Aug. 29th, 2017 07:21 am
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I dislike change, and I'm an old fuddy duddy who doesn't want to learn new platfroms, lol. Tumblr, how do you even work? I mostly understand Dreamwidth, but apparently I need to build my reading list for the few friends who came here from LJ and actually post. I think I have like 3 on my reading page. I'm trying to keep up with everyone on Twitter and Facebook but that's hit-or-miss.

I started a new course of meds back in March, and have been seeing a LCSW for counseling on the regular, both of which seem to be helping. Other than worrying about copays, obviously. I'm racking up quite the bill for copays for the psychiatrist. My therapy copays are only $12.48 a visit though, and I get assistance for my prescriptions. I'm constantly worried about losing that assistance though. Ronnie getting a car and a job works against us.

Ronnie starts his junior year of high school next week, and Davey will be a sophomore. (Kelly Marie would be starting college; I'm old.) Ronnie has been working all summer at the car dealership where my brother works. He's in the wash bay washing cars, but hopefully that helps him after he gets his auto service certifications and is ready to work in the shop. He's taking auto service at school this year and also a full year welding class - he did a half-year intro to welding class last year and really enjoyed it. Davey is focused on wrestling conditioning and his youtube channel. And considering going to Bridgewater to be a Pastor or a Music Director. He taught a class at VBS this summer and then had some kind of experience at church camp (he called it a breakdown; I asked if he meant breakthrough and he said it was kinda both). Duke and Duchess turned 6 human years old yesterday. Margrave is about 15 months which is apparently the equivalent of being a teenager, so she goes from being a crazy wild thing to having an attitude. Normal cat behavior. All my other kids are growing up on me. I don't know who told them they could do that. (Larkin says that God told her she could grow up, and that if I want a baby I should go adopt one.)

I've been watching a lot of TV and Netflix. I've only read a dozen or so books this summer, though I have read plenty of novel-length fanfic.

So there's your Tuesday Tabby Update. Now I have to go deal with the potty-training toddler. Love you all! <3

Happy List

Jun. 6th, 2017 05:50 pm
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♥ Ronnie got a 100% on his final English project for Unwind! This is such a huge deal, as I'm sure some of you remember how Ronnie is about school and reading.

♥ I won passes for the Salem Fair AND tickets to see The Importance of Being Earnest today. Yay!

♥ got a free burger from Red Robin today for my birthday!

♥ got to enjoy Red Robin with my Pastor - lunch dates with her are always good for my soul!

♥ Nashville won last night. Tie series! #becauseitsthecup

♥ The sun is shining! There's also a super nice breeze.

Happy List

Jun. 5th, 2017 08:24 am
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It's been ages, but I used to do happy lists on the daily, and they made ME happy, so I'm going to try starting it up again. Baby steps.

♥ There was a group from Christ Lutheran Church this morning, standing on the corner in the rain to pass out free coffee, donuts, and smiles to passing cars/commuters. I don't usually drive that direction, so I don't know if this is a regular thing, but it made me smile. (I don't drink coffee, but I did talk to one of the ladies while I was stopped at the stoplight, and it was a bright spot in my morning!)

♥ There is a groundhog the size of Duchess in my neighbor's yard. I hope the neighborhood cats leave him alone, although I'm sure he could hold his own in a fight.

♥ The weather was gorgeous this weekend.

Wonder Woman was great.

♥ It's rainy this morning, which means Duke, Duchess, and Margrave wanna cuddle. Which I'm a-ok with because I'm planning on going back to bed in a few minutes and trying to sleep off this migraine before it gets too bad. (Even though I really should take them by the vet's today to have their nails trimmed.)

♥ SOLs are done, and the boys passed all of them except Ronnie's English Writing SOL (which he failed by one point and doesn't have to retake until next year). Technically my kids are in school until next Wednesday, but I think this Friday is the last day either of them have to go because they don't have to do exams. Yay Summer!

♥ Leftovers from our big Friends and Family Picnic yesterday mean I don't have to worry about making dinner tonight.

♥ I got a new baby last week! A great nephew, Bryson, born Tuesday. (Although his momma is in the hospital with c-section complications, which is definitely NOT something for the happy list.)

♥ My Aunt Vicky is heading to Nicaragua on Saturday with a group of other nurses for a mission trip of some sort.

♥ Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight!
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Yall know I can't stand my neighbor's kid, right? He's a troublemaker, he's not a nice person (he likes to claim he's the boys' friend and then call them names and try to play them against one another), he's got irresponsible parents (okay, yes, I let my kids work the grill and shoot off the bb guns and whatnot, but only when they're supervised - he's Ronnie's age and is outside at all hours of the night by himself setting off fireworks or shooting his little bb pistol at his cats), and this past year he was pulled out of school to be homeschooled. Idk how homeschool works, but I do know that he sleeps most of the day - during the school year last year he would just be getting up when the boys would get home from school in the afternoon - and then is on the computer way late at night (b/c I get on the boys' facebooks to play farmville, lol). But anyway, I don't like him. But he just posted something on fb, and I swear, he's TWELVE, shouldn't he know how to spell and use punctuation and whatnot?

