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Substituting names in romance novel summaries with fandom pairings: GenKill Edition

Look But Don't Touch: Photographer Ray Person has no problem admitting he has a weakness for half-naked men. After all, he's gained national recognition for his men's underwear ads. Still, he's always very careful not to let any man get too close - until he has a fateful run-in with Texas Ranger Brad Colbert. And then he can't get him out of his clothes fast enough... Brad Colbert is a loner - and likes it that way. Only, since he shared a one-night stand with a sexy stranger, he's been out of sorts, suddenly wanting more. So when he learns he's getting a new assignment - to serve as a bodyguard to powerful businessman's new photographer - he's relieved. Until he realizes that the body he'll be guarding is the one that shared his bed.

Guilty Pleasures: Nate Fick has to get his act together - otherwise his backstreet restaurant will quickly become a been-there, done-that kind of thing. He risked everything to create his place, Guilty Pleasures, and he's willing to risk everything all over again just to save it. He doesn't have a plan but he does have Ray. Ray Person is a supersexy chef looking for a second chance. His once-four-star reputation is now no-star, thanks to a longtime rival. When Ray shows up on Nate's doorstep, he knows it means trouble, and not just for the restaurant. Soon he's not only sampling Ray's delectable dishes, he's sampling the chef himself. Together they cook up a sinful menu that garners many new patrons, but when opportunity knocks on Ray's door, with high-class offers, he must decide, as will Nate, what and who they truly desire.

Early Harvest: Nate Fick is spending his summer helping his students turn a trash-filled inner-city lot into a lush garden. There's only one problem - he and the children have to pack up their shovels and watering cans by fall because Brad Colbert, the handsome and ambitious owner of the lot, wants to turn it into a parking garage. Unless Nate can change his mind.

Love, Me: He was everyone's wildest desire, and where had that gotten rock music's bad boy, Ray Person? A career on the skids and a big blank zero in the romance score. But if he hooked sexy songwriter Walt Hasser, he'd at least have a fighting chance at having it all - a handsome hunk of man and a hit song. Now all he had to do was convince the elusive Mr Hasser that he could fulfill his wildest desires and more.

Bachelor of the Month: Sexy stockbroker Brad Colbert loves being in love. Unfortunately, in the past, he's been quick to propose that he's ended up leaving five brides at the altar. But now, through Texas Man Magazine, he's met gorgeous Ray Person, a man he wants to keep in his life - and his bed - permanently. He knows Ray's "the one." Too bad Ray has no intention of becoming Matrimonial Victim #6.
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Substituting names in romance novel summaries with fandom pairings: Clint/Coulson Edition

Too Many Grooms: When daredevil Clint Barton was told he was dying, he did the honorable thing - and jilted Phil Coulson so he wouldn't have to witness his demise. Trouble was, two years later Clint felt downright healthy. And when he realized he'd been misdiagnosed, he was fit to kill. Clint found Phil again, but his longtime sweetheart was in a wedding tux - and at the altar! No doubt he was still furious about how Clint had vanished, but Clint was ready to do anything to win his heart again. So he shoved aside groom number two and whisked Phil back down the aisle before he could say I do.

When the Lights Go Out: Phil Coulson isn't thrilled his roommate's arranged a blind date for him. It also doesn't help that his roommate forgot to tell Phil the date's name, so when he runs into a sexy stranger in the building during a blackout, Phil assumes it's him. Luckily, he's hot. So hot, Phil sheds both his inhibitions and his clothes! But when the lights come back on, Phil finds he wasn't his date after all... Getting stuck in an elevator isn't how reporter Clint Barton expected to meet his date. He's especially surprised when the cute stranger propositions him that same evening. Fortunately, Clint has always had trouble saying no. Then, when he finds out he slept with the wrong man, Clint doesn't think there's a problem. Now he just has to convince Phil how right things can be between them.

A Little Bit Dangerous: When undercover agent Phil Coulson walked away from Clint Barton, he left him with nothing but a broken heart. But when they reunited, neither one was prepared for the feelings that still existed - or for the truth lurking beneath the surface.

Eager and Eligible: Did you say hot sex? Thanks to a shipboard hypnotist, those very words transform prim-and-proper Phil Coulson into a Sexy Stripper. Easygoing Clint Barton has no idea what he's walked into when he rescues a boa-clad man from someone dressed as Pepe Le Pew. But as the feathers fly and passions ignite, this very eligible bachelor vows to show Phil he wants more than just hot sex.

