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Why is it that TV shows that I/we like always start sucking after the first couple of seasons? Ugh. We love the characters and the world and we want it to go on forever - that's why we have fanfic! - but it never works out. Especially when we start losing important characters! I mean, come on. Criminal Minds without Morgan? Hawaii 5-0 without Chin and Kono?

Chicago PD without Lindsey? Seriously? Sophia Bush is the reason I started watching that show! (Okay, the crossover with Chicago Fire had a little to do with it to.) Jesse Lee Soffer is cute and all, but he's not enough to keep me watching. Plus, since they took away Halstead's boyfriend first and now his girlfriend, if he's not sad next season, I'd throw something at the tv. We won't even mention this whole "taking Natalie out on a date" nonsense from the end of this past season; hopefully that was just to make Will wake up.

Anywho. Early seasons. I'm all about the first few seasons of Supernatural. Haven. Effing Killjoys! Ugh. I love Killjoys! I love the universe it's in, I love Dutch and Johnny and D'avin and their relationship with one another, and Lucy and Pree and Alvis. Even Fancy! But I am so not feeling all this bullshit with Khylen and the green and ughhhh. Give me back a weekly show of our guys being killjoys and going after bad guys! (I feel the same kinda way about SPN and Haven. Monsters/Troubles of the Week are way better than the apocalpyse arcs.)

I've been watching a lot of "junk food" tv this summer. None of it is particularly good, but it's filing the time. The Mist and Still Star-Crossed both had potential but didn't live up to it. I think I like Midnight TX but it won't last long. I do like Somewhere Between, even though I'm not sure how Devon Sawa grew up like that. I like Salvation. Watching the final episodes of Teen Wolf just to see how it ends. And because Stiles AND Derek were in the season preview. I'm a few episodes behind on Night Shift but I love it; same with Wynonna Earp. Did not like this season of Face Off. Oh, I watched Doubt with mom, and I cannot believe it ended the way it did since I don't think it's coming back. I'm sure I'm missing something, but it's probably one of the dozen shows I watch on Food Network, lol.

So if anyone wants to talk about TV, hit me up! Or if you wanna hear me go on about my Chicago PD OT3, I'm good with that too.
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Signup for [ profile] theheartofspn's Winchester Summer LOVEfest!, a two-month, multi-media celebration of the Winchester brothers leading up to the Season Eight premiere. Any fan who wants to participate can sign up now through the end of July, and celebrate their love of the brothers in any way they choose: fic, vids, art, picspam, meta, graphics, recs – if you created it and it’s about the Winchesters, we want to see it!
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Daily linkage post! Things that make me happy + please votes:

I read an awesome vampire!AU the other day:
No One Bites Back As Hard by [ profile] witchling
GK || Walt/Ray(/Brad if you squint) || Hard R (blood play) || ~5k words
Some times Ray suggests that Walt should audition for “Twinklight” - pretty much without fail he gets punched for it, which is like domestic abuse or some shit. (Vampire!AU)

And [ profile] shutyourface made my day when she shouted on twitter about a Fast Five picspam: Picspam, of the big size. FAST AND FURIOUS. by [ profile] apetslife

One of my current favorite songs: Luke Bryan's It's Time To Take My Drunk Ass Home

And we all saw this video of Misha and Jensen, right? I HAVE NO WORDS! omg, Misha Collins. (also, thank you to [ profile] wordsalone for bringing this to my attention!)

Oh, god, EMPIRES. Seriously, everytime I hear a concert recap (or an encounter recap, lol), I fall more and more in love with these failboats. Please please please vote for them. Voting for this round of Choose the Cover goes through April 14th. EMPIRES!!!

Vote for Dan Savage and Terry Miller, founders of The It Gets Better Project, in the 2011 Time 100 Poll. Voting goes through April 14th. - Dan Savage and Terry Miller - The 2011 TIME 100 Poll - TIME

Alpha Male Madness 2011 Final Round. Yall, our very own Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, is up against Darren Criss from Glee. Who would you pick for Alpha Male? Voting closes 4/12 at 11 am PST, so vote now!