I love sum one names aren’t important but if you know how it is do not say the name in the comments but the girl I love dues not like me but I love her me I don’t love pizza I like pizza love is not sum thing I yews for jest anything well comment if you fell the same way about sum one you love

Really? I mean, I'm biased, because my ten-year-old makes up stories and types them up with proper spelling and punctuation, and both my boys get fussed at by me or one of the other adults (usually Harley) if they post something that's netspeak/misspelled/poor-grammarish/whatever, but still. Shouldn't a twelve-year-old have better language skills than that? (I feel like a mean bitch for being bothered by it, but I am.)
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Spend three hours at the courthouse this afternoon just for them to reschedule the hearing for November because they weren't able to locate my ex to serve him. Um, dumbasses. I didn't even call this hearing, DCSE did, and I could have told you that if you go to his sister's house, which is his address on record, she'll tell you she doesn't know where he is even though he was probably in the back room. Also, trying to garnish his wages isn't going to do anything because HE DOESN'T WORK! *rolls eyes* Seriously, my life would be so much simpler if that car had killed him.

Anywho. I'm still being avoidant! And nonproductive! But I did get about six more boxes of books out of storage, and a couple boxes are full of paperback romance novels from like ten years ago, haha. I have a bad habit of reading the summaries and substituting the names with my current pairing of choice, to see if I like the idea or not (whatever, some of yall do the same thing). So I asked twitter for pairings and I'm gonna pick a random book and give you a summary with that pairing! Class discussion encouraged in comments!

Two people said Clint Barton/Phil Coulson (which, by happy coincidence, is my current favorite pairing too!), and the first book I picked up is called By The Book, so:

Phil Coulson would love nothing more than to have a wild night with his downstairs neighbor, Clint Barton. When he accidentally discovers that Clint's bought a how-to manual on "pleasing" men, he knows a wild night is out of the question! But when Clint asks him for lovemaking lessons, Phil knows he must do his part for all men and make him the best lover ever - and he'll do it by the book...

Embarrassed just doesn't describe how Clint feels when his sexy neighbor sees his first book, Sex for Total Morons. He knows he's a master in the bedroom, but judging by the sudden pitying expression, Phil doesn't. Fortunately for him, Clint isn't about to let this opportunity pass by. Phil's a teacher, so there's no way he'd refuse to teach Clint all the ins and outs of sex!

I also got two Liam/Louis, and I don't know anything about 1D. But fake husbands are always good, right, if we pretend the 1D boys are like five or ten years older? Lol. So, Counterfeit Husband:

It was the only way Liam could protect himself from a lecherous business rival on a luxury cruise. But what "husband" could Liam trust to spend every day - and every night - in skimpy cruise wear and one cramped stateroom? 1-800-HUSBAND was good, but not even Liam could believe the husband they sent would know him better than he knew himself... would be his ex-husband Louis!

(Yes, I totally used to read this stuff, idek.) Um, one more, for now? [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjunkie said Beecher/Keller (I have been totally craving an OZ rewatch, thanks for the reminder) and I don't know if I can put their names into one of these because I am quite familiar with that pairing and it just doesn't fit in my head. But we'll try? The Tender Barbarian:

Spinster schoolteacher Tobias Beecher was a bit old-fashioned and quite demure - until Chris Keller roared into his life on his motorcycle. Tobias did his best to send Chris packing, but his tenderness captured her. Now Tobias wondered whether there was a bit of the barbarian in everyone...

I've got more books here, so feel free to give me some more pairings. Or tell me how these summaries *points above* would play out. (I don't usually do AU ideas with fictional characters, but I love all AUs that are RPF? I'm weird, idk. That may be why I had a hard time with Beecher/Keller, because their actual story is more than enough for me.)
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Yall know my (former) niece that got pregnant a couple years back by my ex's best friend? She was 19, he was 36, and she grew up calling him her uncle, and I had so many problems just thinking about that? Well, her baby is being raised by my ex-mother-in-law because of some things that happened. Chantell turned 21 earlier this month, got out of jail yesterday, and announced on fb this morning that she and Gary are pregnant again, expecting in January. Idek.

On the upside, when I start thinking about how I'm not the world's greatest parent, at least I personally know other parents that are worse?

The boys are going to spend the weekend with James, because Holdon goes back to school on Tuesday so it's the end-of-summer sleepover. So I have a weekend to myself. To do nothing. I'm not feeling internet-sociable, and I'm definitely not feeling rl-socialable, so we'll see how this works out.

