on special project for the rest of the month, though, so that's pretty okay. Amy's in training through Wednesday, so I don't have her to distract me.

Um, how about some links?

Round Eight of [livejournal.com profile] slashfest is open for claiming through February 17th, 2010 (at 11:59 pm EST). (Due date for fics is May 22nd, 2010 at 11:59PM EST)
[Rules and Regulations] [Fandoms # - C] [Fandoms D - H] [Fandoms I - R] [Fandoms S - Z}

Tongue Tied and Overloaded by [livejournal.com profile] skoosiepants
PG-13 | 8000 words | William/Gabe, veterinary office AU
So, whatever, William’s young, and nervous – and Gabe kind of scares the shit out of him – but he’s not going to let that stop him from seducing Gabe. Again.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. (In practice there is.) by [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000
Adult | 1443 | always-a-girl!Spencer/Brendon

Valentine's Day snippet by [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane, set in the always-a-girl!Bren/Spencer 'verse

Masterlist of the sexisnottheenemy fic/artathon

LGBT Laughs (via [livejournal.com profile] apiphile)

Via [livejournal.com profile] wendy, who got it from [livejournal.com profile] missyjack: Assistant Director Kevin Parks of the Supernatural crew is taking part in the "Ride to Conquer Cancer" from Vancouver to Seattle in June. He's doing this in honor of Kim Manners.

From Kevin's donation page: Doing this ride became important for me because of all the family, friends and co-workers that have had their lives impacted by this horrible disease. In particular, we said good-by to our good friend, mentor, and intrepid director Kim Manners this year. I am cycling in his honor. The time and effort it takes to do this ride is nothing compared to the courage and energy it takes to fight cancer.

His goal is to raise a mere $2,500 and that seems like a goal SPN fans easily could both meet and exceed. This is a good cause, please consider making a donation, large or small. You can find out more information and donate here. Spread the word!

Matthew Gray Gubler picspam by [livejournal.com profile] library_of_sex

Peta2 announced the winners of their 4th annual Libby awards, including Gabe Saporta as Favorite Animal-Friendly Celeb, Cobra Starship as Most Animal-Friendly Band, and Travis McCoy as Most Animal Friendly Hip-Hop Artist.

Um, what else. I thought there was something else I wanted to share. Hmm. I posted a few pics from this weekend on my facebook, if anyone wants to see. And I'm gonna go watch the new Penguins of Madagascar thing with the kiddos before bed. ♥
Spencer!heavy picspam by [livejournal.com profile] ashlein


Nov. 17th, 2009 09:13 pm
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So, the girl at work who stole my ipod and listened to wincest has since stolen it several times to listen to Stealing Harry. But tomorrow is her last day at work. Can anyone tell me where I found the link to download the Stealing Harry ebook/podfic/whateveryoucallit? B/c I obviously have it on my ipod but not on the hard drive for either of the desktops. Help??
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YAY FOR VTO! It was seriously ridiculously slow today at work. I took TWO CALLS in the FOUR HOURS I was there this morning. Booooo!!!! I would much much rather be slammed busy than slow. Especially since we can't have books on the floor. I can have my notebook though, lol. And I had my phone under my desk b/c I'm a rulebreaker like that, haha.

I was talking to Sara about music, and I need to make her two CDs, one of The Used and one of Cobra Starship. So, dear flist, I need your help. Which songs should I include? What are YOUR favorites of TU and Cobra? Tell me tell me! I would do a poll but I'm going to be productive this afternoon and clean out the back room upstairs.

Also, I'm on a WWS kick. Fell asleep listening to Comfortable Denial, woke up to Another Cold and Rainy Day (which was sooooo fitting this morning), and listened to them all morning. (okay, so maybe I was also being a rule breaker and wearing my ipod earbuds under my headset. um, oops?) But I really really really love them and I'm so sad they aren't a band anymore. And I told [livejournal.com profile] snarkyrainbow that I'd upload the albums for her, but I figured I would share with everyone so as not to be selfish. :)

World Without Sundays

The B-Sides
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I'm getting ready to make a post with a poll (and I expect everyone to participate!) but first I wanted to make a quick note. I still don't have my laptop. This week has been crazy busy. And I feel like every time I'm on here, I'm asking for something, but I can't help it! I promise I'll post something worth reading over the weekend, lol.