Baby It's Cold Outside: At the stroke of midnight, trapped in diner by a snowstorm on New Year's Eve, Clint Barton finds himself holding Phil Coulson's baby boy. One night couldn't change a drifter into a family man... could it?

And a bonus Clint/Darcy, just because.

Game for Anything: A year ago, Clint Barton saved Darcy Lewis' life, and the sexy loner has been starring in her nightly fantasies ever since. But now Darcy's tired of dreaming. She needs to have Clint in her life, in her bed, so when she learns she's in danger - and that, once again, Clint is watching her every move - she decides to take what she wants. And poor Clint doesn't stand a chance... Clint isn't thrilled with his latest assignment. For a year he hasn't been able to get Darcy out of his head. But the spoiled princess is way out of his league. Still, guarding Darcy's delectable body has its perks, especially since she's quite willing to share it. So he's going to Plan B. He'll seduce her right out of his system. Only, the more games they play, the more he's hoping they'll end up tied.
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Substituting names in romance novel summaries with fandom pairings: One Dimension Edition

For [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane and the rest of you crazy 1D people. (I still don't know who anyone is in 1D! I haven't even watched the iCarly episode yet!) Liam/Louis

Baby Jane Doe: After catching his fiance in the arms of another, the last thing Liam expected to also happen on New Year's Eve was to find an abandoned baby. Or to feel such an instantaneous connection to the little girl and the handsome police detective. Or to agree to marry Detective Louis in order to adopt the baby.

Just Desserts: Reporter Liam knows a juicy story when he hears it. But he never meant to get a cute pastry chef fired in order to get the facts. Now undercover at a chichi resort, he needs some inside information. The bad part? He needs Louis's help, and Louis is more interested in cream puffs than his investigation. If he could only make him see things between them aren't just desserts.

Deep Cover: Louis was in for a shock when an injured Liam convinced him to take him on vacation. He allowed his childhood nemesis to hide out at his summer retreat, but not before vowing to use the opportunity to uncover Liam's deep secret.

Stranded: Louis stopped to help the driver of a stalled RV and found himself stranded in the desert with Liam. He didn't mind spending a few hot days - and nights - together. With any luck, the tow truck would never come.
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Spend three hours at the courthouse this afternoon just for them to reschedule the hearing for November because they weren't able to locate my ex to serve him. Um, dumbasses. I didn't even call this hearing, DCSE did, and I could have told you that if you go to his sister's house, which is his address on record, she'll tell you she doesn't know where he is even though he was probably in the back room. Also, trying to garnish his wages isn't going to do anything because HE DOESN'T WORK! *rolls eyes* Seriously, my life would be so much simpler if that car had killed him.

Anywho. I'm still being avoidant! And nonproductive! But I did get about six more boxes of books out of storage, and a couple boxes are full of paperback romance novels from like ten years ago, haha. I have a bad habit of reading the summaries and substituting the names with my current pairing of choice, to see if I like the idea or not (whatever, some of yall do the same thing). So I asked twitter for pairings and I'm gonna pick a random book and give you a summary with that pairing! Class discussion encouraged in comments!

Two people said Clint Barton/Phil Coulson (which, by happy coincidence, is my current favorite pairing too!), and the first book I picked up is called By The Book, so:

Phil Coulson would love nothing more than to have a wild night with his downstairs neighbor, Clint Barton. When he accidentally discovers that Clint's bought a how-to manual on "pleasing" men, he knows a wild night is out of the question! But when Clint asks him for lovemaking lessons, Phil knows he must do his part for all men and make him the best lover ever - and he'll do it by the book...

Embarrassed just doesn't describe how Clint feels when his sexy neighbor sees his first book, Sex for Total Morons. He knows he's a master in the bedroom, but judging by the sudden pitying expression, Phil doesn't. Fortunately for him, Clint isn't about to let this opportunity pass by. Phil's a teacher, so there's no way he'd refuse to teach Clint all the ins and outs of sex!