I have to go to court on Monday about child support. The lady I talked to at DCSE said they're trying to get approval to garnish my ex's wages? Um, lady. We already have that approval, which is why the dumbass never works legit jobs. Also, he's going to use this car accident & his injuries from it as an excuse to file for disability. He doesn't qualify for disability (which child support would be able to be taken out of) but he might qualify for SSI (which child support CAN'T be taken out of). But not working means no wages to garnish. But hopefully they'll put a lien on his pending insurance settlement. He only owes me about $20K in back child support.

Did I tell you guys about Jo being a manipulative bitch and trying to take James back to court to get full custody of Holdon? I'm still so pissed about that. I mean, I know that no judge in their right mind would give her custody, but I'm still anxious about it.

Okay, enough RL whining. I've got laundry to do.
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Ugh. I really, really cannot stand this kid. I don't need a play-by-play in your too-loud voice for every single thing that happens during the day. Yes, I can see the dogs have cheez-its, I gave them to them. Yes, I know that Davey doesn't have shoes on, he's inside.

Also, he thinks he has to be part of every conversation, so every time I say anything to Ronnie or Davey, he jumps in the middle and usually argues about whatever we're saying. He's spoiled and his mom does everything for him, so he never says please or thank you and cannot seem to remember to put his dishes in the sink when he's done. (He's 8, he's more than capable of doing that)

Really, I know his mom and I used to be friends, and I'm doing her a favor, but I might strangle her kid in the meantime.
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Super big thank you for all the recs yesterday! I am now prepared in case of an extended power and/or internet outage! We got lucky and the storms broke up / lost strength coming across the mountains, so we got some wind and rain, but not much else. My bro's gf broke down on the way home yesterday, though, and was sitting on the side of the road waiting for her dad to come get her and Alex (the middle child, he's 7), and a power line fell across the road in front of her. Made for quite a long trip home, because that's the only road that goes up the mountain from this side.

I have a headache. It's not a migraine, but it's like it's still part of the migraine hangover? I don't know how to explain it, but it sucks and I wish it would go away. I could be in box seats at the Salem Red Sox game right now, but it's 96* out there with like 80% humidity and there was no way. I was actually supposed to go to Warped today in Va Beach (and take Bela) but that didn't work out for money reasons. Blah!

Did I tell yall that I passed the first set of tests for one of the jobs I applied for? With a migraine, I still managed to finish ahead of time and with flying colors, so yay me! I go back on Aug 14 for more tests. Joy joy.

Dreamed last night I was working in a new call center, doing insurance sales. Self, that is not an appropriate aspiration! Also dreamed I was writing fanfic about Clint Barton going blind. I don't know who to blame that one on, but I'm blaming it on someone other than myself.

I've got the DVR set to record Baby Daddy and Royal Pains for me, so I'm gonna go lay in front of the fan and try to figure out where I'm getting the money for the kids' tuition. Love yall!
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I said this on Twitter, but I'll put it here too. There is the possibility of some damaging storms coming our way this afternoon (and my favorite meteorologist is on vacation in another state but is still taking the time to make sure we're updated, and since he's the ONLY one who warned of the derecho a couple weeks ago, I'm taking him serious) and I'd rather be prepared than not.

So, rec me some of your favorite long fics so I can download a few, just in case we do lose power again? Three days without power and a week without internet last time means that this is totally an important part of my storm-preparedness plan!

Or if you wanna leave me prompts like you did a couple posts back, that'll work too.

(And anyone who is in the path of these storms, stay safe! They're coming from the Great Lakes / Chicago area again, and reports are already coming in from some of those areas with 70mph winds, siding being torn from houses, and all sorts of damage. Yikes! Here's hoping my mountains slow those storms down enough that I'm worrying for nothing!)
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I still have letters for claiming on this post, so give me something to ramble about?

Duke keeps getting stuck in the playpen. I don't know why we still have it up, or how he actually gets IN it, but it's kinda funny.

Larkin is STILL not here. If she doesn't come by next Friday, Kris will be induced, but she's already at 4cm, so hopefully we'll have a baby soon.

Monkey got his short cast yesterday, and the dr said his break has healed nicely, so three more weeks and he'll be good to go.

We're supposed to have triple digit temps the next few days, so I think I'm gonna be a homebody. What's happening with yall?
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What the actual WHAT? I mean... Brendon Urie, what? Idek, you guys.