One of my friends is in the THE MISS FIERCE ENUFF 2011 COMPETITION on India Ferrah's site and is one of the Top 25 Fiercest Finalists. But he's not doing so well right now, so we're trying to drum up some extra votes. If you go to this site and click "VOTE NOW", he's contestant # 87 Anastasia Paige (and there are videos from all 25 finalists, to be fair, if you wanna watch and vote for your favorite, lol). Voting is allowed once a day and goes through the end of the month.
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Last night I escaped to my room around 7ish b/c of miserableness (omg girl parts, wtf?) and heat (the a/c in my bedroom is a godsend). Didn't plan on going to sleep, and I even managed to play on my phone for a bit, but I dozed off & on ALL NIGHT. And I'm so nonfunctional when I get more than a couple hours of sleep.

Today is a weird, underwatery dreamy feeling day. Idek. Plus, people are ignorant today. So ready to go home.

Also, Mom & Harley & the kids just left for the beach. idk if I'm gonna go down & meet them on Saturday or not. The female thing is kinda a big deterrent on beachness. I'm thinking I might go put in some hours at the habitat house Sat morning & spend the rest of the weekend at home. Housecleaning when the boys are away means I can get rid of toys!

Thursdays used to be my favoritest day of the week. (It's Rex Manning Day!) Yall should leave me a comment with your favorite SPN quote ("I miss conversations that didn't start with "This Killer Truck" and "Sam wears women's underwear" are still high on my list) or a favorite SPN pic or something you love about SPN.
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I'm feeling better than I was, but I'm still not 100%. I can breathe, at least, even though there's a whining/ wheezey quality to it, and work!Amy brought me soup from Panera at lunch today. Also.... uh, I forgot what the "also" was. Whatever.

I'm never going to get caught up on LJ, but I'm determined to try, lol. In the meantime, how about this? We all have our pieces of personal canon for different fandoms, right? One of mine, that I'm sure everyone knows, is "Jason Gideon and John Winchester are/were friends. Or at least know one another." So, I'm gonna tell yall a few bits of MY personal canon, from different 'verses/fandoms/whatever, and yall tell me some of yours. Okay? Okay.

1. Molly Carpenter has a grasshopper tattoo.

2. Dean Winchester never lets anyone else work on the Impala, and he would even give up PIE if it meant he could get top-quality parts for her.

3. Spencer Reid was a virgin until well after he joined the BAU.

4. Despite the fact they were pretty fucking evil, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy love Draco more than anything.

5. Caius Greylace will pester the shit out of Alcibiades until one day Alcibiades wakes up and realizes he's completely, totally in love with Caius.

6. Fred Weasley - a ghost, of course - divides his time between terrorizing his brother at the shop (he may be dead, but he still has a say in what's going on!) and causing mischief at Hogwarts (his mischief is NEVER managed, and Professor McGonagall won't admit she rather likes having him around; the years of the Wars took a toll on the school and the laughter and good-natured pranks help strengthen the magic there.)

7. Brian and Justin will eventually end up together, but they were never meant to be married.

8. Shawn will never find a girlfriend that means more to him than Gus does.

9. Gabe is totally going to take credit for Sean and Zach finally getting their shit together and hooking back up.

10. A good portion of the people that Dean and Sam save have an underground support network, kinda like the Paranet.

And look! I managed to not use any real persons in my personal canon! That doesn't mean you have to refrain, though. I mean, it's also part of my personal canon that Sisky and the Butcher are so married that no one even acknowledges it anymore, so whatever.

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Best soundtrack ever *g* That part isn't a spoiler, but I'll put the rest of my ramblings under a cut. Most of it is random thoughts or quotes as I was watching, reaction at the bottom.

Dark Side of the Moon )
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It has been so spectacularly nice here this weekend, yall. I love the warm weather, I am going to be sad if it goes back to freezing temperatures before it's actually spring.

I'm about to upload some pics to facebook and may throw a few on here as well, if anyone is interested. or needs to be warned for kid!pics, lol.

Here's what I need from yall though: (I know everyone is busy and stuff, but it never hurts to ask your friends for stuff, right?)

