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I said this on Twitter, but I'll put it here too. There is the possibility of some damaging storms coming our way this afternoon (and my favorite meteorologist is on vacation in another state but is still taking the time to make sure we're updated, and since he's the ONLY one who warned of the derecho a couple weeks ago, I'm taking him serious) and I'd rather be prepared than not.

So, rec me some of your favorite long fics so I can download a few, just in case we do lose power again? Three days without power and a week without internet last time means that this is totally an important part of my storm-preparedness plan!

Or if you wanna leave me prompts like you did a couple posts back, that'll work too.

(And anyone who is in the path of these storms, stay safe! They're coming from the Great Lakes / Chicago area again, and reports are already coming in from some of those areas with 70mph winds, siding being torn from houses, and all sorts of damage. Yikes! Here's hoping my mountains slow those storms down enough that I'm worrying for nothing!)
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I miss writing. I miss feeling inspired to write, and I think I stop trying to inspire myself when I couldn't write, so now I think I can write, but I don't know what to write. *sigh* Also, I feel like I'm not in any popular fandoms, so I don't know. Does that make sense?

Anywho, I figured I'd start small and ask for drabble prompts? Limiting myself, though. HP (which I can always do), GK, any of the smaller fandoms you know I can do (Haven, Suits, Dresden Files, etc). Anything else, you can ask, but I reserve the right to ask for an alternate prompt. I don't think I can do bandom anymore (although werewolf!Empires are fair game.) But leave me a prompt (fandom, character or pairing, prompt), if you feel like it, and we'll see how this little experiment goes. K? :)
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I still have letters for claiming on this post, so give me something to ramble about?

Duke keeps getting stuck in the playpen. I don't know why we still have it up, or how he actually gets IN it, but it's kinda funny.

Larkin is STILL not here. If she doesn't come by next Friday, Kris will be induced, but she's already at 4cm, so hopefully we'll have a baby soon.

Monkey got his short cast yesterday, and the dr said his break has healed nicely, so three more weeks and he'll be good to go.

We're supposed to have triple digit temps the next few days, so I think I'm gonna be a homebody. What's happening with yall?
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Illy's trying to steal the laptop. Idk if she wants to eat it or if she wants to make a journal update.

Had to go have blood drawn this morning; the drs are trying to determine if there is some type of infection causing my headaches. Idek.

Harley stole one of the DS games and is playing Super Scribblenauts and is CHEATING by looking up answers on Google.

And it's sleeting outside. We're supposed to get 2 to 4 inches accumulation of snow tonight, but I won't believe that until I see it. Either way, I'm not going anywhere until Saturday evening when we go to dinner for Mom's birthday.

I owe [livejournal.com profile] swear_jar an email, and I've got Relay for Life stuff to work on online, and I still have more CEUs to finish. Wanna leave me prompts in the comments? Or recs for good fic that I may have missed. I'm in the mood for some really good H/D if anyone has anything on hand, or some early-series Dean-and-Sam or Dean/Sam.

ETA: I'm not into Hawaii 5-0, but I know some of you are. If you are, please check out [livejournal.com profile] hawaii5_o_het and [livejournal.com profile] h50novelbang.
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Safely home, laying on my heating pad and listening to Transformers (I can't see the TV from where I'm at) and trying to get the motivation to get back up in order to take my crazy meds. My life, so hard.

A lot of the songs that I was listening to today would be GREAT for fic purposes. But we all know I fail at writing things lately. Haha, I wrote comment fic in like October? And kinda wrote fic for [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 and [livejournal.com profile] thebunnyknows for their birthdays. But really, other than tormenting [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 with emails about what I'd write if I was writing fic, I haven't done anything in for-ev-er.

So, while I'm looking at my most recently played songs, give me a number between 1 and 25 and a character or pairing from one of the fandoms you know I write it, and we'll see if I can manage to come up with something. Give me a reason to procrastinate job searching and finishing my CEUs, lol.
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Hi, my lovelies! I miss you all! We upped my antidepressant again this week, and this may be doing the trick of making me stable (more stable) but the idea of catching up is a daunting task, lol. So, things!

1. I took the boys to see Legend of the Guardians yesterday (which we all thoroughly enjoyed!) and there was a preview for a Yogi Bear movie coming out. Justin Timberlake is BooBoo, and the music for the trailer was Travie's We'll Be Alright. Is it bad that I'd go see that movie based on those two facts alone?

2. Also saw a better trailer for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and I must say I'm pretty damned excited about that one.

3. Castle is quite possibly the only show I'm actually invested in this season. Stupid television.

4. Baby sister got her early acceptance letter & scholarship award info from Ferrum college this week, which is super exciting. I'm so proud of her!

5. I think I'm starting to feel like writing again! If thinking of Johnny Weir/Adam Lambert fic with Johnny & Kris trying to bond by tailgating (dammit, [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane!) is any indication, at least. Want to leave me some prompts? Here are the limitations: no bandom. no GenKill. HP fandom is good except for NextGen, SPN is good if we stick to early series or preseries characterizations (I'll write Sam/Jess all day long, lol, but no underage Wincest). CM is probably do-able. Smaller fandoms like Shelter, Jaida's first two books (I haven't read DragonSoul yet), Dresden, etc, are good too.

So, prompt me?
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Someone today said, "Damn the man!" To which the only response is, "Save the Empire!" Right? They looked at me like I was crazy(er). No one got it. Why so lame, people in my real life?