Also, I ♥ Gabe Saporta. "Quack quack quack fuck you @petewentz"

Do yall follow Jim Beaver (jumblejim) on twitter? He was letting his daughter Maddie tweet on his account today and she was writing fanfic on twitter. It was kinda really adorable. And she said "You guys will never believe this, but I met Sam! And Dean! And Bobby! Wait, Bobby's my dad. Hee Hee. Maddie." So cute. :)

Yall see this necklace? I really like it. Someone should buy it for me. (I know, Hinton's in West Virginia, right?) But it is nice, and if yall haven't checked out the stuff that [livejournal.com profile] apiphile has up at her etsy shop, you really really should.

While I'm pimping Derek out, you should check out her RedBubble page (my personal favorites: the I heart Music tshirt and the Social Retard tshirt) and her LuLu account. I have a few of these, and I can vouch for the awesomeness of Tiny Fictions.

And my high school friend (friend from high school, not friend who is currently in high school) Elizabeth is starting up a line of natural body care products. She's just in the beginning stages right now, but if you're interested (or want to offer encouragement, lol), she has a blog up at wordpress and a facebook page. Feel free to tell her I sent you her way.

We celebrated Neville's first birthday today (he turns one on Thursday; can you believe it??) with only limited amounts of drama. I'm probably gonna do a RL picspam in the next few days. I'm sure that those of you NOT on my facebook are missing seeing pics of my kids, aren't you?

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We went to a Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast fundraiser thing this morning, and I ran into one of my friends from UHG. She's a very very sweet older lady, and I'm glad I got to see her. She was telling me about how bad things have gotten there, which I already knew but still sucks. But she did say something else that really made my day. When I was working there, especially when I was doing floor support, I always went out of my way to be sure that good agents got some type of recognition. We had some really excellent customer service reps, ones who actually cared about our members and committed to actually helping them. The supervisors basically ignored agents except to fuss about stats, and our quality agents - well, our quality department was outsourced to India, which I have issues with anyway just because it's a federal government program, and most of the quality agents speak English as a second language. Our reps from India that were doing correspondence I actually loved, because even though there were only a handful of them, they were quick and efficient, but correspondence was a lot of copy and paste. The quality agents use copy and paste too, but as a way to leave comments on evaluations. If the agents don't follow word-for-word and in-order the script that Quality has been given, they get deducted points. (some of it is so stupid. the two areas I always got dinged on were acknowledgment statements and email addresses. we were supposed to answer with "how may I help you" and after the caller states their issue make a statement like "I'll be happy to help you with that." But if a member first thing gives me their member number, I'd verify hipaa and pull the account up before asking again, something like "okay, I do have your information, what can I do for you today?" Instead, what they want us to do is tell the member something like "I'll be happy to verify your information and assist you, but first can I ask why you're calling?" and then you have no acct info, or if you do have the acct up you can't release anything because hipaa hasn't been verified, and it's stupid. And asking people for their email address - if I'm talking to a 92 year old woman who has hearing and vision problems, I'm not going to ask for their email address. That's stupid, and to me inconsiderate.) Point is, there is very little to no positive recognition. So for people I caught providing excellent customer service, I'd give them big stars for their desk (like certificate stars with their name on it, saying they are a star at blahblahblah), and for people who were getting discouraged, I'd leave them notes or cards on their desk. Yeah, I know I say I hate everyone, but my actions don't hold to that sometimes.

anyway, Rayette said that there are some days where she gets so frustrated that she wants to walk out, and that the cards I gave her are hanging up on her desk and she reads them for encouragement. And she almost started crying telling me about how much it meant to her that I had done that for her, which almost made ME start crying. It's nice to know I have a positive influence like that on someone's life.

also? my baby brother introduced us to his new girlfriend today. she's a single mom with 3 kids. I kinda wasn't expecting that from him, but I guess I should have been. my brothers are awesome.
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*sigh* I don't even know what to say about our government today. Instead, how about some links that have been sent my way today from various sources?

DOD Prepares for Potential US Government Shutdown

No Death Benefits for Military During Shutdown

How the Government Shutdown will Affect the VA?

Government Shutdown Threatened Over Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood: Budget Fight About Us, Not Abortion Money

It's Not Really About Spending

links to the government shutdown policies of some important government agencies

Fort Bragg Preparations for Potential Government Shutdown

Don't Let a Government Shutdown Shut You Down

Continuing Family Support During a Government Shutdown (Military Community and Family Policy provides quality of life programs to service members and their families worldwide. Our programs and services range from commissaries, exchanges and MWR to child and youth centers, family programs and centers, and family advocacy. A shutdown would furlough much of our global workforce and affect programs, some more than others. We have identified those family support missions and functions that will continue during a shutdown. This includes a list of some of our programs and how they would operate.)

Most military members have already received their pay notices for the pay that they're due to receive on the 15th of this month and noticed it's half of what it should be. They are essentially only being paid through the 8th of April. Here is a Statement on Guard/Reserve Pay from the Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Service. After that, Military Sends Out Half-Pay Notices to War Zone Troops.