One of the little girls I used to babysit was born with Spina Bifida. She's done remarkably well and she's... uh, 13 or so now. But today she had to have surgery at UVA to have her leg amputated, and her mom just updated that she's running a fever of 102 and puking. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, or whatever it is that you do regarding good wishes. She and her family can use all they can get. <3

ps Does anyone have the Goo Goo Dolls song Better Days that they can send to me?
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So either yall are ignoring me or else you missed my post asking for help gathering links for a new Author/Beta Resource Guide. I'm hoping you just missed the post, because I'll be sad if yall are ignoring me. COME OVER HERE AND HELP ME OUT!

Now, there's been a lot of talk lately (well, in the journals and comments I've been frequenting, lol) about the lack of Dan/Quinn fic, and the consequent sadness. I mean, I totally ship THE USED, as you do, but still There totally needs to be more Dan/Quinn fic. And so I was planning on making a small picspam to promote such a pairing. And then, since someone *cough*[livejournal.com profile] apiphile*cough* got me thinking about a HS AU and then [livejournal.com profile] nearlycloudy accused me of Quinncerting her OTP (seriously, I've been saying "Quinncerting" in my head ALL DAY LONG and giggling to myself. Yeah, I'm a total loser.), the picspam is even more necessary.

Also, my attention span is small and my ability to make witty commentary on a picspam is even smaller. That's not news.

Quinn and Dan )
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Okay, so once upon a time I had an Author & Beta Resource Guide and it's completely out of date now, but I'm going to work on a revamped one this weekend. What I need from yall is help compiling links to include. So, if there are any resources that you use regularly as an author or a beta and you think I should include them, please link me in comments?

Some examples:

One Look is a dictionary site I regularly use.

HP Lexicon is a fandom-specific resource for HP fandom.

Super Wiki is a Supernatural Canon and Fandom Resource

Creating Dazzling Dialogue

[livejournal.com profile] apiphile's guide to ecstasy (the drug, not the feeling. I also have other drug resource posts in my links)

Websites for Writers

Bandom_primers comm on LJ

I obviously have a lot more links than this already accumulated, but this is just an example. I'm looking for links to resources that are both fandom-specific or that are for writing in general. Any and all suggestions and links would be greatly appreciated, and feel free to link others to this post b/c the more help I get the better the resource guide will be. <3
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So, way back at the beginning of the year, I lost all my musics. It's sad that I'm still realizing that I'm missing certain things. Does anyone have This Is Ivy League or anything by The Ataris that you'd be willing share? I know I have them backed up on cds, but I'm not sure where the CDs are. Please and thank you?
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I need some advice from the mommies/teachers on my list. Or, well, from everyone, but they might have more insight.

Davey has had a habit of chewing on his clothes for a while. I figured he'd grow out of it, since I remember my brother Tim and Ronnie both going through a phase of chewing/sucking on the collars of their shirts but they both stopped. Davey, on the other hand, is getting worse. He's biting holes in his shirt (seriously, I bought him a Perry the Platypus shirt on Thursday, he wore it on Friday, and he came home with holes in the front of it because he had bitten holes in it) and biting/sucking on his arm. He's never been a thumbsucker or one who puts his fingers in his mouth.

I'm not sure what to do with him. I've thought about getting him a chewy necklace or a chewy bracelet, but I don't remember where to get them. (When I lived with Melanie, one of our daycare kids had a problem with chewing on his shirt and fidgeting and we made him a chewy out of like string and aquarium tubing and he was a totally different kid after that.) Any suggestions??


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