1. I was talking to [ profile] wordsindreams one day and she asked about The Used and I said something about them being dirty boys. She asked if I meant "dirty" as in unclean or as in kinky. Obviously, the answer to that is both. And I intended to do a picspam for her but I've been so super busy. So, if you are a TU fan, would you link me to or share in comments some of your favorite dirty!Used pics?

2. HP fans! Or even if you're not an hp fandomer but know HP! Tell me who your favorite rare pair is! I have a bunch of drabble prompts that I'd love to write HP for b/c I miss it, but I don't want them all to end up being H/D. I've been writing Luna/Charlie for [ profile] reallythateasy and I wrote Luna/Draco (that still needs to be posted) for [ profile] gelsey, so I'm curious as to what other pairings yall would be interested in. The only disclaimer (I think) is that I will only write Ron with Pansy, but idk if that counts as a rarepair since most of you know that's one of my favorite HP pairings. Oh, and I don't actually do next gen either.

3. WINCON. Who on my flist is going to wincon this year (other than [ profile] wendy and [ profile] exsequar, of course)? It's in CHICAGO, yall! I'm just curious, wanna know who I can plan on seeing this year.

4. Related to that, when is SPN coming back with new eps for this season? (let's not even talk about season 6, I'm still not sure how I feel about that)

Okay, I really do need to get this room in some type of order before dinner, which probably requires I get off the internet for a bit. <33333
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Was SPN really picked up for a sixth season? I'd heard rumors, but if it's true I've been blocking it out. I mean... Idk, we've always been looking at 5 seasons and I LOVE our boys and our show, but it's TIME.
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I don't follow football, so I've been watching reruns of Criminal Minds on A&E all evening instead. &BAU;

I also listened to Tom Conrad on and heard the debut of Empires' new song. Can it be Tuesday now so I can have that song for my own?

Lol, I started to type "can it be Friday now?" Apparently I wanna fast forward this week!


Radial by [ profile] philomel
SPN, Dean/Sam + the Impala. NC-17.
Beautiful fic showing how Dean feels about his car and his brother.

Princess of Dragons by [ profile] gelsey
HP, Charlie, Victoire
Charlie is made Victoire’s godfather upon her birth, and he becomes an intrinsic part of her life. (such a lovely bit of writing, I love Charlie in this)
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I uploaded all the pictures from my phone/the camera and picked out which ones I want to upload/share to facebook/lj, but I'm too lazy to actually do that tonight b/c it requires tagging them and stuff and I'm sleep and sore. Tomorrow, though!

Did yall see that The Used posted a new Q&A video?

Yall, I love them. Have I told you that lately? I already got most of my squee out via email, but really. QUINN!! and Jepha with his glasses! And Dan being Dan! <33333

Also, I love Travis Clark. His last tweet said "Alright, I'm gonna start a YouTube account and cover any songs that you guys want to hear on acoustic guitar...start requesting :)" and it made me think of seeing them on the TRRRGL tour, and after the show he was sitting outside the venue with his guitar playing whatever people wanted to hear. Their music isn't anything fabulous, but I really do love the boys in WTK, and they will forever be one of my favorites. Also, in my mind, they will always be [ profile] reallythateasy's boys.

I NEED HELP FROM YALL!! [ profile] acidquill and I have been talking, and I need to know what yall think Sam Winchester has on his ipod. I mean, there are obviously some of the classic rock influences from Dean, but my personal canon is that there is some WWS and possibly some Kane on there (I think there was one fic centered around Sam being a fan of Chris Kane and them having to work a job that involved Chris? In the tradition of myself and [ profile] irisgirl12000, I believe it was something written via txt and never actually finished/shared, but the 'verse still exists in my head.). But we were debating what he's got on there. It's kinda hard, b/c there are things that I could think of as Sam music, but then I have to remember what was actually available to him when he was at Stanford, b/c I think that as a hunter he doesn't have much time or energy to keep up with the music scene. And she and I both believe there are songs on there that are Jess songs - ones that she put on there or ones that were her favorites or just ones that remind him of her. So, guys, help me out. WHAT'S ON SAM WINCHESTER'S IPOD?
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I'm getting ready to head upstairs, but I wanted to steal a few minutes of computer time to rec a ficlet.