Notice from USAA: We are committed to being there for our members when they need us the most. USAA has several potential solutions in place that may assist members through the duration of a shutdown. These solutions will vary based upon individual member situations, but members could receive temporary assistance such as: payment deferrals, late fee waivers, flexible payment arrangements or term modifications.

Notice From Operation Homefront: ATTENTION RE:FINANCIAL ISSUES DUE TO POTENTIAL GOVT SHUTDOWN: Sect. 523 of Servicemembers Civil Relief Act enables a court to reduce or waive late fees, etc. for ACTIVE DUTY service members if inability to pay is materially related to service. You can contact lenders/landlords to request relief from fees that may accrue. Seek legal assistance, if necessary-http://legalassistance.law.af.mil/content/locator.php

ETA: What Military Families Need to Know in Case of Gov't Shutdown -- includes a LOT of helpful info and links
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1. Ugh, government. With the US Government Shutdown looming, I guess I shouldn't be complaining so much about my own petty issues, right? Amy's freaking out right now, since she was planning on working up until the end of May but has been having problems and was out of work all week this week and is going back to the doctor tomorrow and may just be under dr orders not to return to work until after the baby is born. But she and Cliff were already stressing about money issues when they were planning on her working until the end of May, so this is like losing two months of her income, which is bad enough. And if something happens where the Navy doesn't get their pay in full and/or on time, they're gonna be fucked. And Amy's a worrier anyway, and worry and stress isn't good for the baby. I wasn't planning on going to Norfolk next weekend, but we might.

From a link via [livejournal.com profile] pjvilar: Military Families Could Be Deeply Impacted By Shutdown
From my local news site: What would a government shutdown mean to you?
From CNN: What would be shut down?

2. As stolen from [livejournal.com profile] kerrikins, I really hope that nobody on my flist thinks this, but The attacks on LJ have nothing to do with who OWNS the site. They have to do with who USES the site.

From Putin Watch: Cyber War On Russian Activist Bloggers
From the Moscow Times: State Blamed in Livejournal Attack

3. Link via [livejournal.com profile] apiphile: 10 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life

4. Today's weirdism: When I get up to pee in the middle of the night, I always stop by the boys' bedroom to flip on their bedroom light and make sure their in their beds and breathing. Not that I think they're gonna disappear or anything; they both have this bad habit of falling out of bed. I also always stop in the kitchen for a drink of water, even if I'm not thirsty.

5. Did I tell yall we got pet rats? If not, remind me and I'll tell yall about them and post pics. But one of them, Penny, likes to sit here on my belly while I'm typing. She's cute. :)

6. I think I'm gonna buy these for Easter: Thumper, Bambi, Flower, and Miss Bunny

7. Opening weekend for the Salem Red Sox is this weekend. I'm not really feeling them, but I think we're gonna go Saturday night. It's just not the same since we switched affiliations. Stupid Boston.

8. My niece Bree will be 3 in a couple weeks (She's my baby that waited on me to fly home from Texas before she was born! Lol.) told her momma that I was getting her a ZhuZhu Puppy for her birthday. I don't even know what that is!! Apparently I have to figure it out and find one, though. Also, they were talking about something tonight and she said "life isn't fair" and her momma asked her where she heard that and she said "Aunt Tabby says it all the time!" Haha.

9. Update from The Used: Update! We've been in the studio doin some shits and writin some shits and took some shits and them shits is soundin good......... Shits!

10. Um. I think one of my friends is writing fic about him and his fiancee on facebook? I don't know whether to be amused or disturbed? Here, read this and you tell me: He'd been watching Tim for weeks. Everything about the mortal was compelling: his intelligent green eyes, his kind smile, the way he carried his sexy muscular body… even the books he read and the subjects he studied. Neil followed Tim whenever he could. Eventually, Neil wanted to do more than just watch. And opportunity or perhaps fate had presented itself.

Neil should never have flirted with Tim . He definitely should not have kissed him. But he couldn't help it. Neil was already intrigued and that kiss had increased things exponentially. And judging by the younger man's reaction, their desire was mutual.

Neil had been so tempted to lean in close, to whisper an invitation in his ear, draw the younger man away from the protection of the crowds. To take him where they could be alone and no one could intrude upon them. Tim would have gone willingly, Neil was sure of that. He'd felt how turned on Tim had been when they kissed earlier, not to mention how Tim had arched his body into his. The vampire's mouth filled with longing and hunger, his teeth ached with need.

Neil craned his neck around the corner and found Tim instantly, laughing amid a group of men. Some were interested in Tim , standing too closely to him, giving off what the interlopers probably thought were charming smiles. And Tim smiled back. Neil pushed back the burning jealousy. His lips pulled away, revealing a fierce display of sharp white teeth.