I also got two Liam/Louis, and I don't know anything about 1D. But fake husbands are always good, right, if we pretend the 1D boys are like five or ten years older? Lol. So, Counterfeit Husband:

It was the only way Liam could protect himself from a lecherous business rival on a luxury cruise. But what "husband" could Liam trust to spend every day - and every night - in skimpy cruise wear and one cramped stateroom? 1-800-HUSBAND was good, but not even Liam could believe the husband they sent would know him better than he knew himself... would be his ex-husband Louis!

(Yes, I totally used to read this stuff, idek.) Um, one more, for now? [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjunkie said Beecher/Keller (I have been totally craving an OZ rewatch, thanks for the reminder) and I don't know if I can put their names into one of these because I am quite familiar with that pairing and it just doesn't fit in my head. But we'll try? The Tender Barbarian:

Spinster schoolteacher Tobias Beecher was a bit old-fashioned and quite demure - until Chris Keller roared into his life on his motorcycle. Tobias did his best to send Chris packing, but his tenderness captured her. Now Tobias wondered whether there was a bit of the barbarian in everyone...

I've got more books here, so feel free to give me some more pairings. Or tell me how these summaries *points above* would play out. (I don't usually do AU ideas with fictional characters, but I love all AUs that are RPF? I'm weird, idk. That may be why I had a hard time with Beecher/Keller, because their actual story is more than enough for me.)
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Three different people over the weekend offered to loan me their copy of 50 Shades of Grey when they found out I haven't read it. Ugh. I'm trying to stick by the whole Don't Be A Dick policy, and I don't want to hate on the book that everyone seems to be loving, but really. UGH!!!! I admit to not reading it, and having no desire to read it, and I've been remarkably restrained in not punching anyone over the face for trying to talk me into reading it. I don't like Twilight. I read the first two books because they were here and I was bored. I go to the movies because they're Katherine's thing, and it's a tradeoff. She went to the HP midnight movies and the Hunger Games with me; I go see Twilight with her and try not to laugh at inappropriate times. But I think that the whole Bela-Edward relationship is unhealthy and while I'm all for getting kids to read, that's not the kind of thing I'd be wanting them to read. And given that 50 Shades was originally Twilight fanfic, and apparently poorly written fic at that, I'm not going near it. I did tell [livejournal.com profile] sxysadie21 that I hoped that the relationship in it wasn't as unhealthy as the actual Twilight relationship, but apparently I was wrong, because I came across this article yesterday and it just confirmed my fears that the book is crap, lol. The thing that really gets me is that apparently “Lovers don’t need safewords” and that just makes me want to throw things. Seriously. Idk, I have a whole rant/reaction in mind from the article alone, but I'm gonna ignore it and keep on biting my tongue when people talk about how awesome this book is, the same way I look the other way when people start raving about Cassie Clare's books.

In less-frustrating news, have I told yall about our raccoon? There's a raccoon living in the shed in our backyard, and one day last week one of the boys forgot to put the lid back on the wild feed tote (we have a big plastic tote on the back porch that has bird seed and squirrel feed and corn cobs in it) and the raccoon got in it, got in the squirrel food, at picked out all the peanuts and sunflowers seeds. Left the corn. Silly little guy. :)
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Super big thank you for all the recs yesterday! I am now prepared in case of an extended power and/or internet outage! We got lucky and the storms broke up / lost strength coming across the mountains, so we got some wind and rain, but not much else. My bro's gf broke down on the way home yesterday, though, and was sitting on the side of the road waiting for her dad to come get her and Alex (the middle child, he's 7), and a power line fell across the road in front of her. Made for quite a long trip home, because that's the only road that goes up the mountain from this side.

I have a headache. It's not a migraine, but it's like it's still part of the migraine hangover? I don't know how to explain it, but it sucks and I wish it would go away. I could be in box seats at the Salem Red Sox game right now, but it's 96* out there with like 80% humidity and there was no way. I was actually supposed to go to Warped today in Va Beach (and take Bela) but that didn't work out for money reasons. Blah!

Did I tell yall that I passed the first set of tests for one of the jobs I applied for? With a migraine, I still managed to finish ahead of time and with flying colors, so yay me! I go back on Aug 14 for more tests. Joy joy.

Dreamed last night I was working in a new call center, doing insurance sales. Self, that is not an appropriate aspiration! Also dreamed I was writing fanfic about Clint Barton going blind. I don't know who to blame that one on, but I'm blaming it on someone other than myself.

