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I made meatloaf for dinner. I love meatloaf. I love any recipe where I can just kinda throw stuff together. (except I would never put wine in mac-and-cheese, wtf? *g*)

[livejournal.com profile] acostilow made a new recipe sharing community: [livejournal.com profile] nom_in_hell.

Of course, after I joined it, I remember that [livejournal.com profile] phaballa made a recipe sharing community not too long ago: [livejournal.com profile] t_a_s_t_e_y.

So, I'm part of both communities and I'll post to both of them, since they're different corners of fandom. And I'm inviting you to come join and share recipes. (I'm looking for more crock pot / slow cooker recipes! All my cookbooks are in storage, and the crock pot is so nice in the summer b/c it doesn't heat the house up.)

First recipe I'm gonna post: Preacher Cookies )
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Happy February 12th! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great day, even though it was Monday.

Today's song: In This Life (I Was Loved By You) by Collin Raye

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How about a very short peek into the lives of young Sam & Dean? Sammamish )

Today's Recipe is Puppy Chow. No, really. Muddy Buddies )
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Happy February 11th! If you haven't been keeping up with them, don't forget to check out today's posts at [livejournal.com profile] 14valentines!

I know I'm way behind on comments and such, but there is a reason for it, I promise. I'll catch up later today or this evening, k?

Today's song isn't really a love song, but it's a song about love and it makes me happy. X's and O's by David Allen Coe

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How about a return to HP? The twins pull a prank. )

Recipe for the day: COCOA FUDGE CAKE )
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Oh god, I think I'm gonna die laughing. My friend Crystal from work just called and left me a voicemail: "Hey Tabby, it's Momma. I know I'm not supposed to call you but listen to this." Then she moves the phone away and there's this strange noise that's a mix between a click and a chirp. "There really is a squirell call! I'll see you on Monday." Dude, she is SO on crack! I love her so much.

Random funny child story from today. My mom was in the kitchen making dinner and Davey goes in there and he pulls out a small saucepan and hands it to her. She was like "what's this for?" and he said "for the corn" like it was a silly question. Only my mom hadn't said anything about making corn and had just been thinking about having some with dinner. So she was like "what, are you psychic?" and davey's like "I think you mean genius." Dude, he's FIVE! He's such a goofball! We spend half our time laughing at him.

I laid around the house and did nothing today. Well, that's not exactly true, b/c I did do some laundry and some writing and I did get to txt-talk with Alli, which was awesome (even though she was shopping and not buying things for me *g*) b/c I don't usually get to talk to her on the weekends. And I got a call from Mike, which I ignored, and a call from a number I didn't recognize so I didn't pick up but it ended up being Matt. Matt is... well, he and I were really good friends in high school. Really close friends. I don't know how he got my number and I'm really not sure I want to call him back.

I know, yall care, right? :P I have comments to reply to and I really need to read my flist, but I'm gonna skip all that and do some writing tonight. But I am on Y!M if anyone wants to say hi.

On to today's valentines:


I Can Love You Like That by John Michael Montgomery

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Today's drabbley thingy is from Jericho. Dale/Skylar

Skylar knew the other side of the bed was empty before she opened her eyes. )

Recipe of the day: FLUFFY STRAWBERRY PIE )
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Happy February 9th! Hope everyone had a great Friday and is ready for the weekend!

Song for today: My Valentine by Martina McBride

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How about some Dean and Sam? Dean is such a smartass )

Recipe for today is a very easy one. STRAWBERRY AND CREAM CHEESE FUDGE BROWNIES )
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Happy February 8th! Don't forget to keep checking the posts at [livejournal.com profile] 14valentines! There is a huge variety of awesomeness over there!

For today, the song is The World by Brad Paisley

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As with yesterday, this is part of the backstory to Just Add Tea but can be read on it's own as well. And I'm pretty sure this one is full of tense problems, so please overlook them.