Neil knew he had no right to have such thoughts, to be so possessive. But he couldn't help it: he wanted Tim , perhaps more than he'd ever wanted anything. Even though that desire could be the death of both of them....
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Lalalala, I'm still avoiding anything that has actual meaning/importance or would require actual interaction with people (for the most part - I'm responding to the occasional txt/email/comment/tweet/whatever) but I will get over myself soon. I hope. If not, I give yall full permission to elect someone to come kick my ass.

My brother refuses to drive me to NYC to sleep on [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane's couch while her sister is out of town, because he is mean. It's not like I have anything better to do.

Gabe and PStump were being adorbs back and forth on twitter last night, and I'm sure everyone as seen this by now, but just in case: Patrick covering Kiss My Sass

People who watch the US version of Being Human, can you help me out with a couple things from this week's episode?

spoilery, obviously )

In other news, we tried out this recipe for dinner tonight. Davey had three helpings, lol, and everyone but Ronnie loved it. Ronnie's been a difficult brat when it comes to food lately. We're trying to find some decent casserole recipes that are freezable, but that would also appeal to Cliff, haha, because after Amy has the baby she won't exactly have friends/family around to bring them meals and stuff. So if yall have any suggestions, feel free to share!

Hope your weeks are off to a good start! Love you!!
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Still being super unproductive. Did have a good day on Saturday at Martinsville, despite the headaches and the fact it was super cold and windy and the Bass Pro team didn't win. With the storm rolling in today and that-time-of-the-month also rolling in, my headache last night and today has been epic. Also, my dad and I finished the bedroom downstairs last week, and even though it was decided that Tim would take that room until he found a new place of his own, he didn't go get his bed this weekend like he planned on, so I'm still stuck trying to be polite and not keep the TV/light/my laptop on at night since he has to be up at the crack of dawn for work and we're sharing the living room. Dammit.

In happier news, or the real reason for this post, is that the stories for the Spring Fling Exchange at [livejournal.com profile] we_pimpin were posted yesterday. I probably should have rationed them out, but really, what better way to spend a Sunday recovering from an exhausting day of sun and socializing than by overdosing on Ray-fic? Here's the link to the Master Post but here are my favorites: (no authors, obviously, because author reveal isn't until next week)

When I See Tomorrow (I See You There)
Brad/Ray || NC17 || 
When people ask how they met, Brad usually says that Ray followed him home one day, like a demented puppy, and refused to leave.

Sunshine and Springtime
Brad/Ray; Nate/Ray || NC-17 || ~ 9,000 words
The long con of Nathaniel Fick.

You Call This Archaeology?
Brad/Ray || R, for all those creative expletives || 9779 words
Indiana Jones!Au. It’s one thing to talk about consulting with someone, but Brad’s not going to be responsible for keeping some wet-behind-the-ears pup in one piece.

72 Hours Libo
Brad/Ray || NC-17
 || ~4,800
A weekend away from base doesn’t go quite as Brad and Ray expect.

Let the Engines Roar
Ray/Brad || PG-13 || 8,936 words
"You realize we don't do bikes, right? Like, yours is a beauty and I'd fucking love to make an exception, dude, but we're an auto repair shop." He starts walking inside to where Walt is manning the front, because hanging around by the Ducati is just awkward. He'd worry about being rude, except Ray kind of gave that up as a lost cause when he was fourteen. (Fast & Furious AU)

The places we've never been (but were always bound to end up)
Ray/Brad || R || 24,500 words
Brad’s been gone for two years, stopped talking to Ray at least a year before that. Fuck, they haven’t even been friends in almost five years. There doesn’t get to be a lazy, easy friendship between them anymore. Ray just wishes Brad had gotten the memo. warnings: adult language, adult situations, domesticity
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Ugh. I'm posting this here so I don't post it as a note on facebook, lol, even though I'm really tempted to. Just as a bit of background, my niece (who is 19) just had a baby (born on Friday) and I'm happy for her because babies are always a cause for celebration and I congratulated her and was very pointed in my congratulations to send my love to her and Parker but not to include the baby's father. Because the baby's father, who Chantell is now engaged to, is my ex-husband's best friend (who is 35 or 36, and was always around when Chantell was growing up, and was "Uncle Gary" when she was spending summers with me and my ex, and has teenage kids of his own), and I have major issues with that. Well, Stephanie, Gary's ex, who I am and always have been friends with, made a post on facebook the other day that basically said that she didn't give a fuck about her ex's gf having her baby and I liked the comment, because I can totally agree with not giving a fuck about your ex's new life. So obviously that started drama because my ex's family is full of drama and there was facebook stalking and rumors and blahblahblah. So, this is what I almost just posted on facebook:

Those of you who know me (the ones who actually know me; not the ones who think they know something about me because they knew me ten years ago) know that one of the things I hate and find laughable is drama, especially high-school level drama and even more especially the kind that hides in secret - he said / she said, messages and phone conversations that are misinterpreted, all that nonsense. So, since I unwittingly started some drama, I'm putting it out there in the open because I'm too old to play silly games, and because I don't have the time to be doing all this back and forth messaging bullshit.