I've got the DVR set to record Baby Daddy and Royal Pains for me, so I'm gonna go lay in front of the fan and try to figure out where I'm getting the money for the kids' tuition. Love yall!
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I still have letters for claiming on this post, so give me something to ramble about?

Duke keeps getting stuck in the playpen. I don't know why we still have it up, or how he actually gets IN it, but it's kinda funny.

Larkin is STILL not here. If she doesn't come by next Friday, Kris will be induced, but she's already at 4cm, so hopefully we'll have a baby soon.

Monkey got his short cast yesterday, and the dr said his break has healed nicely, so three more weeks and he'll be good to go.

We're supposed to have triple digit temps the next few days, so I think I'm gonna be a homebody. What's happening with yall?
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Someone today said, "Damn the man!" To which the only response is, "Save the Empire!" Right? They looked at me like I was crazy(er). No one got it. Why so lame, people in my real life?

I've been listening to Pandora at work (I was listening to the mix that [livejournal.com profile] altiloquent made for me, but I left the CD in my car today!) and songs from the Punk Goes Pop albums keep coming up & I kinda adore all these versions of songs I otherwise don't care for. If anyone has these albums, they should share!

I know it's selfish of me to ask for drabble prompts when I still have at least a dozen untyped ones in my notebook, I have no computer to type them up on, and I'm failing at keeping up with LJ. However, I'm doing it anyway! Prompt me?
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Let's play a little game, shall we? I'll tell yall some random stuff about me and then you tell me some equally random stuff about you!

Ten Things You Never Thought You Wanted to Know About Me:

1. I mash potatoes with a fork even though we have two potato mashers and a hand mixer. They just aren't the right consistency if I do it another way.

2. I sleep with a fan year round, and I can't sleep if my feet are covered.

3. Given the choice between an elevator and the stairs, I'll pick the stairs. Elevators are creepy!

4. If you buy a car because it's "pretty" without knowing what's under the hood, I will judge you SO HARD. (When I lived with Melanie, she bought an SUV just because it was purple. We had so many problems out of that P.O.S.)

5. I come from a family of moonshiners, druggies, and crazies. And I'm okay with that!

6. I hate bananas. Everything about them - taste, smell, texture. YUCK. (Have I told yall the story about the time Drewber made eclair cake with banana pudding and I had to force myself to eat it since he made it?)

7. As much as I talk about hating my job and having to work for a living, one of my biggest fears is my bipolar getting bad enough that I can't work.

8. I have a facebook and use it mainly to post pictures of my kids and to post random song lyrics. Some of the comments I get to lyrics are pretty hilarious. (Also, I've apparently offended people by saying that if I actually wanted to talk to them, I wouldn't do it on Facebook. Um, I have better social networking sites, ok?)

9. I make lists. And I make a list of my lists. And I consolidate my to do list by making another list.

10. I love summer thunderstorms (Melanie had skylights in her bedroom and when she was gone for the weekends me and the kids - my 2 + her 3 - would sleep in there. It was the best place to watch tstorms) and dancing in the rain and puddle stomping.

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When I was headed to pick Davey up from camp, there was a huge pileup on the interstate - at least a dozen cars on the side of the road, two squashed in a ditch, and one up on it's side in the southbound side and three separate fender benders on the northbound - and it was pretty ridiculous. The southbound side was still backed up when we came back from camp two hours later. Ugh, traffic!

We're going to spend the day at the lake tomorrow (at the public beach part, not the marina we usually hang at) and then go to the NRV Speedway to see Taylor race. Sunday I'm planning on doing NOTHING. Well, I plan on leaving the house and getting caught up on my internet to do list.

1. I've been lurking in GK fandom for... a month or so? But I have a bunch of links I've saved that I need to go back and add to my delicious bookmarks, so I'm gonna end up leaving comments on them. Just an general disclaimer for anyone who stops by to figure out why I'm commenting on something old.

2. Speaking of commenting on something old, I'm weeks behind on my flist, so if I do comment on an older entry of yours, don't be surprised.

3. I have a partially written post about Meet Me Halfway, and a post that I wanted to make about my mini-vacation to see Amy.

4. I still have drabbles/ficlets to post.

5. [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 tells me the best stories. She and I have maybe created an entire accidental 'verse. Um, oops? But it's okay, b/c it makes me SO HAPPY.