[ profile] acidquill wrote breaking my back with the weight of your heart, which is a coda of sorts to SPN 5X10. It's Castiel's POV, and I kinda really love it. I especially like this line: These humans with their star-bright lives that are all too easily snuffed out; they make him ache in ways he was never meant to experience. It's obviously a spoilerific little fic, but it's only like 500 words, so go read it and give [ profile] acidquill some love? Or give her hell for making me cry twice in two days, whatever. Like the episode wasn't bad enough.

Now, I'm off to talk to [ profile] irisgirl12000 about two very special boys, lol, and wait to see what the failest band ever was teasing about tonight. *mwah*
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Fucking hell, Kripke. Cater to us fangirls for a couple episodes then pull this shit and have us bawling and screaming at the tv. Thanks.
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Apparently this wants to be fic, but I don't know where it goes. It may be part of the werewolf!Empires 'verse, but it may be something else entirely: Nick waited until he heard the shower start up before he picked up his phone. Tom answered on the third ring, sounding a bit distracted. “Come get your boy off my couch.” Nick was serious. He loved Ryan, really, but it was far past time for Ryan and Tom to kiss and make up.

Oh look, drabbles! Or, more appropriately, snapshots! I don't think any of them are an even number of words, much less exactly 100.

125 words; Dean, Sam, military; for [ profile] reallythateasy.

You can't be serious! )

100 words; Draco/Harry/Luna, zipper; for [ profile] reallythateasy.

There were times Harry was baffled by Luna’s love of Muggle attire. )

448 words; Brian/Greta in the Basement Romantic AU 'Verse

Brian heard Greta before he saw her, and he still hoped he was wrong. )

636 words; CM/bandom crossover; Spencer Reid meets Spencer Smith.

Reid has to visit four stores before he finds the particular book of Celtic folk tales he’s been looking for. )
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I think this is going to be a fic-dump kind of night. I apologize in advance.

Title: Waking Up in the Past
Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural, gen
Rating/Word Count: Teen for language, 1164 words
Disclaimer: I don't own the Winchesters, sadly enough.
Summary: “I don’t think we’re in the 21st century anymore, Toto.”

A/N: Inspired by the [ profile] cliche_bingo prompt of time travel. I could not find confirmation of Bobby's wife's name or the year that she died, so I made it up.

Dean opened the door of their hotel room, hoping some fresh air would clear out his head a bit. )
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I LOVE WINCHESTERS!!!! OMG, YALL, THIS SHOW!! Tonight's episode was AWESOME and the kind of episode I love. <333333

Today was an awesome day in my corner of fandom, even though I am cut off from the world. Highlights:

*%* [ profile] strangecreature, for this adorable piece of artsyness that I seriously printed out and stuck on the front of my current notebook and for The Brotherhood of the Travelling Skeleshirt which I need to go leave feedback on (and you should too!)

*%* Really, Pete? *shakes head*

*%* Jepha encouraging cosplay

*%* Dean Winchester <3

*%* on twitter this afternoon, I responded to something [ profile] skoosiepants said with "I did that with a werewolf au once" (b/c I totally DID make shit up in a werewolf au!). Well, [ profile] shutyourface, being the way she is, posted this afterward and I've been laughing ever since. I DID THAT WITH A WEREWOLF ONCE! (also, I'm pretty sure this means [ profile] shutyourface is gonna get spammed with werewolf!Empires when I'm on my lunch break tomorrow)

Also, a meme. Comment and I'll give you a letter. You have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterwards, post this in your journal.

[ profile] jackiesjunkie gave me "M", so, in random order...

*%* MikeyWay! (b/c who doesn't <3 MikeyWay???)

*%* Music (haha, bet yall never would've guessed that!)

*%* Mashed Potatoes (yummmmm!!!)

*%* [ profile] mimiheart (srsly, she is the BEST.)

*%* Milkshakes (not those fake things either. real milkshakes, made with real, all fat ice cream, and milk fresh from the creamery. and peanut butter. apparently the reeses milkshakes from scott and ely's are vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, and chocolate milk. also, did you know they make orange cream milk. it's like drinking a dreamsicle!!)