I know yall saw my post on Saturday congratulating my niece Chantell on the birth of her baby. Yall also know my feelings on babies, that they're a blessing and a cause for celebration no matter what the circumstances. I am truly happy for Chantell and Parker, and I wish them nothing but happiness. And even though I haven't seen Chantell in the past 8 years or so, I still and always will love her and wish the best of everything for her. In my heart, she will always be my niece.

On that same day, my friend Stephanie, who I have been actual friends with for a long time and who I wouldn't magically stop considering to be a friend just because Chantell's baby's daddy is Stephanie's ex-husband, made a post on her FB page that said For the people who think i care that my ex's gf had her baby. You dont know the enormity of the f@ck i do not give. The only thing i care about is the three kids i have that he isnt doing shit for. Thank you and have a nice day.... And I totally "liked" that comment. We all have that person in our past that we don't want to hear about, and we all have so-called friends who insist on telling us about the details of that person's life. Because the world is one giant high school that thrives on drama.

So this morning I get this message from Chantell: "So, I just looked on Stephanie, Garys ex's page, and seen that u liked her comment about her not giving a fuck about me having my baby??? Really??? Its extremely funny to me that you can tell me that you love me and tell me how happy you are about me having my baby, and then I see that?! As far as Im concerned, you can kiss my ass just like she can... We are supposed to be family and that is what you do to me? Im glad to see you show your true colors Tabby and I cant wait to tell everyone exactly how you feel about me and my baby!!! Have a great life without me in it!!!"

To which I responded: "Chantell, me liking Steph's comment has nothing to do with you and Parker. It has to do with not giving a fuck about your ex's new life, which is a sentiment I can totally agree with. I am happy for you and wish you and Parker lots of love and happiness and great things. But honestly? If your Uncle Ron had/has another kid? I wouldn't give a fuck either. And it's not just ex's; there are people that are no longer part of your life for whatever reason that you just don't want to hear about. I have a couple former friends that I would feel the same way towards, and I know how irritating it can be when several different people insist on telling you something about someone you no longer want to hear about. So you can interpret it however you want to, but it's not directed at you."

Her response? "thats it tabby... try n make it sound good... lolz you kill me!"

I'm not defending myself, because I didn't do anything that I feel is wrong in any way, and I already explained myself. I'm just putting this out there because, LOLZ, DRAMA ON THE INTRAWEBZ. :P
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I am failing at LJ right now. Actually, I'm failing at life, the internet, and everything right now, so I guess it's par for the course. But I have a list of things I wanted to post about, so I'm going to try and knock that out, then go tackle my inbox and comments, then my flist, then work on fic. Sound like a plan?

If this entry seems like a jumbled mess... well, that's because it is.

Kane's got a song - I think it's from the Live in London album - called Oklahoma State of Mind. Part of it goes NASCAR, strip bars, American made cars, country rockin' women now to get up and get 'em, we got Budweiser beer, Jim Beam, Jack, tequila and lime. Every time I hear that, I think it's totally a Ray Person song. Y/N?

Shameless is SO FREAKING GOOD and I am sad that this week is the finale already when I just got into the show! And I want a million words of all kinds of fic, so I hope there are other people into this. Also, Lip is totally my favorite. But Ian and Fiona are too. And the rest of them.

And I'm totally writing Being Human fanfic (for the US version), especially after Monday's episode.

Someone, I think it was [livejournal.com profile] exsequar, posted links on twitter to these pictures of Antartica's Blood Falls, which are pretty damn awesome.

Everyone seems to be hanging out on Tumblr and I'm still behind when it comes to the tumblr craze. Sorry!

A million and one things happened in regards to the panic boys. Brendon Urie is still my favoritest thing in the ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD. No surprise. But I can't tell you anything specific about what's going on with them because I'm failing at the internet. But! I did get a concert call the other night! So I have panic + screaming fangirls on my voicemail, which is a total win!

Kirsten Vangsness posted this pic of MGG and Shemar the other day and it's totally adorable, as those two are.

Wil Wheaton posted about a Stand By Me reunion. for anyone who doesn't know, Stand By Me is my all time favorite movie. ♥

I have this article from our local No Kill Coalition open in a tab, but I'm not sure what I wanted to do with it.