Happy Weekend, flist! *smooches*
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Questions for my flist:

1. Anyone feel confident enough about resumes to help me redo mine?

2. Do I want to go see Eclipse at midnight with the teenagers?

3. Any of you that are in VA - Warped is at Virginia Beach on Wed July 21st. Anyone going? I'm going with work!Amy and her hubby and a few of his Navy buddies.

4. I'm making ants on a log for our "Welcome to Summer" potluck at work tomorrow. Does anyone think it's weird that I'm using chocolate chips instead of raisins? I mean, I don't like raisins and I'm gonna lick the peanut butter off before I eat the celery anyway.

5. Have any of you read Dragonsoul yet? I forgot to go pick it up from the bookstore after they ordered it for me; I figure I'll take it with me to the lake this weekend. Just trying to get an idea of the reaction to it without checking [livejournal.com profile] thremedon and getting spoiled.
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Belated thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes and for the well-wishes about my accident. I had a fantastic birthday and a fantastic weekend. I got checked out by a doctor when I got home, complete with a ct scan, and my brain isn't any more damaged than it was to begin with and the black eyes should go away soon even though the concussion symptoms will probably hang out for a while.

[livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 finally managed to get me to watch Generation Kill and I LOVE IT. Apparently I have a new fandom.

I am soooooo tired, omg.

Mat Devine was tweeting about hanging out with Mikey Way, and I'm reminded of [livejournal.com profile] stratospherique lamenting the lack of Kill Hannah fanfic in bandom. What's up with that nonsense??

I love Gabe Saporta, and the Cobras, and Travie. And I love Travie's new album, which came out today.

Dragonsoul came out today also, but I can't get it until Friday. But yay for Jaida and Dani's new book!

I basically deleted everything in my inbox, so I'm not going to catch up on LJ, comments or posts. If I missed something important, tell me here. Starting over with a clean slate for Wednesday and going to try and keep up this time.

I can't remember if there is anything else I wanted to say, but I love you all and miss hanging out on LJ and hope things will level out soon. *hearts*
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I've been looking at Amtrak info, trying to determine my options if I wanna make a long weekend trip to NYC sometime. Also, have been trying to tell myself that just because Drive A and Dommin (and HIM) are playing on a Saturday night in Baltimore doesn't mean I need to go.

I'm feeling superlazy today. I need to do housework, but it takes too much effort. I did do dishes and go pick up the stroller I had bought for Illy and went to the boys' last basketball game and went for lunch at Cici's. I want a nap but I'm gonna just chill here with my laptop instead. I have a stack of drabbles I've been fooling around with that I'm thinking of typing up and posting, if I don't get too distracted.

My back already hurts from holding Davey the other night, but my cousin is having a birthday party for her two kids at the skate center tomorrow afternoon and I already said I would skate with them. Another cousin is having a birthday party for his youngest on Monday afternoon, also at the skate center. Fun times, yall, really.

p.s. I found Cry Baby in the $3.50 movies bin at Walmart this afternoon, lol. I have no idea where my original vhs copy is, so I had to buy it. Did I imagine that there was a Bandom Cry Baby AU? Maybe it was something we talked about in an email thread one day or something, but I remember it from somewhere.
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Things I forgot to mention in my last post:

+ I just guesstimated my taxes & my refund may be more than I thought!

- the pilot light went out on our furnace last night so it was super!colder this morning. Which is bad since our house barely ever even reaches 60degrees these days anyway. Brrrr!

+ in light of that fact, I totally wore my pj pants under my skirt to work today. Yay for floor length black skirts & black pjs? At least I was semi-warm on my way to work!

- did I mention the van has no heat since the intake is leaking again and that somehow means my heater blows cold air?

+ I'm working on something for February. It's a surprise.
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I have a headache. Yes, I know I've been complaining of a headache for days now, but instead of going away or getting better, it's getting *worse* and I'm getting miserable b/c I'm in a good mood otherwise & would like to watch movies or play games with the boys or play on the internet. But really, the light & noise makes my head hurt worse, and standing up makes me dizzy, and it really really sucks.