*%* Marmosets! (BRENDON AND SPENCER! I totally blame that on [ profile] sunsetmog, btw.)

*%* Marshmallows (as long as we don't leave them out where the bears can get them!)

*%* Mountains (lol, the other day when we were going to Baltimore, Tim was like "we don't need directions yet; you drive up 81 til the mountains end and then turn right!")

*%* M&Ms (provisions!)

*%* MAIL! (as long as it's not bills)
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Frank ate my entry, so I gotta make this quick.

1. I'm working on working out the Texas thing.

2. SPN chat tonight on Y!M, 9pm EST, I'm tabbycat6380, send me a msg for an invite

3. Going to the post office Sat morning. Have letters for ashlein & for Kat's daughter, have pkgs for Alli, Jas, & Shonna. If I'm supposed to be sending anyone else anything, REMIND ME NOW!

Love yall, *smooches*!
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So, here's the post that I was TRYING to share on Thursday evening. :)

So, if you don't follow me on Twitter and you're interested to know (as I'm sure you all are), I PASSED MY LICENSING EXAM! Yay me!

I'm feeling decidedly flu-like at the moment. I really wanna crawl into bed and sleep straight through til Monday. But I've gotta take Davey to gymnastics first. And I have to work tomorrow. Blech.

Let's see if this works, since technology still hates me at the moment. But [ profile] wendy said today is picspam day, and what she says goes, lol. And I'm totally a Dean girl. Have been for four seasons, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna change. Also, Jensen Ackles is still on my wish list, and Christmas is right around the corner, so keep that in mind. Also on my wish list: passports for me and the kids in case we ever need to run away to Canada. [ profile] citikitti, you totally have room for us, yes?

Anyway, a few of my favorite Dean pics from Season 1:

Dean Winchester )

And there were more but since the computers weren't cooperating, I gave up. More Dean on Thursday? My favorite pics from Season 2?
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I love SPN sometimes. I srsly enjoyed tonight's episode, which was made all the better by being able to watch it with [ profile] ltlredhairdgirl (omg, I've missed that so much! I love her! <3) & Stevie (who changed her lj name again, I believe, & I can't remember it now) & Jon, who is adorable. I hate that I don't have actual LJ access right now though, b/c I love reading & responding to other people's reaction posts. ([ profile] _sin_attract, [ profile] acidquill, [ profile] ignipes - I'm stalking all of you tomorrow, lol).

Also, I had a Dean-from-Season-1 picspam! I'll have to share it tomorrow.

So glad tomorrow is Friday. Jessie is gonna meet me for lunch b/c she's off wrk. And b/c she loves me. And me & my kiddos are going to the movies tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs comes out tomorrow, but I could be wrong.

Tell me what big & exciting plans yall have for the weekend? (Also, feel free to talk to me about SPN or Survivor in comments.)
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Seriously, not being able to keep up with my flist makes me SO FUCKING SAD! I have got to get back on a decent schedule. Yall keep your fingers crossed for me that one of these other jobs work out for me. Lack of LJ time is not good for my mental health! I went back like three days or so, but I don't remember if I've actually been able to read my flist for the last week or so, except for whatever day the Weekend at Pete Rose's video was posted, b/c I'm pretty sure I read my flist that day. Anywho, if I missed something that you think I shouldn't have missed, please link me?

Here are a few links that none of yall probably care about, but I'm sharing anyway.

Square Root of Four by [ profile] matchsticks_p
Bandom: Fall Out Boy, Blink-182 || R || 3800 words
Summary: Mark is in love with Tom is in love with Patrick is in love with Pete is in love with Mark. It all works itself out in the end, kind of.

Shadow Magic fic by [ profile] sillyangelfaery
Summary: Caius meets Yana. Alcibiades has several heart attacks and an aneurysm.