Harry's side )

Recipe of the Day:HONEY OATMEAL PIE )
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Happy February 7th! We're halfway through! Yall are all ready for me to shut up now, aren't you?

Song for today: Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You) by Emerson Drive

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Um, yeah. So once upon a time (about a year ago) I wrote crossover crack for de, probably on a dare, and it begged for a backstory. And a sequel. And a sidestory about Brian/Sirius that is still on my to-be-written list. Anyway, even though valentines is supposed to be a happy occasion, we all know that is not always true. So, today and tomorrow you get not-so-happy drabbles. They are perfectly understandable on their own, but if you've read Just Add Tea, it's part of the backstory.

Draco's side )

Today's Recipe is Kahlua Fantasy Chocolate Cheesecake )
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Valentines Post for February 6th. Late again. Still sick, but I'm feeling loads better now, so it shouldn't happen again. Unless the internet goes out again. stupid thing.

Song of the Day: You're My Better Half by Keith Urban

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And for your reading pleasure, I give you Sam & Jess yes, run away all you het-haters on my flist )

Your recipe for today is LEMON LUSH )
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Happy February 4th! Don't forget to check out today's posts at [livejournal.com profile] 14valentines! Today is about drawing attention to domestic violence. Which I know some of us know about personally, so raising awareness about it is very important.

Song of the day: Soul and Inspiration by The Righteous Brothers

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How about we make today's drabblet/ficlet/whatever (tablet?) a Queer as Folk one, huh?
i'm a bit rusty with the QaF love )

The recipe for today is OATMEAL BARS )
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Happy February 2nd! (okay, so I'm a little late, but it's still the second. for almost an hour!) Day two of [livejournal.com profile] 14valentines is celebrating Women in the Arts, so don't forget to check out today's posts!

Today's song (which I almost forgot to upload) is one of my favorites, even if it was my ex-MIL & her b/f's song (he was MY AGE) which is kinda creepy. But it's still an awesome song, and it's by one of my favorite groups. Amazed by Lonestar

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Today's drabble is Criminal Minds. Nope, we'll have to save that one for tomorrow. This one goes for today. HP drabble ficlet, based in my PutP universe. This will not mean anything to you unless you've read that, and probably won't make much sense if you haven't read it.

a present from her brother and his boyfriend wasn't the same as one from her boyfriend )

The recipe for today is TURTLE CAKE )
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Hi, loves!! Welcome to February! So, I know I've been pretty absent from LJ-land lately, and that when I am around I'm only halfway here and usually I'm whining, but for the next two weeks, my LJ is all about the happy. We're going to celebrate the Fourteen Days of Valentines! I've split up my mutual flist into parts and have written a short note for each of you. Some of the notes are obviously longer than others, because I know some of you better than others, but I love all of you. Each day I'll post about ten flist notes, as well as a schmoopy love song, a drabble, and a yummy (simple) recipe. And, since we all know how bad I am with follow through, I have all fourteen days worth of posts completed and just waiting to be posted, so there's no worry about me getting halfway through and not finishing. So, enjoy, and remember that I love yall muchly!!

As a conclusion to this, I'm going to host a comment party the weekend of Feb 16th - 18th (if you've never participated in a comment party, I'll explain more about that later) and top it all off with a massive multi-fandom Y!M chat on Sunday afternoon (the 18th). We'll probably start around 2 or 3 my time (EST) and go until whenever we quit, unless someone wants to start sooner. More info on that later too.

Oh, and don't forget that today is the beginning of [livejournal.com profile] 14valentines, so check out the posts from today!

Today is apparently coffee-related, so your song for today is When I Think About Angels by Jessica Andrews (which is more happy/upbeat than schmoopy, but it starts out why does the color of my coffee match your eyes, so that's what yall are getting)

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Today's drabble features Winchesters and coffee.
It started small, with Dean stealing sips of Sam's coffee when he thought no one was looking... )

Today's recipe is CAPPUCCINO CUPCAKES )


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