I've been listening to Pandora at work (I was listening to the mix that [livejournal.com profile] altiloquent made for me, but I left the CD in my car today!) and songs from the Punk Goes Pop albums keep coming up & I kinda adore all these versions of songs I otherwise don't care for. If anyone has these albums, they should share!

I know it's selfish of me to ask for drabble prompts when I still have at least a dozen untyped ones in my notebook, I have no computer to type them up on, and I'm failing at keeping up with LJ. However, I'm doing it anyway! Prompt me?
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This isn't the post I meant to make, but whatever.

Now that I've taken a step down at work (this was my big decision a couple weeks ago, and I probably should've talked with a few of you about it while I was busy having a breakdown, but I didn't - even know just thinking about talking about it makes me wanna cry), I'm in a happier place mentally and also feeling more like writing.

So. The first TEN people to request a ficlet/drabble in this post will get something. Can't guarantee it'll be good, or that it'll be exactly what you want, but I'll do my best. Yall know my fandoms and stuff, right?
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So, our network at home is running so ridiculously slow. It makes me wanna scream; idk what's up with it but I can't handle it. There is no reason it should be acting like this!

I have no less than twenty drabbles in my notebook that need be typed up. until that's done, I don't think it'd be fair to ask for more prompts, so instead, let's do the picture meme thing! Tell me one to three things in my life that you'd like me to take a picture of, and I will. (unless you ask for a picture of me; those aren't likely to appear)

I don't want to sleep b/c dreams are not my friend lately, but I'm sleepy. :( Also, I can't find my ipod. And I wanna bitch about work today, but the internet connectivity keeps resetting and it's pissing me off. Whatever. Hopefully it'll work better tomorrow night. :)
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Have I told yall lately that I love Gabe Saporta? B/c I totally do. Listening to Cobra on my way to work always makes me smile.

I'm not doing NaNo b/c I don't have my laptop. And I feel like I haven't actually written anything in ages. Wanna leave me drabble prompts? Fandom + character/pairing + three prompt words.

p.s. 2 more sleeps! *g*
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I really, REALLY hate Mondays.

So, I've been a bad Hufflepuff lately and our House is like 10,000 points behind in the House Cup. Will yall give me some HARRY POTTER drabble prompts? Please?
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After work last night, I met up with Mom & the boys at the Red Sox game, then came home and watched Leverage (!!!! Christian fucking Kane, YUM!) and went to bed. This morning I had assessment testing for another job at 830, so I got no online time. But I did get drabbles written for all the prompts yall left me, including the Ryro one, lol. I also have a Sookie Stackhouse book to read today, but I can't do that for 8 hrs. So, more prompts? Please?
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Ok, here's the thing:

Tomorrow my stepdad is setting off some kind of bomb thingys in the basement to scare off the skunks, and we have to be out of the house for 8-10 hours after, so tonight after the Avalanche game, the boys and I are just going to go stay with Joey Lynn, and then tomorrow night we're going camping. While I will have my laptop with me (b/c I'm taking it to Joey's obviously), I highly doubt there's internet out in the middle of the woods. So. I need something to keep me busy. I'm ahead on the work for all my classes, and I have a couple books I'm going to take with me, but still. Hours and hours of peace and quiet.

So, leave me some prompts. I prefer to have a character/pairing and a few prompt words, but I can also do situations or song lyrics or whatever. Bandom, HP, SPN, J2, Jericho, QaF (maybe), um... Narnia? Latter Days? possibly Shelter. Idk, anything you know/think I can write.

Please? And thank you?

Oh, and I'll have my cell phone, which I know actually works where we're going b/c it's the same place my brothers go muddin and Tim's phone works there, so feel free to txt me this weekend.
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I just finished the first book of The Dresden Files & I like it more than I like the SciFi series.

Okay, so I'm still in a crappy crappy mood. And I hate it. So, I decided this afternoon that the only thing to do is to stand up and say "Self" b/c that's what I call myself), "Self, get over it! Choose to be in a good mood!" And you can help! Tell me something good that's going on with you, leave me a happy picture, link me to something I missed. Anything!

I haven't read LJ in days, except for a few select LJs that I stalk, and I am NEVER gonna get caught up on my flist. Sorry yall. I am gonna work my way through comments & emails tonight, though.

Also, I promised a post about the wedding, before all the craziness, and I'll post that later tonight to. So yall can laugh at me and my silliness.

Ohh, wanna hear some of my silliness now? I was thinking earlier that I wanna read strip poker fic (have no idea where the thought came from) and that it should be J2, or maybe just Dean and Sam. So then I was thinking about Dean & Sam in some no-name motel playing strip poker (and there was quite probably alcohol involved) and of course Dean kicked Sam's ass, and then once Sam was naked Dean pushed him outside of the room and locked the door. So Sam's yelling at Dean through the door but has to stop and cover himself and nod a "hey, how are ya" greeting to the old couple leaving the room next to theirs, and then he goes back to yelling at Dean and Dean just laughs and says it's payback for something that Sam had done.

More also! Like I said in my rambly phone post, I'll be without internet most of the weekend (but my brother is out of town, and I have a key to his house, so I may just go steal his) and I've got several things I'm working on but they don't like me right now, so we'll make this a drabble request post. Leave me a fandom, a pairing, or a prompt and I'll drabble for you this weekend. Try to make it something I actually can write, since I'm still not feeling QaF at all, and I can't write like, Heroes fic or something b/c I don't follow that show. K?


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