Love, Coffee, and a Giant Problem by [ profile] aggybird
Original Fic || WiP || PG || ~10,000 words (this section)
Summary: Jack English is a down-on-his-luck recent college grad with a business degree and an ailing mother to take care of. They live in the less desirable part of town, barely making ends meet. Desperate for a paycheck, Jack takes a job at a local coffee shop after he runs into the owner (literally) on his way to a job interview on Market Street. Mr. Spriggins is a crazy old man with a mad affinity for experimenting with different flavors of coffee. When a new shipment of highly desirable (some might say magical) coffee beans arrive, it draws in large crowds, including cynical corporate giant Benjamin Jacobs, descending from the top floor of his steel and glass tower to see what all the fuss is about. Jack begins to wish the handsome executive would fall for him -- but how can a simple guy like Jack bring down a handsome giant like Ben? Especially after a horrible misunderstanding involving Ben's prized possession threatens to sour Jack's chances at love.

This Bitter Earth
(author undisclosed yet, posted at [ profile] spn_summergen)
SPN/CM crossover || R || Warnings for violence & language
Summary: The Winchesters and the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit investigate the same case, a series of mysterious deaths on the grounds of a South Carolina plantation. For the prompt: "Crossover with Criminal Minds. How do you profile demon hunters?" Set late in the 4th season for both shows, but specifically after "On the Head of a Pin" in the SPN timeline.

When I Come Around by [ profile] flash_indie
Bandom. The Academy Is…/Empires. Tom Conrad/Michael Guy Chislett. R. 7,678 words.

This adorable bit of art by [ profile] strangecreature

Bandom Height Chart (which will totally be linked in my Resource Post once I finish with it. ugh, you'd think with all this insomnia I'd actual get something done, but obviously not!)

I LOVE THE USED! Yes, okay, I realize that's not a link, or news, but I felt like it needed to be said. They've got a new album out, you know.

Um, what else? Fire season in California. I hope all yall are doing okay. It's a scary thought. I guess one good thing about my baby brother being away at boot camp is that I don't have to worry about him being out there fighting forest fires. Is that selfish? Probably.

Okay, I'm gonna go try to sleep for a bit. We'll see how the dreams treat me. (Although, the one I had the other night that involved, like, trying to break out of a secret military facility and stealing a jeep and arguing with Brandon over the CD in the CD player was kinda amusing, even if it still left me freaking out when I woke up.)

I'm looking forward to another boring week at work, so feel free to leave me more drabble prompts. Fandom/character/pairing + 3 random prompt words. <3
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Fic Recs and Fic Dump :)

BUT FIRST! The [ profile] usedfic Exchange needs a pinch hitter for a story!

ANYONE? You don't have to be part of the challenge already to pinch hit, and the minimum is only 1000 words.

So, speaking of The Used, here's where I got my crack-ration to start my week off right:

California Son by [ profile] valerie_z
Tim (Rancid)/Bert (The Used) || NC-17 (but just barely) || Warning for incest
He didn't know why Bert bothered him so much. Something about the guy just got under his skin. He could talk for an hour with the intern at Machete who thought 9/11 was an inside job, but one smirk from Bert McCracken and he was ready to start swinging. He just needed to keep his distance.

And a Harry Potter rec. Now, I'm not actually so much into Snarry, I only read it when certain people write it. And [ profile] mimiheart is one of those people.

Finding Peace by [ profile] mimiheart
Genre(s): Genderbender/Crosdressing
Prompt(s):Secrets and Lies, Sanctuary
Harry/Snape || R, please read posted warnings || ~17,000 words
It takes a great hero to defeat the Dark Lord. Sometimes it takes a greater one to face oneself.

One of my long overdue drabbles. This one is for [ profile] irisgirl12000, who asked for Dean/Castiel with a prompt of fallen, wings. It's also not exactly Dean/Castiel, b/c I can't wrap my mind around that, but it's close enough. 100 words.

Castiel hated to admit  )

And this is something related to my Big Bang Fic. If I ever do attempt to write porn, I inevitably get it halfway written and then stop. And then it never gets finished, lol. And we all know I have the attention span of a small butterfly, so. Anyway, this kinda stops in the middle of everything, and it's technically unbeta'd even though it's been read by several people. But I'm dumping it so I don't have to keep thinking about it sitting here unfinished.

Untitled Pete/Patrick/Ashlee
Obviously NC-17 || ~2800 words
Set the day Bob leaves for Chicago in Basement Romantic

Patrick hoped Pete would be gone by the time he made it back from the airport, but it didn't work that way. )


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