On the less-sucky-side of life, alli (wordsindreams) loves me and sent me a virtual LJ gift, and kerrikins linked me to a Deathly Hallows trailer and I'm pretty damn excited for that movie. I watched the first one on ABCFam yesterday and now I'm craving some epic H/D fic, preferably with some Quidditch in it.
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The Gingerbread Festival was cancelled b/c of the snow/rain mix. Which is kinda silly b/c there's nothing on the road and it's really not cold, but whatever. Still kinda sad we don't get to see Melody sing. Choir concert is in a week and a half though, and all three of my teenage girls will be singing in that, so I guess it's okay.

I'm still in my pjs (yay!) and am being lazy watching awesomely ridiculous SyFy movies. The current one is about some people that run a Time Safari and apparently someone on one of their jumps brought something back & changed life as we know it. Idek, yall, it's pretty cracktastic. I especially like the sea monster in the subway.

Basketball practice in an hour, then we're going to dinner at Famous Anthony's for Ronnie & Tim's bdays. And we have to do some party planning for Mom's bday, since it's only a little over a month away. Hey, I booked the place, my brothers can help out with the rest.

Oh, next is Lake Placid 2. I've seen that multiple times, hmmm. Time to switch the channel!
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Thank yall for helping me out with your favorite songs. I don't see Sara again until Saturday morning, so I'll make the cds tomorrow. That means there's still time for you to weigh in on it!

Two things: (I have a lot more I WANT to say, but being internetless and BUSY cuts down the rambling I end up doing on here)

1. My mom's boss, who I love to pieces, apparently came in today after being out of town and asked my mom how we had done the other day, since Monday was the 10 year anniversary of Kelly Marie's death. Honestly, we're all pretty okay with it, but I kinda teared up a little that Mark is awesome and he not on remembers the date that it happened but thought to ask about it. <3

2. Remember the other day when I said I let someone at work borrow my ipod? And I thought she was listening to Stealing Harry? Well, apparently not. Today, she asked me if she could borrow it again since we're still doing off-phone work and I was actually doing food drive stuff, and she was like "I can't believe you have that on there, I was embarrassed to be listening to it!" And Stealing Harry isn't really all that embarrasing, right? Apparently the other podfic on my ipod is Sam Winchester and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Haha. Um, oops?

Okay, I'm gonna try and go back to the fictional hotel room in my head, if a certain dirty little boy will quit arguing with me and my crackberry will cooperate. :)
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Chicago: City of Bandboys and [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge. And a few other members of my flist. And Nick Scimeca. Too bad I'm only here to spend a couple hours in the airport. :)

As I was scrolling through my twitter friends list trying to find [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge's name, my crackberry froze on @weareempires. Haha. I keep saying I'm gonna end up flying to Chicago to see them, but today is not that day.

If I were to be making a happy list for today, it would include the very sweet elderly gentleman who is heading to South Dakota to visit his grandkids and who I did a crossword puzzle with on the flight from Roanoke to Chicago. And maybe the guy behind me with the two extremely adorable, extremely well behaved little boys. The dad read them Thomas the Train books nearly the entire flight, complete with voices and sound effects.
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I'm getting ready to make a post with a poll (and I expect everyone to participate!) but first I wanted to make a quick note. I still don't have my laptop. This week has been crazy busy. And I feel like every time I'm on here, I'm asking for something, but I can't help it! I promise I'll post something worth reading over the weekend, lol.

One of the little girls I used to babysit was born with Spina Bifida. She's done remarkably well and she's... uh, 13 or so now. But today she had to have surgery at UVA to have her leg amputated, and her mom just updated that she's running a fever of 102 and puking. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, or whatever it is that you do regarding good wishes. She and her family can use all they can get. <3

ps Does anyone have the Goo Goo Dolls song Better Days that they can send to me?
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Was having an amusing txt convo about Brendon and Spencer with [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000 this morning but she's on a plane at this very moment so I had to give it up. I'm playing on the internet instead. (Mom took the boys for a walk since the rain FINALLY stopped.)

There may be fic later. [livejournal.com profile] ashlein and I wrote more ridiculous B/S, but I am set in my ways and hate to post anything without getting [livejournal.com profile] irisgirl12000's approval on it first. :)

I also have other stuff to post, but we all know how awful I am about actually FINISHING things. And by the time I DO finish them, most of the people I talk to everyday are tired of hearing about them.

I hope everyone is having an excellent weekend! <33333

Ohh, does anyone wanna play word association while I'm playing catchup/leaving reviews on OWL/finishing fic? Please?

starting word is: ART


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