And I have this up as a reminder that I want to find/steal the song b/c it was recced to me when I was looking for songs to write to. ([livejournal.com profile] junebug_waltz totally made me an awesome playlist to write kitten!fic too, btw. she is made of win.)

I still have [livejournal.com profile] swear_jar's the gentle art of making enemies: cigarettes open on my screen because it doesn't have nearly enough comments on it and I keep meaning to find more people to rec it to and/or encourage to read it.

We were playing Scene It the other day at James's and no one knew the scenes from Footloose! And it was like the tractor scene! Who doesn't know that?!

I am sick and tired of being crazy. So over this bullshit.

Also over these headaches. And I'm worried that they're going to ruin my enjoyment of concerts. I haven't actually been to a concert since I started having them. I mean, I went to the Cobra/Travie concerts, but that was while I was severely concussed, lol, so that doesn't count. And I did go see Carrie Underwood & Billy Currington, but I felt like crap that entire time, and I don't know if that was the company and/or my general emotional state that week. I am so afraid that my enjoyment of Panic and NKOTB/BSB is going to be affected by this. And that my enjoyment of races is going to be affected. We're going to Martinsville next weekend, so I guess that'll be the test.

The other tabs I have open are related to job searching or my CEUs, and the other windows I have open are also related to job searching or to partially written fic. I don't think yall want that, do you? So, I'm going to try to tackle some of this other stuff. I will be so happy when we get my bedroom finished because trying to be quiet because my brother is sleeping is kinda boo. But he has to be up at 3am. Blah.

If I've missed something important, tell me here!
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Apparently I don't not like the beach. I don't like the PEOPLE. I just need to find a private beach for me and the kids to vacation to, or always go in the off season.

Today actually went pretty awesomely. Despite the headache and having to fight off a major panic attack. (Seriously, so many fucking people, omg, and I didn't know ANY of them. But while I was working myself into a tizzy over it, some other mom started having hysterics that her kid had a skinned up knee and that every time he went down on his knee it left a blood spot on his white uniform and no one had bandaids. First off, I never understood why a mom wouldn't carry bandaids, always. But anyways, after saving the day, and realizing another boy from our group didn't have any parents at the tournament, I got over myself.)

Davey's kata was fucking beautiful. Sharp and perfect and clean and his greeting was clear and I knew even before the judges gave their scores that he had the first place trophy. And he was several total points higher than the other boys. Ronnie & three other boys were in a four way tie for 2nd place, and after tie breakers Ronnie ended up in 5th, so he was kinda pissy, but there were 15 kids and it's their first tournament and Davey is a full belt higher than Ronnie anyway.

Shane (the one whose parents didn't come) got 2nd in kata for his division and totally got shafted for kumite. He had already been shafted for the weapons division because they said the ropes on his nunchucks were worn and they couldn't allow him to compete. But in kumite, they paired him with a kid that was seriously a foot taller than him and Shane was getting in two or three connecting hits to every one of this guy's and the other guy kept getting points, PLUS he got points for a kick when he actually kicked Shane in the face and busted his lip, which is against the rules and should be a penalty. I felt really bad for Shane, esp since his parents weren't there.

Anyway, for my guys' kumite division, Davey got knocked out pretty quick, but Ronnie was doing so freaking well until a freak accident when he lost his balance when his opponent kicked him and he came down right on his elbow. It's not broken (thankfully. Yall know my first thought was about Davey wanting to be like Bert, not Ronnie, lol) and he's got full range of motion and all that jazz but it's bruised and swollen and he couldn't continue his fight. So he got fourth place. But I was so so proud of both of them, and now that we know what to expect from tournaments, I think next month will be better.

After, we drove to Virginia Beach and spent a couple hours playing in the sand and made a bunch of sand castles in a huge fortress for the waves to wash away and teasing the seagulls, and we waited for the Super Moon to come up over the Atlantic (which really wasn't any more epic than any other moon I've seen, tbh - but I am wearing an Empires shirt today anyway, in honor of the full moon!), and then we went to play 3D Blacklight MiniGolf at Neptune's (which was fucking awesome - I'm totally having my birthday party there this year. Yall think I'm joking, but I'm serious as shit. Panic is playing Norva on June 2 and I'm going with Amy, Cliff, and [livejournal.com profile] thebunnyknows and whoever else is going to that show, and the boys have a tournament here in Va Beach on the 4th, so the afternoon of the 3rd, everyone is totally invited to come play Neptune's minigolf with me!) Then we walked on the beach some more and talked at the moon and the boys jumped around in the sand and we walked around the statues and read all the little plaques and things at the Naval Memorial Whatsit. Now we're sitting in the car, staring out at the edge of the world and eating chinese food and getting ready to head home.

It was an excellent, excellent Saturday. If you're friends with my brats on facebook, be sure to congratulate them on their wins. :)


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