Jan. 18th, 2017

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I am baffled by the idea that "God wants America to be great" and that the incoming administration will lead us there. It's my understand that God doesn't care about America, because God doesn't recognize America. We are all one people; God doesn't care about arbitrary lines that have been drawn on a map. He wants everyone to be great. I get so frustrated with people trying to twist religion to fit their own desires and ideals. Grrr.

Monkey has a wrestling tournament this weekend out of town, so my Friday and Saturday will be spent in a loud, smelly high school gym. But several members of my church family are going to DC together for the Women's March, and Sue is actually carrying a bunch of names with her (written on the back of her poster for those of us who couldn't go). And there is a smaller march here in Roanoke that day that I know cousin!Amy is going to and hopefully she will have some company. (If you can't make it to DC, which I know is difficult for most people, here is a great piece by Upworthy about how you can support the March from home.)

Anyway. Let me tell you what happened yesterday morning, so you can laugh at me. Davey was being grumpy (because he stayed up too late streaming and didn't want to get up for school) and wasn't talking to me because I yelled at him about putting milk and cereal in one of my good glasses (instead of a plastic cup, which is what he should have done if he was planning on taking it with him). So Ronnie and I are in the car already, Davey comes out, puts his bookbag and wrestling bag and blanket in the car, shuts the door. I think we're good, because he was being pouty and because he usually sleeps or at least lays down on the way to school. We get to the stoplight near school and I reach back to wake him up - no Davey. So Ronnie pulls the blanket up, and there is no other kid in the car. He says he told us he was going to get his water bottle and that he left the door open, but either way, I had left him at home. Bad parenting moment, lol. :P

Here, have some links:

This is what is the crock pot right now for tonight's dinner: Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

A rabbit playing JENGA (via Nerdist)

Ronnie is doing a Polar Plunge next month to benefit Virginia Special Olympics. (Polar Plunge is basically he's jumping into the river in the middle of February, but around here, middle of February could mean two feet of snow or it could be 70* outside.) He's collecting donations if anyone wants to contribute!


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